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The Netherlands. Consultants to the textile printing industry. Technology consultancy, workflow optimization and practice oriented marketing. English, Dutch and German.

A3 Forecast Solutions BV
The Netherlands. Market consultants for the fashion and textile industry, specialised in trend forecasting and forward planning.

Amersham Fabrics, Ltd
UK. Marketing consultancy and design services for printed and embroidered promotional textile products.

Apparel Matters, Ltd
UK. Technical consultancy for the apparel and fashion industry, involved in quality assurance, sourcing of manufacturers for retailers, factory assessments against ethical standards for the apparel industry, and the writing of procedure manuals, presentations and training seminars.

Attune Consulting
Multi-national consultants to the apparel, footwear and fashion industries.

Caromtex Consulting Srl
Romania. Consulting services for strategy and marketing, computerized design, technology, reaction and efficiency procedures in manufacturing processes, and production and quality management in the textile and apparel industries. English, Romanian and French.

Carruthers Associates
UK. Textile consultants, specialising in knitwear, yarn and woven design. Also, marketing and education services.

ConStitch Stickdesign
Germany. Consultants to the embroidery industry, focused on education and training, and custom digitising of embroidery designs. Links to related sites. English and German.

Context Group
USA. Management consulting services to the textile, apparel, footwear and retailing industries. Business strategy and marketing. Human resource development. Information systems, operation, distribution and materials management.

Edward C. Homonoff & Associates, LLC
USA. Marketing and technology consultants for fibers, polymers, resins, additives, fabrics, and converted products, focused on technical textiles for filtration, automotive, performance apparel, medical, and industrial applications.

Elyon, Ltd
Israel. Global traders and service providers, active in textiles, technology, engineering, process operations, and medical and financial services. Management and consulting services to the textile and apparel industries.

Engineered Textile Resource, Inc
USA. Custom development company and consultancy, specialised in textile fabrics for medical, high-performance, career apparel and specialty technical applications.

Enzyme Services and Consultancy
UK. Technical consultants in enzyme analysis and enzyme application to the textile, food and beverage products, animal feed, pharmaceuticals, and pulp and paper industries. Links to related sites.

George Donnelly
Technical consultant to the carpet and hard surface floor covering industry. Design consulting and document review. Floor failure and analysis, and testing and inspection services. Also, seminars on concrete moisture vapor emission.

Germany. Textile consultants and agency. Market analysis. Supply selection and acquisition. Administration and production services, and quality management. English and German.

Global Engineering & Management Services
Pakistan. Consulting company, specialised in training and development, and project and sales management in the textile, engineering and information technology industries. Quality system development and implementation, social accountability, human resource management, and third party audits for the textile and apparel industry. Also, custom sourcing of woven and knitted fabrics, and ready-made garments.

Hacontex AG
Switzerland. Marketing, research and management consultants to the textile industry. Also, partners in a number of spinning mills. Links to partner sites.

Heart-Hunters Consulting, Inc
USA. Consulting and personnel training services to start up ventures, sourcing and product development to garment industry educational workshops and seminars.

I -Team
Romania. Technology and management consultants to the textile industry, specialized in knitting and weaving processes. Also, quality control, logistics and engineering services. Englisha nd Romanian.

Greece. Industrial consultants, focusing on telecommunications and computer networks, software, training, e-commerce and international cooperation. Management consulting services to the textile and garment industries. English and Greek.

Industrial Textile Associates
USA. Consultants to the industrial and technical textiles manufacturing industry.

It Fits
Switzerland. International textile consultants and engineers, specialising in organic development programs to the textile and apparel industries. List of publications, references and past projects. Links to related sites. English and German.

Itru Group, Ltd
Turkey. Computer aided control and network systems for textile mills operations and processes. Consulting and management services to the textile industry. Applied research and process development, and training projects.

Jari Studios
India. Marketing and management, product development and innovation, manufacturing and quality assurance consultancy for the textile and apparel industry.

Jeanologia SL
Spain. Consultants to the apparel industry, specialised in product and process research and development, and engineering solutions for garment production. Part of the Eurotrend Group. English and Spanish.

Line-Up Handels GmbH
Germany. Commercial and market consultants for the textile and apparel, construction, furniture and electrical industries, specialised in the Chinese market. English, German and Chinese.

M.B. Doshi
India. Technical consultants to the textile industry. Dobby and jacquard fabric design, yarn and fabric developments, and fashion and colour forecasting. Also, textile related software.

Mather Technology Solutions
UK. Technical consulting in fibres, industrial, biomedical and other technical textiles, coloration technologies, and allied fields. Facilitation of inter-company and university contacts. Also, organisers of presentations, seminars and workshops.

Milou Ket Styling & Design
The Netherlands. Styling and trends consultancy for the fashion, interior and home textiles industries. List of published trend books. Directory of world wide agents. Calendar of events.

Neuenhauser, Inc
USA. Consultants to the textile industry specialised in manufacturing assistance and process engineering, marketing research, management solutions and personnel search.

Nicholas Harper and Associates
UK. Consultant valuers to the textile care industry. Sourcing, acquisition, disposal and merger services. Also, trade in used machinery and equipment.

Offermann Trend Agency
Germany. Consultancy for fashion, home textiles and interior styling, trends and colors. Also, publishers of trend books. English and German.

Orange Zero, Ltd
UK. Consultants to the textile and garment industry, focused on sales and marketing, innovation, outsourcing and machinery.

Rolldrap Textile Commodities
Spain. Group of companies, involved in textile raw materials purchasing and sales, fabric finishing, marketing, and accounting and financing services. English and Spanish.

SNIG Consultancy
India. Textile consultancy, specialized in project management, manufacturing, marketing and product development. Also, fiber, yarn and fabric sourcing services. List of published articles.

STRA. Southern Textile Research Associates
USA. Technical consultancy specializing in textile engineering and chemistry research, design and fabric development on wovens and knits, marketing, and technical services to textile mills and garment processors.

Technica Snc
Italy. Consultants to the textile industry. Technological analysis and market research. Feasabillity studies and project development. Also, water treatment and recycling, textile publishing and internet solutions. On-line articles on the man-made fiber, and the textile and nonwovens industries. English and Italian.

Textile Development Associates, Inc
USA. Contract development, manufacturing and consulting services for technical textiles and products. Definition of technical textiles, uses and samples.

Textile Innovations, Ltd
UK. Technical and business consultancy for the textile industry, specialised in cost evaluation, logistics, plant efficiency and productivity, quality management, outsourcing and technologies.

The Future Laboratory
UK. Consultancy for trend forecasting, brand strategy and consumer insight for the retail, technology, finance, automotive, food, textile and fashion and creative industries. Extensive information on products and services.

The Sinclair Consultancy
UK. Technical consultants to the textile industry, specialised in design, training, education and publications. List of books, videos, software and CD-rom's. Links to related sites.

Ultimate Solutions, LLC
USA. Consulting company focused on manufacturing, product development and supply chain solutions in the apparel industry.

WEBTEX Automação e Marketing, Ltda
Brazil. Technical consultants to the textile industry. Also, manufacturers' representatives for textile machinery and accessories. Technical articles. Links to partner sites. Multi-lingual site.