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ABC Products
Australia. Manufacturers' representatives and suppliers of woven, knitted and nonwoven fabrics for sunshades, screens and fences, and construction, agricultural and geotechnical applications. Custom fabrication and installation services. Technical information.

Allied Filter Fabrics Pty., Ltd
Australia. Wholesale suppliers of a wide range of woven fabrics for filtration, sifting and separation applications in science and research, food and beverages, mining and industrial markets, from polyester, polyamide and stainless steel. Also, polypropylene mono-filament screen fabrics, sifter brushes, and nonwoven needlepunch fabrics for dust filtration. Technical information and specifications.

Arizona Sun Supply, Inc
USA. Wholesale distributors of polyester heavy duty woven and knitted shade fabrics developed for tension structures and shade sails, and solar screen systems. Also, fabrics for sportswear, transport and outdoor furniture applications. Technical specifications. On-line purchasing feature.

Asiatic Fiber Corp
Taiwan. Importers and suppliers of high-performance woven, knitted and nonwoven fabrics for applications in cleanroom environments, filtration, electromagnetic shielding, healthcare, footwear and garment accessories. Also, a wide range of staple fibers, filaments and spun yarns, and manufacturers of cleanroom textiles and nonwovens. Extensive technical information and product specifications. English and Chinese.

Bob Hild Textiles
USA. Suppliers of greige and finished mesh fabrics for tarpaulins and conveyor belt applications, from polyester, polypropylene and polyamide. Also, vinyl coated waterproof tarpaulins.

Capatex, Ltd
UK. Distributors of high-performance textiles for industrial, construction, technical and agricultural applications. Extensive product catalogs, with technical information on PDF files. Detailed price lists.

Claredon Textiles Group
USA. Distributors of natural, printed and dyed fabrics for filtration, furnishing and industrial applications, from cotton, acrylic, polyester and blends. Also, custom manufactured made-ups. Extensive technical information and specifications.

Esbor BV
The Netherlands. Manufacturers' representatives for natural white polyamide peel ply fabrics for the composites industry. Part of KR Tex.

HITEK Electronic Materials, Ltd
UK. Fabricators and distributors of materials and products for the electronics industry. Conductive yarns, and woven and nonwoven shielding fabrics for applications in architecture, healthcare and special apparel. Technical information. Links to principal companies.

Henry Franc SA
France. Purchase and sales agency for raw materials, chemicals and textiles. Elastomer coated, fire-proof and thermal insulation fabrics for a wide range of technical applications, from high-performance fibers. English and French.

Hildesheim & Mosblech GmbH
Germany. Suppliers of narrow fabrics for technical, industrial and apparel applications.

ICL Pty., Ltd
Australia. Roll and cut-length distributors of shade cloth and mesh, canvas, and PVC and polyethylene coated fabrics and tarpaulins for covering, shading, marine, bags and industrial applications. Also, complementary and accessories for awnings, internal blinds, drop verandah blinds and shade sails.

Innova International Pty., Ltd
Australia. Distributors and manufacturers' representatives for architectural fabrics, tarpaulin and tent materials, PVC cladding foils, and spunbonded and stitchbonded nonwoven upholstery linings. Also, furniture webbings.

Korea Industrial Textile Co
Korea. Supplier of coated and laminated woven and mesh fabrics for industrial and technical applications. English and Korean.

LTP Denmark A/S
Lithuania. Wholesale distributors of specialty treated high-performance fabrics for technical and industrial applications. Also, contract upholstery and apparel sewing operation.

Lancer Textiles, Inc
USA. Wholesale and distribution of closeout, B-grade and surplus industrial fabrics, from cotton and man-made fiber blends. Detailed product catalog, including technical information.

Lows of Dundee
UK. Wholesale distributors of coated fabrics, and industrial meshes and netting for architectural structures, transport, marine, sports and large format printing applications. Also, agricultural and horticultural products for the grower.

M Associates, Inc
USA. Development and supply of woven and nonwoven fabrics for personal flotation devices, ink-jets, apparel and technical applications. Custom dyeing and finishing services.

Mermet Australia Pty., Ltd
Australian marketing arm of the Mermet Group, distributing rapier loom woven indoor and outdoor solar screen protection and acoustic absorption fabrics, from PVC coated fiberglass yarns. Technical brochures and test certificates on PDF files.

Australia. Wholesale distributors of synthetic fabrics to the automotive and marine after-markets, healthcare, furniture manufacturers and upholsterers, industrial fabric converters, designers and specifiers. Also, automotive and marine trim and trim supplies. Technical information. Links to suppliers and fabricators.

Normesh, Ltd
UK. Distributors of precision mesh woven fabrics in rolls, cut-pieces and finished product for sieving and filtration applications, from polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyamide, fluorocarbon and specialty materials. Technical information.

Polyfab Pty., Ltd
Australia. Distributors of monofilament knitted shading fabrics for tension membrane structures, and applications in agriculture and horticulture. Also, woven scrim reinforced polyethylene hot-house fabrics, and woven polypropylene wrapping and coverings for construction and industry. Technical information and specifications.

Polytex International Co
Korea. Diversified company, involved in technical textiles and industrial packing products. Wholesale suppliers of woven and nonwoven, printed, dyed, and coated and uncoated fabrics for geotechnical, agriculture, construction and covering applications, from polypropylene and polyethylene. Also, plastic meshes and grids. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information and specifications.

Pritchard Tyrite Ltd.
UK. Wholesale distributor of nettings and fabrics for truck covers, construction and a range of industrial and technical applications. Also, manufacturers of cargo control products.

Reflex Sourcing
USA. Manufacturers' representatives and distributors for specialty fabrics for performance and active wear applications. Also, seam welding adhesives, protective films, and waterproof seam tapes.

Rivertex Technical Fabrics Group
The Netherlands. Multi-national group of textile distribution and consulting companies, specialised in coated and laminated technical fabrics for marine, protective clothing, medical and industrial applications, and luggage and bags, from a wide range of man-made, high-performance fibers. Part of the Winter Group.

Talon Textiles, Ltd
UK. Manufacturers' representatives and distributors of PVC and polyurethane coated fabrics for personal protection, industrial workwear, and sports, leisure and fashion wear applications. Technical specifications. Links to related sites.

UK. Stockists and wholesale distributors of a range of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coated glass fiber and kevlar fabrics, conveyor beltings and tapes for high-performance industrial applications. Also, heat shrinkable roll covers, release films and joint sealants.

Verseidag Seemee US, Inc
USA. North American marketing arm of Verseidag-Indutex, specialised in woven and coated fabrics for tents and awnings, billboard and sign materials, architectural membranes and technical textile applications, from cotton and polyester. Detailed fabric catalogs, including technical information, specification and test reports. English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Westmak Corp
USA. Wholesale distributors and custom converters of coated and uncoated, woven and knitted polyester and polyamide fabrics in roll goods, case lots and dyelots. Also, open cell foam and tricot laminating services. Detailed product catalog, including technical information.