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Agoo Chicha-Corn and Food Products
Manufacturers and distributors of deep-fried flavored corn kernels. Includes company history and an order form. Located in the Philippines.

American Skin, LLC
Producer of smoked bacon rinds and pork cracklins. Company profile, product and contact information.

Art's And Mary's
Manufacturer of potato chips made with thick sliced potatoes cooked in small batches with oils lower in saturated fats. Product information, contact details.

Axium Foods, Inc.
Manufactures tortilla chips, onion rings, party mix and cheese snacks under their own brands Mystic Harvest and Pajeda's. Also offers private labelling. Provides company news and history. Based in Illinois, USA.

BNR Global Snack Foods Exporter
Exporter of American made snack foods, gummi candy, salty snacks and speciality foods.

Ballreich Potato Chip Company
Producers of a variety of potato chip products. Company history, product details, and contact information.

Barberá Snacks, s.l.
Manufacturer and exporter of roasted corn products. Spain.

Barrel O' Fun Snack Foods Company
Producers of snack foods including potato chips, tortilla chips, and extruded cheese snacks. Company history, product information, and contact details.

Dutch suppliers of frozen meals and snacks. Also menu suggestions and tips.

Beer Nuts
Manufacturer of branded Beer Nuts. Offers company history and product details.

Bellis Fruit Bars
Australian company manufacturing and distributing school fruit bars and confectionery products throughout the world.

Best Foods Productions SRL
Romanian based maker of potato chips, cheese, and peanut products.

Better Made Snack Foods Inc.
Producer of a variety of potato chip products. Company history, product details, and contact information.

Bombay Sweets and Co. Ltd.
Bangladesh manufacturer of snacks and chips food products including potato, corn and cereal based. Offers company details, product images with description and query form.

Burts Chips
United Kingdom-based potato chip manufacturer. Products, processes and contact details.

Calder Foods
UK maker of meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetarian sandwich fillings, marinade, sauces, and salad products.

California Churros
Manufactures plain and filled churros.

Cape Cod
A manufacturer of potato chips and other snack items. Includes background on the company, tour information and on-line ordering of snacks and gifts.

Charlie Chikki
Indian chikki manufacturer and exporter. Company profile and products.

Classic Snacks
Vendor for nuts and nut mixes, dried fruits, croutons, pretzels and other snacks.

Crit d'Or S.L.
Produces chips, fried pork, pop corn, nuts, candies, and dried fruits. Company information and product catalogue. Spain.

DAVID Sunflower Seeds
Manufacturer of sunflower seeds in the U.S. Contains nutritional information, promotions, and information about the company.

DFM Foods Ltd
Manufacturing, selling and marketing of packaged snack foods including Crax and Namkeens. Corporate profile and advertising video. Andheri (East) Mumbai, India.

Dakota Style Potato Chips
Kettle cooked potato chips in a variety of flavors, gift boxes and related merchandise. Product and contact details.

Delicious Popcorn & Distributors Co., Inc.
Also manufactures pretzels, potato chips, party mixes and tortilla chips. Provides a private label service. Supplies company history and a product list.

Ecofrut S.A.
Manufacturers of plantain chips, located in Ecuador. Offers private label services.

Evans Food Group Ltd
From Chicago, Illinois, USA. Manufactures pork rind products including pellets, cracklins and sancochos. Also provides private label services. Information about the company and products.

Site provides information on this snack food company, its products and promotions.

Gesa Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.
Producer of potato chips and corn snacks. Based in Turkey.

Gits Food
Produces ready to cook instant foods that cover the entire course of ethnic Indian cuisine.

Golden Boy Foods
Manufacturers of peanut butter and related food products. Imports and distributes of nuts, dried fruits and other dried goods.

Golden Enterprises, Inc.
Manufactures and distributes a full line of salted snack items, such as potato chips, pork skins, crackers and popcorn.

Grandy Oats
Maine makers of organic granolas, trail mixes, and roasted nuts.

Great American Appetizers
Manufacturers of breaded, battered and beer battered cheese, vegetable, jalapeno pepper, onion and specialty appetizers since 1959. Custom manufacturing specialists.

Hanover Foods Corp: Bickel's Snack Foods
Makes potato chips, tortilla chips, corn chips, pretzels and cheese products.

Manufacturer of fresh nutritious snack foods, potato chips, pretzels, and corn chips.

Horizon Food Ltd.
Importers, packers and distributors of dried fruit, nuts and all other snack foods.

J&J Snack Foods Corporation
A variety of branded snack foods and beverages.

Jays Potato Chips
Jays brand potato chips and other snack foods. Buy online.

John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc.
Processes, packages, markets and distributes snacks and confections. (Nasdaq: JBSS).

Kameda Seika Group
Manufactures rice snacks. Contains company profile and research and development details. [Japanese and English]

Produces foods and snacks including ice cream cones, chocolate chips, cookies, crackers, cheez-it and vanilla wafers.

Lance Snacks
Producer of snack foods. Includes information on products, promotions and corporate details.

Produces soup garnishes, croutons, snacks and dumpling mixes. Grödig, Austria. [English and German]

Left Coast Naturals
Manufacturer and distributor of packaged and bulk organic food products. Offers list of brands, history, sustainability information and news.

Lehi Valley Trading Company
Producers and processors of nuts, dried fruit, candies, and trail mixes.

Leng d'Or
Spanish producer of a wide array of shapes and sizes of snack chips, rings, sticks and twists.

