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A prima vista - music engraving
Using Finale software. Samples, price rates, free music sheets available. Over ten years of experience. Located in Europe.

Act One Music Typesetting
Using Finale notation software. There is a table of fees per page and information on figuring the number of pages. Located in Benton, Arkansas.

Ann Miller Music Engraving
Engraves, publishes and copies music digitally and offers sheet music of arrangements for flute and brass ensembles. Includes profile, and examples. UK.

Audio Graffiti
Description of services.

Blair Goins: Music Copying
Scores and parts prepared for performance and publication using the Finale music notation software. Hourly rate is given. Music samples, client list and client quotes available.

BlaneMusic Preparation
About us, samples and client list available. Located in Chicago, Illinois.

Bob's Music Notation Service
Using Finale software. Services and some rates. Located in Celina, Ohio.
About and samples.

Brian Benison Music
Music engraving using Finale software. Project budgeting, emergency tech support for Finale, and recent clients. Based in Los Angeles.

Carreira Music Productions
Description of services, rates, samples, private music lessons, staff and contact information. Located in the Chicago area.

Con Brio Music Typesetting Service
Engraving, transcription, design of music graphics, arranging and orchestration. Samples, rate per hour and client base are available. Based in Ridgefield, Washington.

Continuo Music Services
Music preparation and arrangements using Sibelius software. Details of services and examples. Based in Buckinghamshire, UK.

Using Score software. Company profile, engraving and sound samples available. Located in Wales.

CutTime Productions
Samples in PDF and classical music links categorized. Cut Time Players are eight members of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

DVM Publications
Music fonts, about DVM Publishing, engraver's quizzes, music and book typesetting services and engraving bibliography. Located in Haverford, Pennsylvania.

Dakota Music Service
Music preparation for film, TV, theatre and recording using Finale, Sibelius and Opcode Fermata software. Projects, facilities and support pages available. Located in Croydon, United Kingdom.

David Perkins
Samples, transposition, arranging and copying. Located in Shepperton, Middlesex, United Kingdom.

Desktop Music Service
Information on pricing (per measure) and typesetting, music editing, ordering and links. Located in Bellflower, California.

Directory of Music Engravers
An alphabetical list of music engravers world wide.

Using Finale software. Score preparation for first performances to professional publishing houses. PDF and screen examples available. Based in Australia and Germany.

Forte Music
Using SCORE software. Samples with prices, contact information, and "about us." Located in Bucharest, Romania.

Global Music Copying
Finale music copying service specializing in orchestral, jazz, and film music score and part preparation. Samples, rates, and contact information. Located in Boston, Massachusetts.

J. S. Sato Music Editions
Rates, output options, discounts and links to other music sites. Located in Chicago, Illinois.

Ken Godel - music preparation
Using Finale software, Experience, samples, procedure, and pricing information.

Le Copiste
Music typesetting and engraving for publishers and composers: references, examples, prices (in Francs and Euros)and company information. Located in Carcassone, France.

Lilly Music Services
Engraving and arranging using Finale and Noteworthy Composer software. Guidelines for arrangements and pricing available. Located in Martinsville, Indiana.

Lux Nova Press
Using Score software. Services available. Located in Decatur, Georgia.

Matthew Dylan Jones
Using Finale, Music Publisher and Sibelius software. Description of services and past work. Located in Claremont, Western Australia.

Mauro, Haroldo
Music notation using Finale software and Macintosh computers. Music scores and parts, sheet music, jazz notation and transcriptions. Samples available. Rates on request. Based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Meticulous Web Solutions
Customized typesetting from short pieces to full orchestral scores with parts. Additional musicians services. Also freelance double bassist, bass guitarist, tenor, actor and teacher. UK.

Michael D. Blostein
Uses Finale software. Services, music examples, resumé and links available. Located in Albany, New York.

MicroMusic Inc.
They offer to transcribe, arrange or orchestrate hand written music or audio recordings. There is a client list and a portfolio with examples.

MusiGraphics Productions
Using Score software. A sample and fees per page are available. Located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Music Precedent, Ltd.
Using Finale software. Lists services, products and contact. Located in Springfield, Missouri.

Music Printers
Sample and contact information.

Music Transcription by John Zechiel
Specializes in lead lines for singers, but can transcribe instrumentals as well. Rates, customer quotes, and references.

Using Sibelius software. Sample, rates and client list available. Located in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

Musica Technica
Using Finale software. Types of services, rates and charges, samples and fees, file formats, and printing. Located in New York City.

NJH Music
Two case studies of recent typesetting work. Located in the United Kingdom.

Notecraft Music Engravers
Includes information about the company, customers, industry news, and links. Located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Palestrant Music Engraving
Using Finale software. Samples are available in TIFF and EPS format.

Pre-Press Music Australia
Services available, contact information, and a downloadable information brochure in PDF format. Located in Waterford, QLD, Australia.

R.G. Smith Music Engraving & Publishing
Using Sibelius and Finale software.

R.J. Nestor
Using Finale and Sibelius. Samples and rate schedule.

RPM Seattle
Provides music preparation, copying and engraving services for films, tv, recordings, musicals, jingles, live performance. Many links to music providers in Seattle.

Richard Huggins
Arranging, Finale engraving, producing and music editing. Located in Tyler, Texas.

Robert MacNeil Musicworks
Bagpipe Music Writer Gold software. Music engraving and playing software for the great highland bagpipe. Product features, pricing and ordering. Located in Canada.

Robyn's Joyful Noise
Notation services also including arranging or composing. Details, prices, and contact information. Located in Evans, Georgia.

Russell Scarbrough Music Preparation Services
Description of services, rates and other services. List of references available.

General information, sample projects, typographic design, and contact information. Located in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Stephen Powell Music Services
Using Sibelius software. Services and prices listed. Located in Wilnecote, Tamworth, Staffordshire, United Kingdom.

ThB.Music Services
Description of services and samples. Located in Glendale, California.

The MusicPrinter
Using Finale software. Prices per measure are available. Located in Denver, Colorado.

Tunesmith Music Engraving
Using the Finale, Score and Sibelius software. Pricing information. Located in Louisville, Kentucky.

Whitco Press
Using Graphire Music Press software. Overview of services. Located in Tucson, Arizona.

WilliamJ's Homepage
Using Finale software. Samples of compositions, clientele, present rates, instrument building/creation. Located in New Hartford, Connecticut.