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Developers of software for computer animation and special effects industry. Products do automatic camera motion recovery, and foreground subtraction. Site has regular news updates.

Image Metrics
Software and services in wide range of application areas focusing on "Image Understanding." Website has regular news updates.

A GUI for the Java Advanced Imaging library. Allows graphical manipulation of image processing algorithms. Website and program are still alpha release.

Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit
Open-source C++ Libraries for medically oriented imaging research. The US National Library of Medicine sponsors this work and the NIH is encouraging its researchers to use it. Site has active newsgroups, and daily build and testing updates.

A vision systems and software engineering consultancy.

NeuroCheck, Industrial vision systems
NeuroCheck is a framework for configuring and operating industrial visual quality control systems. Its graphical tools enable the user to develop solutions within a familiar Windows - based environment to achieve rapid system integration into production line processes.

PPT Vision: Digital Machine Vision Systems
Machine vision systems with intuitive end-use interface. Products for quality inspection and alignment applications, 2D and 3D inspection for wafers and electronic components.

Offer real-time target tracking and machine vision software and systems.

Portable, open-source, C++ libraries for computer vision research and deployment. Site has links to active newsgroups and project pages, and daily documentation, build, and testing updates.

VisImage Systems
Developers of image-based body scanners. Provides services in stereo image capture.

Software for video metrology, non-contact measurement, gauging, machine and automation.