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Distributed Computing Primer
Introduction to organising a distributed computing project.

Distributed computing gets a corporate twist
"Grid" technology has largely been an academic phenomenon, but IBM gives the idea a corporate twist with its Grid Computing Initiative. [CNet News]

Is Distributed Computing a Crime?
Computer network administrator faces multiple felony charges and years in prison for allegedly installing clients without permission. [SecurityFocus]

Jeff Sutherland's Object Technology Site
Breaking news on distributed computing, object technology, components, and business objects.

Open Grid Forum (OGF)
A community-initiated forum of individual researchers and practitioners working on distributed computing, or "grid" technologies.

The DC Zone
A growing distributed computing community, currently focused on Folding@Home, Find-a-Drug,, World Community Grid, and DIMES, though open to other projects.

The Distributed ASCI Supercomputer (DAS)
An experimental wide-area distributed computing cluster used for parallel computing research at five Dutch universities.