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B & R Textile
USA. Greige goods converter of custom woven fabrics and piece goods for garment manufacturers, specializing in rayon-acetate, poly-rayon, polyester, nylon and acetate textiles.

Big Kahuna Fabrics, Inc
USA. Converters of Hawaiian influenced tropical fabric prints for furniture upholstery and window treatments. Gallery of sample prints.

Brookwood Companies, Inc
USA. Converters of polyester and polyamide woven fabrics for consumer, industrial, medical and military applications. Specialty coating, laminating, dyeing and finishing capabilities. Custom development services.

CAD Cut, Inc
USA. Custom laser and knife cutting services of sheet and rolled composite materials and industrial fabrics for aerospace, transportation, defense, marine and industrial applications. Clean room processing facilities. Also, custom made multi-layered insulation blankets.

Carson Mills, Inc
USA. Converters of textile fabrics for the flag and banner manufacturing industry. Finishing and coating capabilities. Price lists.

Cooper Fabrics, Inc
USA. Laminating and converting of textile fabrics, foams and films for sporting equipment, industrial manufacturing, recreational, footwear and apparel applications. Division of Bennett, Goding and Cooper, Inc.

Engineered Textile Products, Inc
USA. Custom fabricator of industrial and agricultural products, from textile materials. Environmental and geotechnical products, sailcloth, watertank baffles, cover fabrics, banners and awnings.

Fox-Rich Textiles, Inc
USA. Converters of textile fabrics for apparel, sports accessories, plane restoration, and theatre applications.

Harodite Industries, Inc
USA. Custom finishing, coating, laminating, sheeting, and cutting services for the textile and apparel, footwear, nonwovens and composite industries.

Jest Textiles, Inc
USA. Wholesale supply, converting, printing, dyeing, flocking and specialty finishing of woven fabrics for hunting and sports applications. Also, first, second and closeout lots of greige goods.

Junkers & Müllers GmbH
Germany. Printing, colouring, coating, laminating, cutting, punching and pleating of textile fabrics for furnishing, shading and technical applications. English and German.

Kings Road Imports, Inc
USA. Converter of silk and cotton fabrics for the fashion, quilt, craft and home decorating industries.

La Lame, Inc
USA. Converters, agents and distributors of a range of woven and knitted, flocked, printed, embossed, embroidered and coated fabrics for intimate apparel, garments and fashion, sportswear and technical applications. Also, ecclesiastical brocades, trims for military and theatrical purposes, and metallic yarns. Detailed product catalogs.

Lancashire Sock Manufacturing Co
UK. Manufacturers of latex foam and metallised coated fabrics and synthetic chamois. Also, commission perforators and laminators.

Marcus Brothers Textiles, Inc
USA. Importers and converters of craft, quilting and apparel fabrics. Gallery of products, news and retail directory.

Matrix International Textile, Inc
USA. Importers, converters and wholesale suppliers of a wide variety of cotton, viscose, acetate, polyester and polyamide blended fabrics for the apparel industry.

Military Threads, LLC
USA. Converter of knit and woven fabrics for government applications.

National Textiles Industries
USA. Wholesale suppliers and converters of dyed and printed broad cloth, narrow fabrics, bias and straight bindings, tapes, folds and cords for apparel, furnishing, medical, technical and industrial applications.

Noah Lamport, Inc
USA. Converter and wholesaler of technical textiles for industrial and recreational applications, from nylon and acrylic fiber.

Phil-Tex, Inc
USA. Custom manufacturers, converters and distributors of a wide range of textile fabrics for healthcare, drapery and furnishing, display and decoration, and tent lining applications. Detailed fabrics catalogs, including technical information.

France. Custom converting of plastics, rubber, films and fabrics. Coating, laminating and calendering services. English and French.

Twin Textiles, Inc
USA. Wholesale distributors and converters of woven and knitted fabrics for apparel, bedding and furnishing applications. Also, pigment printing, and cut and sew services.