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Abner Hood, Inc
USA. Wholesale distributors of specialty chemicals to the paint, ink, grease, and adhesive manufacturing industries, as well as food and agricultural industries.

Adhesive Brokers, Ltd
UK. Suppliers of adhesive products to the wood working, foam converting, engineering and electronics, construction, packaging and bookbinding, luggage, textiles and modelmaking industries. Also, technical assistance for product development.

Bonneau Co
USA. Suppliers of a wide variety of oil and solvent based dyestuffs to commercial laundry, linen, chemical and hospitality industries. Also, bon-trace dyes for leak detection purposes. Care and users'guides. Technical information.

Calsak Corp
USA. Wholesale distributors of polymers, chemicals, colorants and industrial supplies. Dyestuffs and pigment intermediates for the textile and plastics industries.

Chem One, Ltd
USA. Wholesaler and distributor of copper sulfate, potassium, sodium, manganese, magnesium, dry acids, ammonium, and zinc. MSDS. Detailed information on chemicals, patent ownership and products. Links to chemicals related sites.

Chemitex Pvt., Ltd
Pakistan. Diversified manufacturing and trading company, active in textiles and chemicals. Manufacturers' representatives for dyestuffs, dye intermediates and chemical auxiliaried for textile wet processes, dyeing and finishing applications. Also, spun yarns, woven fabrics, and textile made-ups.

Consortium Marocain
Marocco. Manufacturers and distributors of chemicals, chemical auxiliaries, dyestuffs, pigments and adhesives for the textile and nonwovens, leather, paper, paints and coatings, water treatment and personal care industries. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. English and French.

Copira ApS
Denmark. Manufacturers' representatives for inks, paper and textiles for digital printing applications. Also, bulk ink systems. English and Danish.

Dye Pro Services, Inc
Canada. Distributors of multi-purpose and cold water dyes for textile and garment dyeing applications. Also, custom hand dyeing services. Technical FAQ. On-line instructional videos. Links to related sites.

Dysin Group
Bangladesh. Diversified group of companies, active in wholesale distribution and trading of chemicals, laboratory instruments and textile machinery. Dyestuffs and chemicals for textile and leather processing, printing and finishing.

G & S Dye and Accessories, Ltd
USA. Distributors of dyes, paints, inks and auxiliary supplies for silk painting, screen printing, marbling, T-shirt painting, fabric printing, tie-dyeing and batik stenciling. Also, silk, cotton and linen fabrics.

Kemtex Educational Supplies
UK. Wholesale suppliers of non-toxic textile dyeing and printing dyes for educational institutes and small business requirements. Also, auxiliary chemicals and equipment. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information and safety data sheets.

Nisso Chemical Europe GmbH
Germany. Distributors of chemicals and auxiliaries for crop protection, pharmaceutical and industrial applications. Fluorescent whitening dyes, and thermal and pressure sensitive chemicals and dyestuffs for the textile and papermaking industries. Part of Nippon Soda Co., Ltd. English and German.

Regency FCB, Ltd
UK. Supplier of dyes, auxiliaries and chemicals to the textile industry. Also, working fluids for the paper and metal industries, and custom compounding services.

S & A Impex
India. Suppliers of a wide range of chemicals, agents and auxiliaries for textile wet processing applications. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. Library of technical articles.

SA Color
France. Manufacturers' representatives and distributors of dyestuffs and pigments to the textile, food, plastics and paint industries. Detailed product catalogs. English and French.

Shin Jeong FC
Korea. Distributors of fluoro chemicals to the textile, plastics, glass and nonwovens industries. Link to message board.

Z & S Handel AG
Switzerland. Marketing and distribution of chemicals, auxiliaries and intermediates for the cosmetics, food products, pharmaceutical, textile and nonwovens, fiber, and leather and fur industries. Calendar of events. Part of the Zschimmer and Schwarz Group. English and German.