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Active Vision Lab, University of Oxford
Currently(2004) working in Whole body motion, hand tracking, wearable robot, Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping (SLAM) with a single camera.

Automatic Gait Recognition at Southampton
Describe new approaches to recognising people by the way they walk. This is a new biometric, with particular application advantages (availability at distance, and non contact). Early results show that by computer vision we can indeed recognise people by their gait.

Computer Vision at Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Contains links to faculty members' pages, students pages and a number of demos.

IBM Exploratory Computer Vision Group
IBM's Computer Vision Group - Research areas include PeopleVision, Biometrics and controlling computers by observing the user

UMASS Computer Vision Laboratory
Researching and investigating scientific principles underlying the construction of integrated vision systems.

University of Southampton - Image, Speech and Intelligent Systems Research Group
Overview of image processing and computer vision research, and details about their projects.