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Alba Makina, Ltd
Turkey. Manufacturers of ironing and fusing tables and presses, form finishing machines, steam generators and boilers, and hand irons for garment finishing. Technical information on PDF files. English, Turkish and German.

Alvanon, Inc
USA. Multi-national company, active in software development, personnel training and technical consulting related to body fit technologies and products for the garment industry. Extensive technical information. Calendar of events.

AnaJet, Inc
USA. Development and manufacture of pre-treatment and digital printing systems for garment decoration. Technical information, machine specifications and FAQ. Links to related sites.

Ardmel Group
UK. Group of companies, specialised in the design, development and manufacture of hot-air seam welding machines, strip cutters, studding systems and hydrostatic testers for the garment finishing industry. Technical information and specifications.

Asahi Kasei Co., Ltd.
Japan. Design and manufacture of CAD/CAM systems for the garment industry. English and Japanese.

Autotex Italia Srl
Design, development and manufacture of standard and customised manually operated, and semi-and fully automatic machinery, equipment and a range of consumables for sewing, printing, finishing and packaging of socks. Detailed machine catalogs on PDF files. Technical information, machine specifications and presentation videos.

Brongo Srl
Italy. Design and manufacture of machinery and auxiliaries for industrial washing and dyeing of ready-made garments. Also, linen washing machines. Technical information. English and Italian.

CETME snc di Cristina Attilio & C
Italy. Production of hosiery testing machinery and volumetric shapes for hosiery size control. Machines for the finishing and quality control of socks, stockings, pantyhose and seamless underwear garments.

Cad Modelling Ergonomics Srl
Italy. Design and development of real anthropometric body models for fitting control and ergonomic testing of garments for men, women and children. English and Italian.

Eastlex Machine Corp
USA. Design and manufacture of marking and straightening machines, strip and loop cutters, and winders for the textile and apparel, and plastics and steel industries.

Exeter Research
USA. Research and development consulting firm focusing on design, manufacture, and marketing of specialized test equipment for the athletic and casual footwear industries. Includes product specifications.

Dry cleaning presses, laundry presses, steam-air finishing machines, garment conveyors and dry cleaning machines. .

Italy. Manufacturer of button sewers, ironing machines for attaching pockets, patches, and shirt plackets, and other machinery for the garment finishing process.

Nagel & Hermann
Austria. Manufacturers of application machinery and equipment for garment refinement and finishing. Also, distributors of garment decoration motifs. Technical information and presentation videos. Links to world wide agents. English and German.

Natmar Services Company
Manufacturers of garment identification systems, heat seal machines, computerized label printing systems, garment label software. Also, labels, barcode labels, thermal labels and indelible ink.

Ngai Shing Development, Ltd
China. Manufacturers of cutting and sewing room equipment and auxiliaries, and fusing, washing and dyeing, and ironing machines for the garment industry. Also, overhead and ground based conveyor systems, and industrial laundry machines. Technical information.

Parrisianne, Ltd
Suppliers of dry cleaning and textile washing machines, garment pressing and finishing equipment. Manufacturers of conveyors, spotting tables, ironing tables, steam boilers, garment formers and bagging machines.

Phillips Textile Machinery, Ltd
UK. Manufacturers and suppliers of fabric spreading systems, plain, air and vacuum cutting tables, and a range of hand held cutting equipment for applications in the garment industry. Also, fabric inspection machines. Detailed machine catalog, including technical information.

Primula SA
Manufacturers of ironing pressing machinery, fusing presses, ironing tables, steam generators, electric high pressure irons, accessories, and transfer and fusing presses for the garment industry.

India. Dealer of garment finishing and laundry equipment.

Stahl Group
Diversified multi-national group of companies, active in heat transfer and digital printing technologies, cutting equipment, transfer papers and software development for a range of industrial applications. CAD cutting systems for garment and sportswear decoration.

Stewart Manufacturing
Manufacturer of a sewing awl can be used to sew any heavy material. USA.

Stirotecnica Srl
Italy. Manufacturer of steam irons, steam generators, ironing tables and accessories for ironing.

Greece. Manufacturer of fur and leather garment processing equipment. Cleaning, slicing, shearing and plucking machines.

Tecma Engineering SA
France. Design and manufacture of making-up and packaging machinery for a range of industrial applications. Tagging, labeling and sewing machines, attachments and accessories for the clothing and garment accessories industries. Extensive technical information and video presentations. Multi-lingual site.

Telmat Industrie
France, Design, integration and marketing of three-dimensional high speed body scanners and automated body measurement systems for medical, industrial, and textile and clothing markets. Description of technology. Links to partner sites. Multi-lingual site.

Trevil Srl
Italy. Diversified company, active in textile machinery and industrial steam generators. Pressing and finishing machinery for the dry-cleaning and garment industries. Technical information and machine specifications. Multi-lingual site.

Trolleyman Plus
UK. Manufacturer of industrial tables, racking shelves and dividers, garment rails and trolleys for clothing manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers. Includes a company profile, product illustrations and order details.

Tupesa Group
Spain. Group of companies, involved in the design and manufacture of machinery, equipment and accessories for the washing, dyeing and finishing of ready-made garments. Also, trading in pre-owned machinery. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information, specifications and machine lay-outs. English and Spanish.

Veit Group
Germany. Multi-national group of companies, active in the manufacture and supply of a wide range of garment finishing machines, equipment and accessories. Process consulting and personnel training services. Also, pre-owned equipment. Technical information and brochures on PDF files. Multi-lingual site.

Turkey. Manufacturer of machines to cut and fold printed and woven garment labels and paper label rolls.

Yazici Dikis Makina, Ltd
Turkey. Design and manufacture of advanced automation systems for the garment and fashion industry. Technical information and system specifications. Machine manuals and parts catalogs on PDF files. English, Turkish and Spanish.