LifeSquared Dremz
Manufactures organic freeze-dried vegetables and yogurt-coated fruit for children and adults. Provides product information.

Liven, S.A.
Spanish maker and exporter of popcorn, potato and tortilla chips, nuts, and dried fruit.

Mac's Snacks
Pork skins, cracklins, beef jerky and spicy wheat snacks. Includes product, nutritional and distribution information.

Maglione's Italian Ice
Manufacturer of Italian ice and stockists of soft pretzels, churros, cotton candy and ice cream. Wholesale distributor and corporate caterer, also offering concession services and equipment rental. Describes products and services and supplies pictures. Based in New Jersey, USA.

Martin's Potato Chips, Inc
Manufacturer of potato chips, popcorn and distributor of pretzels. Company profile, product details, and ordering information.

Maximillien & Company Specialty Foods, Inc.
Manufacturer of hand-made products such as nuts and dried fruit. Supplies these and branded products to hotels, gift basket companies, bars, and retail. Provides custom packaging, labels and products. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Product and company information.

McKee Foods Corporation
Manufacturer of Little Debbie snack cakes and Sunbelt granola snacks.

Mike Sells Potato Chips Company
Offers a line of snacks includes various types of potato chips, pretzels, corn products, pork rinds, and dips. Company history, product information, on-line tour, and contact details.

Natural Snacks LLC
Manufactures flavored coconut chips under the brand 'Got Chips?'. Provides nutritional information.

New Century Snacks LLC
Manufacturer of dried fruit, nuts, trail mixes, salty and specialty products. Based in California, USA.

Nibble Co.
Australian manufacturer of healthy dried fruit and nut snacks, available in boxes of 20, 40 or 60 individual packages.

Produces and distributes beef jerky, sticks, and kippered beef steaks and rounds. Includes product descriptions, nutritional information, a company profile and order details. Clayton, Ohio, USA.

Old Dutch Foods, Ltd.
Manufactures, markets and distributes potato chips and other salty snack food products. Company profile, product listing, and contact details.

Pelican Rouge
Specializes in making hot and cold beverages, as well as other food items for the vending industry in Europe. Also, offers disposables, distribution services, and packaging. Located in Middlesex county, UK.

Picola Foods
Manufacturer of flavored maize and sweet and savory popcorn. Gives a product description and contact details.

Poppa Porky's
Australian maker of pork crackle, beef jerky, billtong, and hot crispy noodles.

Pretzels Inc.
Manufacturer of pretzels and snack related products. Online store, plant tour, and company history.

Fun information site from the maker of Pringles potato chips.

Richard Green Co., Inc.
Wholesaler of nuts and various snack foods. New and used vending equipment also sold.

Rock Star Seedz
Wholesalers of flavoured sunflower seeds. Includes online ordering, product information and company history.

Rudolph Foods
World's largest manufacturer of pork rinds and other pork skin snack foods.

Savor Street Foods Inc.
Manufactures gluten-free pretzels, flavored popcorn, and savory morsels such as cheese puffs or curls. Includes product and company history.

Shearer's Foods Inc.
Producer and distributor of potato snack products. Includes recipes, product information, and on-line store. Ohio.

Sin Hua Hock Kee
Importer and exporter of confectionery items, candies, biscuits, crackers, canned foods, drinks, jellys, drinks, dessert, and other snacks.

Snack Food Association - SFA
International trade association representing manufacturers and suppliers. Promotes, researches, educates and supports the industry, including representation in government, and the media.

Snack Works: Nabisco
Brands include Oreo Cookies and Planters Peanuts. Fun stuff, information, and on-line shopping for gift items.

Supplies bagged products for vending machines or retail, including peanuts, cashews, beef jerky, mixed lollies and trail mix.

Snyder's of Hanover
America's pretzel bakery since 1909. Pretzel history, recipes, and gifts.

Svenska Lantchips
Swedish manufacturer of potato crisps with salt, onion, dill and chives or sour cream flavor. Includes description of the cooking process, and company information.

TMCI Holdings Inc.
Manufacturers of corn chips and dips under the Guiltless Gourmet label. Supplies recipes, the company history and nutrition-focused articles.

Terra Chips
Producers of a variety of potato and vegetable chip products. Company history, product details, and ordering and contact information.

The Nut House
Manufacturer of roasted peanuts. Distributes anywhere in Australia. Products, services and contact details.

Troyer Farms
Potato and tortilla chips, popcorn, pretzels and cheese puffs. Also sold in gift packs and lunchbox snack packs.

Uncle Ray's Potato Chips
Producer of a variety of potato chips. Company history, product details, contact link, and ordering options.

Vijay Store
Manufacturers of hand-roasted products such as namkeen and dried fruits. Includes product and company information. Located in Jaipur, India.

Weaver Nut Company
Selling bulk candy and other bulk foods. Company profile and catalog.

Wild Ride
Manufactures all natural beef jerky products that have no MSG, nitrites, artificial preservatives, hormones or antibiotics. Product, distributor and nutritional details.

Wise Foods
Products and brands include Wise, Moore's, Cottage Fries, and New York Deli potato chips.

Yarra Valley Snack Foods
Australian supplier of nuts, dried fruit, corn chips, and various nut and fruit mixes.

Zennix Life, LLC
Produces and sells roasted pumpkin seeds. Includes on-line store and retail locator. Aloha, Oregon, United States.