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1,000 Words A Day
Writer's information, book reviews, short stories and news on the literary world.

21st Century Publishing
Occasional posts about print on demand and small press publishing.

A Conservatory of One
Offers writing resources, writing prompts,and news bits to aid writers as they study and pursue in the writing craft.

A Newbie's Guide to Publishing
Living proof that talent has very little to do with success.

A Writer's Life
Lee Goldberg, television writer, blogs about his accomplishments and adventures.

Absolute Write
A blog by MacAllister Stone on writing topics, including freelance writing, novels and nonfiction. Contains a forum.

Ain't I A Writer?
Chronicles the efforts of a struggling freelance writer (prose, poetry, and creative nonfiction) on her midlife career transition.

All Kinds of Writing
A weblog about the art of writing and the writing business. Freelancing and writing in order to get paid.

Angela Booth's Writing Blog
For freelance writers, writing fiction, nonfiction and copywriting to have fun, and become a better writer.

Annotation Nation
A look at literature through the eyes of writers looking more closely at the tools of the craft.

Ash Tree
Journal of a writer.

Ask Allison
Post questions and find answers on all of your too-afraid-to-ask concerns, hesitancies and worries about breaking into the publishing field.

Bleeding Ink
One writer's journey to publication and beyond.

Book Publishing News
News related to book publishing, including digital and traditional book publishing, new tools and technologies, trends in book retailing, book production and printing, book promotion, and the business of writing and getting published.

A weblog about writing and publishing with Joni Rogers.

Valentina Dordevic's blog on books and writing. Book reviews, essays and writing tips.

News and views for authors.

Boomer Chick: Musings of an Over the Hill Chick
An ordinary day in the life of a boomer babe. Writing books and keeping an online writing community.

Bridget Whelan writer
A blog for writers and would-be writers by a published novelist offering information about competitions, advice and publishing news.

Cabbages and Kings
A diary by the authors of the Louis Kincaid series.

Cheryl Reif Writes
Children's and young adult author Cheryl Reifsnyder shares writing tips, creativity news, and inspiration for writers on the road to publication.

Christopher Fielden
A blog containing writing advice. The site uses published short stories as case-studies to show how the tips have been used to achieve success.

Clea Saal
Personal blog from a fiction writer.

Confessions of An Author
Diary of a D list author, twice-published commercial women's fiction writer, and her hapless dealings in the world of publishing.

Dan Erickson
A site about writing, blogging, writing as therapy, and writing life.

Douglas Smith | Writer
Douglas Smith links to market sites worldwide, in their respective languages, as well as to other resources including conventions and promotion.

Editorial Anonymous
An anonymous children's book editor gives advice and answers writer's questions.

Elemental Musings
Professional writer who pursues many things, including advanced studies in communication and philosophy. Savoring the writing life one word at a time.

Evil Editor
Authors with books that they feel are ready for publication prepare query letters which they would like reviewed. Evil Editor's comments are intended for entertainment purposes only, although many readers insist on finding them instructional as well.

Faster Than Kudzu
Joshilyn Jackson, play and novel writer, blogs about her work and ideas.

Fear of Writing
Milli Thornton, Taos, New Mexico. Online course and workshop for writers.

Fiction Writing
A weblog all about fiction writing. Includes personal writing reflections, tips, writing markets, resources, and links.

Fictional Perspectives
Articles on writing, reference, writer's resources, news and items of interest from the publishing industry.

Funds for Writers
Sources of grants, fellowships, contests, awards, markets and nonprofit partners. Hope Clark, site editor.

Ghost Word
Ethereal thoughts on books and writing.

About writing, with a forum, an outlet for critique and writing discussion.

Ilona's World
The weblog of writer and reviewer Ilona Hegedus, who writes sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and poetry.

Ink Thinker
Freelance writer-editor Kristen King is an inkthinker with a passion for the written word.

Ink in My Coffee
Writer's journal by Devon Ellington.
Where form and function collude.

It Had Better Be Good
Diary of a birth of a novel. Everything from the day to day writing slog, to manuscript tips, to publisher submissions.

