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Turkey. Manufacturers of hotmelt adhesives in folio, powder and breathable membrane form for dry lamination applications in the textile, footwear and automotive industries. Technical information and specifications.

Abifor AG
Switzerland. Development and manufacture of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and co-polyester and co-polyamide thermoplastic hotmelt powders and additives for automotive, construction, leather, nonwovens and textile processing, and cosmetics applications. Technical specifications on PDF files. English, German and Chinese.

Alfa Adhesives, Inc
USA. Manufacturers of water based adhesives for the foam fabrication, bedding, furniture, transportation and packaging industries. Also, patented application systems. Extensive technical information and product specifications.

Basic Adhesives, Inc
USA. Manufacturers of water and solvent based adhesives for the textile, leather, converting and laminating, medical and flooring industries.

C. L. Hauthaway Corp
USA. Design, development and manufacture of advanced polymers and finishing materials. Custom formulated adhesives for flocking, and back coatings and finishes for textiles, nonwovens and leather.

Clifton Adhesive, Inc
USA. Manufacturers of solvent and water based adhesives and coatings for a wide range of industrial applications. Adhesives and polymer coatings for laminating and bonding of woven and knitted fabrics, nonwovens, paper and leather.

Daicel-Evonik Ltd.
Japan. Manufacturers of high-performance polymers and compounds for a wide range of applications. Hot-melt adhesives for interlining and technical textile processing. Technical information and data sheets on PDF files.

Dakota-Coatings NV
Belgium. Manufacturers of thermoplastic and thermosetting adhesive powders and granules for substrate bonding and coating applications in the clothing and home furnishings industry. Extensive technical information and specifications. Links to related sites.

Forbo International SA
Switzerland. Diversified group of companies, manufacturing and supplying floor coverings, adhesives, and belting. Extensive product information.

H.B. Fuller Co
USA. Manufacturers of adhesives, sealants and coating compounds for a wide variety of industrial and consumer applications, including nonwoven hygiene disposables.

Henkel Group
Germany. Multi-national group of manufacturing companies, active in chemicals, cosmetics, hygiene and surface technologies. Adhesives for a wide range of industrial applications, including nonwovens disposable products.

Huate Hot-Melts Co., Ltd
China. Manufacturers of a range of polymer hotmelt adhesives in powder and granulate form for hygiene disposable, textile and nonwoven paste, scatter and dot coating, automotive, footwear, furniture and apparel applications. Technical information and specifications. English and Chinese.

Itac, Ltd
UK. Manufacturers of adhesives, sealants and non-adhesive coatings for food processing, textile, medical, aerospace, photographic and consumer products applications. Toll manufacturing and custom compounding services.

Jowat Corp
Germany. Hot melt, solvent based, pressure sensitive, dispersion and specialty adhesives for the paper, textiles, nonwovens, packaging, wood based, graphical, bookbinding and converting industries. Multi-lingual site.

Lintec Corp
Japan. Diversified manufacturing company, active in the adhesives, paper, packaging and printing machinery, and equipment for the semiconductors industries. Pressure sensitive adhesives for paper, packaging, film, and disposable medical products applications. English and Japanese.

Morchem SA
Spain. Manufacturers of solvent based and solvent free polyurethane adhesives, coatings and varnishes for flexible packaging, graphic arts, printing inks, textile lamination, synthetic leather and automotive markets. English and Spanish.

Nyatex Adhesive and Chemical Co
USA. Water-based adhesives for the flocking industry. Also, solvent and epoxy borne flocking, labelling, laminating, assembly and hot-melt adhesives.

Rosehill Polymers, Ltd
UK. Manufacturers of moisture curing MDI based polyurethane binders, hot-melt adhesives and thermoplastic vulcanised granules for rubber tiles, industrial lamination processes, infill for artificial grass surfaces and foam recycling applications.

Savare I.C. Srl
Italy. Specialty adhesives for coating and laminating, hygienic, medical, labelling, assembly and packaging applications. Custom developed and multi-purpose hot-melt adhesives for diapers, sanitary napkins, panty shields and underpads. Guides for storage and material handling. Health and safety regulations.

Shin Foong Chemical Industry Co., Ltd
Taiwan. Synthetic latex for paper coating, carpet backing, nonwovens, footwear and construction applications. English and Chinese.

Sipol SpA
Italy. Development and manufacture of thermoplastic polymers and solventless hot-melt adhesives. Co-polyester based polymers for textile laminating and low-melt film extrusion applications. Extensive technical information. Multi-lingual site.

The Reynolds Company
USA. Standard and custom developed, water based hot-melt and dry-blended adhesives and coatings for applications in the packaging, construction, automotive, furniture, textile and nonwovens industries. Also, dextrine and starch based products, and heat activated and cold set adhesives.

Uzin Utz AG
Germany. Multi-national group of manufacturing companies, active in adhesives for carpets and hard surface floor coverings. English and German.

Wisdom Adhesives
USA. Manufacturers of custom adhesives for a wide range of industrial applications. Back coating, heat sealable, polyurethane hotmelt and wet laminating adhesives for the textile industry. Also, adhesives for tissue converting and packaging. Technical FAQs.

Worthen Group
USA. Multi-national group of companies, involved in the development and manufacture of adhesives, coatings and laminated products for footwear, automotive, packaging, apparel, technical textiles and related industrial markets.