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The Computer Vision Homepage
Established at Carnegie Mellon University in 1994 to provide a central location for World Wide Web links relating to computer vision research.

CVonline: Compendium of Computer Vision
Online encyclopedia of computer vision concepts and methods. Complete articles contributed by different authors on various computer vision topics. Also includes links to additional vision resources.

Computer Vision Handbook
Primarily intended for a researcher trying to decipher papers outside his own area of expertise, or a graduate student starting research.

Hough Transform
Concise introduction and demonstration of the Hough Transform, used for finding lines and edges in images, along with pointers to more advanced techniques for partial and curved lines.

Linearity Detection by Quadrupole Convolution
The Quadrupole Convolution technique may be a part of human vision and can improve machine vision. This site provides details about how it works and how it might be used.

Louis-Philippe Morency Homepage
Face tracking, Stereo vision, Robot navigation.

Michael J. Black
Opitcal flow, human motion tracking and recognition, robust estimation, and probabilistic inference. Updated publications, source code for motion estimation, and new image sequences.

New Model for Light Interaction with the Retina of the Eye
Presents a new geometrical model for light interaction with the retina of the eye and its implications to the vision process. Results include a logical explanation for the trichromicity of vision and a seeming verification of Edwin Land's color vision experiments.

The Condensation Algorithm
A good descriptive page about the condensation algorithm. Contains downloadable source code, results, publications and links to related work.

USC Annotated Computer Vision Bibliography: Table of Contents
The largest online vision bibliography of this kind. Papers organized by authors, journal/conference title, paper title and topic. Very useful reference resource.