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Theoretical Computer Science on the Web
A directory of resources related to theoretical computer science from Stanford University.

CSCI 0510 Models of Computation
Undergraduate computer science course on the foundations of computing at the Brown University, Department of Computer Science.

Church-Turing Thesis
Wikipedia article.

Computability Logic
Main web source on the subject: overview, downloadable articles, links.

Computability Theory
Wikipedia article.

Interactive Computation
Wikipedia article.

Introduction to Formal Models in Computer Science
Lecture notes from the University of Washington covering basic topics such as computation models and theoretical concepts such as nondeterminism.

Lecture Notes on Theory of Computation
Introduction to basic topics including models of computation, finite automata, context free grammars and complexity theory.

Theoretical Computer Science Search Engine
A Google Custom Search Engine that searches pages relevant to Theoretical Computer Science, such as books, lecture notes, courses, and papers.

Theory of Computation
Lecture notes for an undergraduate class taught by Leonid Levin at UC Berkeley.