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Abbot Point of Care
Develops, manufactures and markets medical diagnostic products for blood analysis.

Develops, manufactures and markets devices which performs near-patient diagnostic screening and therapeutic monitoring for the management of prevalent chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and osteoporosis.

Ambulatory Monitoring, Inc.
Actigraphic diagnostic equipment for registering respiration, activity. and sleep patterns.

CSP Medical
Offering devices and accessories for radiology, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, and medical physics. London, Ontario, Canada. [French and English]

Commercial service offering a panel of serum markers with the aim of early detection.

Cardiac Services, Inc.
Mobile diagnostic cardiac catheterization and vascular imaging services for hospitals.

Develops and manufactures reagents for use in the treatment of infectious disease, endocrinology, bone and mineral metabolism, cancer, brain injury, cardiac, therapeutic drug monitoring and autoimmunity.

Dianon Systems, Inc.
Offers pathology, genetic and clinical chemistry testing services to patients, physicians and managed care organizations throughout the United States, from Connecticut. (Nasdaq: DIAN)

Manufacturer of bomedical instruments and scientific pumps.

Henry Schein Lab
Distributes analysers for chemistry, hematology, immunoassay, and all other clinical laboratory specialties.

Immunospot Reader
ELISPOT and Immunospot permit fast and reliable 4-plate video analysis of cytokine release.

KK Technology
Manufactures the CAM1 capillary anemometer system for imaging and measuring velocity in individual capillaries and determining capillary density.

Lifeline Medical, Inc.
Occupational health products including alcohol testing, drug testing, hearing and vision testing, ecg products, spirometry products, chemistry strips. (Danbury, CT)

Lifetest Cardiac Imaging
Manufacturer of an Ultrafast Electron Beam Tomography test to show a 3-D image of the heart and arteries. Includes patient and physician information.

Meridian Bioscience Inc.
Develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of innovative diagnostic test kits, purified reagents and related products. Includes financial and stock data, and employment opportunities. ( Nasdaq: VIVO ).

Misc Inc Brand
Recording paper for medical diagnostic and laboratory instruments.

Moor Instruments
Laser Doppler equipment for measuring microculatory blood flow in a variety of animal and human applications.

Premier Heart
Development and sales of ECG analysis tools, with specifications, and details of clinical trials. Port Washington, USA.

Pulmolink, UK
A UK based specialist pulmonary function company supplying pulse oximetry, capnography and patient monitoring and lung function equipment.

Quantitative Muscle Assessment
Features strength and fatigue testing as well as database management for neuromuscular and motor neuron disease research.

Quest Diagnostics, Inc.
Provider of medical diagnostic testing, information, and services. (NYSE: DGX)

Quidel Corporation
Develops, manufactures and markets rapid immunoassay-based diagnostic products and tests for diagnoses in the areas of human fertility, allergy, infectious diseases. (Nasdaq: QDEL).

Response Biomedical VSE:RBM
Develops quantitative diagnostic systems that reduce the cost of healthcare by providing inexpensive, rapid and easy to use tests at the point-of-care.

Sensory Arts & Science
Develops and markets health and safety technology products that aid in the assessment of conditions that affect the sensory system.

Sierra Resources International, Inc.
Distributor of diagnostic test products and clinical laboratory test products.

Spectros Corporation
Developing an advanced imaging system to locate trace amounts of cancer in the body in real-time. (Portola Valley, CA)

Spinal Mouse
Measure spinal shape, spinal mobility, pelvic tilt and range of motion. For a chiropractor, physical therapist, orthopedist or primary care physician.

Upperton Ltd.
Developing novel contrast agents for diagnostic imaging.

Medical technology for diagnostic and therapy in oxygen medicine, sleep medicine, emergency medicine and related medical modalities.