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Alpha Armouring
German manufacturer of armored cars, armored stretch limousines and armored off-road vehicles.

Alpine Armoring Inc.
International supplier and manufacturer of new and used armored vehicles to governments, corporate executives, police and military organizations. Herndon, Virginia, USA.

Armored German Cars GmbH & Co. KG
Builds armored cars, off road vehicles, and limousines for executive protection. Bremen, Germany.

Armortek International
Features custom, retrofitted light armored vehicles for private, diplomatic, or executive protection.

Bulldog Direct Protective Systems Inc.
Armors personal vehicles and supplies panels, vehicle glass, flat glass, vests, and other products.

C.S.I. Armoring Inc.
Manufacturer of armored cars, sport utility vehicles, and bullet proof passenger vehicles. Based in Florida.

Cambli International Inc.
Specializes in manufacturing armored trucks using advanced modular construction techniques. Based in Canada.

Manufacturer of armored vehicles, vans, and military vehicles. Based in Fairfield, Ohio.

Craig International Ballistics Pty Ltd
Manufacturer of armored vehicles, body armor, and aircraft and marine armoring. Based in Australia.

Eurosafe Sweden AB
Armored light weight vehicles for transport of valuables. Serving National Banks, international security companies and police forces.

First Defense International Group
Manufacturer of armored vehicles, among other security products.

Griffin, Inc.
Supplier of armored vans, route trucks, coin trucks, tandem axle trucks, and over-the-road tractors.

Ibis Tek
Manufacturer of high-performance stealth vehicles with remote control weapons and sensor control systems. Based in Pennsylvania.

International Armoring Corporation
Offers a range of armored products and vehicles. Facilities in the US, Mexico, and Brazil.

LDV, Inc.
Consultants, designers, and manufacturers of customer-driven mobile vehicles. Provides special service vehicles, mobile tool stores, and other specialized interiors.

Lasco International
Specializes in providing bullet-proof solutions for auto, corporate, and personal safety.

Lenco Armored Vehicles
Since 1981, Lenco designs and manufactures many types of armored vehicles including vans, trucks, SUVs and SWAT trucks.

PG Products
Manufacturer of armored glass for cars and trucks. Based in Brazil.

Pexi Inc.
International automotive export company, specializing in direct export of automotive and auto parts sales, cars, trucks, suv, armored vehicles, construction equipment and specialty vehicles.

Rontan Group
Brazil. Diversified manufacturing company, active in warning systems, ballistic protection and telecommunication.

Roush Industries
Engineering company that provides design, prototyping, testing and manufacturing services. Manufacturer of personal protection armored vehicles. The selection includes sedans, limousines, vans, station wagons and light trucks.

Scaletta Moloney Armoring
Manufacturer of custom armoring applications including armored passenger cars and vehicles. Formerly known as Moloney Coachbuilders.

Secure Mobile
India based manufacturer personal defense products: bullet proof vehicles, jackets, and helmets. - Armoured Vehicles
Offers a variety of specialty vehicles including armored mini-buses and small capacity vehicles for transporting cash and valuables. Based in Estonia.

Stoof International GmbH
International manufacturer of armoured and specialty vehicles. Offers after-sales support and security driver training. Based in Germany.

Streit Manufacturing Inc
Designing and building armored vehicles. Based in Canada.

Texas Armoring Corporation
U.S. manufacturer of bullet proof vehicles for personal use. Specializing in protection against high power rifle ammunitions. Armored Suburbans, trucks, cars, SUVs, and other bullet resistant applications.

The Armored Group
Features armored trucks and vans designed to move cash and valuables.

Used Armored Vehicle
Armored cars, vans for money transport, tactical SWAT trucks and prisoner transport vehicles.