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Hollywood Stock Exchange
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ASX Share Market Game
Create your own stock portfolio with a virtual $50,000 to invest. Uses live market prices and runs annually.

Fantasy weblog stock game, where weblog value is based on hits and links.

A free UK based investment website featuring fantasy stocks and virtual financial spread betting.

Chart Game
A time-lapse stock trading game that presents a chart for a random S&P 500 company.

Foresight Exchange
A notional stock market where you buy shares betting on the outcome of future events.

Mock Trading
Mock commodity trading game to practice paper trading and test new investment strategies.

Stock Trak
Simulates managing a portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options and futures. Suitable for corporate use.

The Stock Market Challenge
Allows you to buy and sell stocks and test your theories without risking real money.

The Twitter Fantasy Stock Exchange
A free fantasy stock exchange game where you can invest in any Twitter user be they a celebrity, politician, sporting hero or friend.

Xycoon Online
Virtual stock exchange. Free simulated trading.