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303 Products, Inc
USA. Development and manufacture of textile fabric cleaners and spot removers.

A. Houles & Cie
France. Design and manufacture of classic and contemporary style trimmings for upholstery and furnishing. Also, furnishing hardware and upholstery supplies. Technical information on PDF files. English and French.

Ara NV
Belgium. Manufacturers of sublimation transfers for synthetic textiles, glass and wood printing applications.

Camela SA
Poland. Manufacturers of woven, knitted and nonwoven, adhesive inserts for textile and leather clothing, fashion accessories and footwear, from cotton, viscose, polyester and blends. Also, composite and laminated fabrics, and weaving and knitting yarns. Technical information and specifications. Multi-lingual site.

Campo Coprint BV
The Netherlands. Manufacturers of heat transfer papers for rotary screen and digital printing of textile fabrics, garments, foils and films. Also, custom transfer printing services. Description of transfer printing technique. English and Dutch.

Cintas y Pasamaneria SA
Spain. Manufacturers of ruffling tapes for furnishing and curtain finishing applications, from polyester, polypropylene and polyamide blends. Also, collections of ready-made curtains and curtain accessories. Technical information on PDF files. On-line purchasing feature. Multi-lingual site.

CompleteSeal Co
Fabric Protection

Conwed Plastics
USA. Plastic extruded net materials for containment and reinforcement in industrial and home furnishing applications. Reinforcement netting for needlepunch carpets, blankets and composite structures. Backing for quilted products. English and Spanish.

Cordonerķa Edith SA
Chile. Manufacturers of a wide range of passementaries, tie-backs, tassles, fringes, ropes, ribbons and tapes for applications in upholstery and furnishing. Detailed product catalogs. English and Spanish.

Cosmos Web Co., Ltd
Taiwan. Plastic extruded and oriented nettings, and corrugated flexible tubing for geotechnical and industrial applications. Also, garment accessories from woven and nonwoven, and plastic materials.

Dalian BHY Water Soluble Film, Inc
China. Manufacturers of water soluble PVA, PVAL and PVOH films for packaging and textile fabric backing applications. Also, ready-made bags. Technical specifications. English and Chinese.

Declercq Passementiers
France. Design and manufacture of collections of tassels, trims, tiebacks, cording and fringes for interior decoration and furnishing applications. Also, hand woven tapestries, soft furnishings and interior decorations. Detailed product catalogs. English and French.

Epurex Films GmbH
Germany. Blown and sheet extruded thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) films for construction, automotive, industrial, medical, sports and textile applications. Membrane films for composite fabrics, protective apparel and accessories, seam sealing and emblems. Part of the Bayer Group. English and German.

FiberSeal Services International
USA. Developers of formulas and techniques for the protection, cleaning and conservation of textile fabrics and floorcoverings in home and commercial interiors. Articles on fabric care. List of global service centers.

Forest Group
The Netherlands. Multi-national group of companies, specialised in manual and motorised drapery hardware systems for residential and contract markets. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. Calendar of events.

Gerhard Topp GmbH
Germany. Manufacturers of custom cut, folded, pleated and sewn textile bands, narrow fabrics and assembled components for the textile and apparel, home textiles, footwear, automobile, medical and technical applications, from a range of woven and knitted fabrics. Technical information. English and German.

Gluetex GmbH
Germany. Development and manufacture of reinforced, coated and fabric laminated hotmelt adhesive tapes and foils as an alternative to sewing for the fabrication of sun shading systems. English and German.

Grangers International, Ltd
UK. Manufacturers of water-based cleaning, conditioning and waterproofing products for outdoor textiles, footwear and equipment.

Heritage India Exports Pvt., Ltd
India. Manufacturers of a wide range of decorative trimmings, fringes, cords, tiebacks, tassels and accessories for furnishing and upholstery applications. Detailed product catalogs.

Hunter & Hyland, Ltd
UK. Design and manufacture of curtain poles and accessories, bed canopies, draught excluders, and curtain and upholstery sundries.

Industrial Netting
USA. Converter, fabricator and marketer of plastic netting, mesh and elastic tubular sleeves for filtration, packaging, structural support, containment, protection, pleat support, media support and flow channel spacers. Extensive technical information. Technical brochures on PDF files.

Kleine-Leiden BV
The Netherlands. Manufacturers and distributors of materials and products for maintenance and repair of furniture and home decorations. Care, cleaning and repair kits for leather, textile, wood and general maintenance purposes.

Menphis SpA
Italy. Development and manufacture of paper and foil based transfer technologies for printing and decorating of metals, textiles, and genuine and artificial leathers. Multi-lingual site.

Monti Napoleone Srl
Italy. Design and manufacture of a wide range of trimmings for upholstery and furnishing applications. English and Italian.

Oz-Is Tekstil AS
Turkey. Manufacturers of a wide collection of trimmings and accessories for the upholstery and furnishing industry.

Paskal Group
Israel. Multi-national group of companies, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of fabrics, and steel and plastic accessories for marine canvas, sail making, awning, furniture, automotive, and general cut and sew industries.

Passementerie Michel Sahuc
France. Design and manufacture of a wide range of stock and custom jacquard woven braids, tassels and fringes, tie-backs, cords and bullion-fringes. English and French.

France. Development and manufacture of co-extruded thermally activated adhesive barrier and waterproof breathable films for automotive, protective clothing, footwear, furniture, medical, technical textile and apparel applications. Technical information and specifications on PDF files. English, French and German.

Sappi/Warren Release Papers
USA. Manufacturers of a wide range of release papers for the plastics casting, laminating and coated fabrics industries. Extensive technical information. List of events. Links to related sites.

Silvi Srl
Italy. Design and manufacture of handmade and jacquard woven collections of trimmings, curtains pulls, tie-backs, tassels, cords, borders, braids, fringes and rosettes for furnishing and decoration applications. English, Italian and French.

Textilwerk Carl Friedrich GmbH
Germany. Manufacturers of piping, cords, fringes, plaits, edgings, braids and ribbons for applications in the garment, footwear, furnishing, toys, bookbinding and packaging industries. English, German and French.

The Curzon Collection
South Africa. Manufacturers and suppliers of drapery hardware, window treatments and decorative curtain rods. Product brochure on PDF file.

The Perfect Measuring Tape Company
USA. Manufacturer and supplier of all types of tape measures and linear measurement devices, and textile measurement and inventory control systems. Also, toolboxes and hand tools.

Transfertex GmbH
Germany. Design and manufacture of transfer printing papers for apparel, bedding and furnishing applications. List of world wide representatives. Calendar of events.

USA. Manufacturers of water based odorless waterproofing and stain protectants and cleaning products for natural and synthetic outdoor fabrics and textiles, gear, equipment, and footwear.

Troynorth, Ltd
UK. Suppliers of trimmings, tie backs and accessories to the interior design and decoration trade. Detailed product catalogs, including colorways and technical information. Product brochure on PDF file. Glossary of technical terms.

Universal Engraving AS
Turkey. Suppliers of laser, galvano and conventional engraving services for textile, leather and film printing and flocking applications. Detailed description of manufacturing process. English and Turksh.

Yamaichi, Ltd
Japan. Manufacturers of patented hollowed spherical polyethylenen forms for pillow and cushion filling applications. Technical information and comparison chart. English and Japanese.