J Alan Erwine's Blog
Colorado science fiction writer.

Jeff Goins
Sharing ideas on writing, creativity, and making a difference.

Jerz's Literacy Weblog
Articles on writing electronic text, technical writing, and emerging genres such as weblogs. Dennis G. Jerz.

Ken Armstrong Writing Stuff
Has had writing produced for radio, theatre, and film... some short stories published (and broadcast). The writing Irishman.

Lighthouse Writing Tips Blog
Daily writing tips for both fiction and non-fiction.

Linx Journeyer
An account of a writer's journey through cyberspace. It includes a weblog, an ezine, free public domain etexts, recipes, quotes and quality links to subjects of interest to writers.

Lisa Burks Online
Scribbling at the speed of dial up.

Mark Terry
This weblog is a day-to-day account of the writing life, focusing on thoughts on developing plots, the psychology of writing, the minutiae of a freelancer's schedule.

Martha O'Connor
Tales from the publishing front from a soon-to-be-published author. Some bitching, no whining, some wining.

Maud Newton
Occasional literary links, amusements, politics, and rants. Publishing and writing industry news.

Michel Cruz
Articles written as a freelance writer and editor over the years.

Michelle Richmond: San Serif
Writing exercises, publishing tips, booknotes, and smashingly good advice for writers.

Miss Snark's First Victim
Gives advice to writers and, along with anonymous literary agents, critiques query letters and partial manuscripts. Includes writing contests.

Miss Snark: The Literary Agent
In which Miss Snark vents her wrath on the hapless world of writers and crushes them to sand beneath her T.Rexual heels of stiletto snark.

More Than They'll Ever Know
The frantic life of a scribbling romantic mystery author and single Mom with 2 kids, 3 jobs, 4 dogs and only one life to fit it all into. Author of Sierra Lavotini mystery series.

Muse Ink
Author and educator Ami Hendrickson's daily weblog featuring topical advice and encouragement for writers and riders.

My Own Personal Grey
Fiction writer, Kat Richardson's weblog about writing and being published.

My Year of Getting Published
Freelance writer living in New Zealand with the ultimate goal to drop the day job and become a travelling writer.

Nathan Bransford Author
An author and an ex-literary agent with advice on how to write query letters, get an agent and get published.

New Century Notebook
About writing journals, blogs, and living the writers life. All the ups and downs and lots of crazies.

No Rules. Just Write.
Inspirational romance author Brenda Coulter on writing, life, and the writing life.

Old Hag
Regular book coverage, literary and linguistic commentary.

On Writing
Author and editor, RJ Blain, discusses the ins and outs of writing, editing, and navigating the world of creative writing.

Paperback Writer
Writing professionally since 1998.

Paranormality Universe
The ongoing journey toward publication for a paranormal women's fiction unpublished writer. Rants, insights, feedback, processes and resources for writers.

Paul's Visual Arts, Literature & Philosophy Forum
The purpose of this weblog is to initiate dialogue between people with interesting ideas about the subjects of greatest consequence to me, namely: the arts and philosophy.

Picture Book Illustrators
A group of professional children's book authors and illustrators wax poetic about their industry, their projects, and their daydreams.

Queens Write about Writing
From the women at the Queen Power site.

Query Letters I Love
Actual query letters received in Hollywood.

Robert Gregory Browne
The adventures of a first time novelist in the world of publishing.

Seven Sentences
Exploring and unlocking the power of creativity in artists and bloggers.

Six-Figure Freelancer’s Blog
Paul Lima's weblog about freelance writing.

A blog about manual typewriters, typecasting, papercasting, plogging (paper web logs), Moleskine blogging, slide film and collage blogging, and other non-digital forms of communication.

Teeny Books
A weblog for the illiterate.

Discusses publishing and self-publishing. Coverage of books, ebooks, technology and intellectual property issues on the web.[Archived].

The Bibliomaniacs
Dedicated to helping new writers and authors develop their writing talents to the next level.

The Creative Penn
Writing, self-publishing, print-on-demand, internet sales and marketing for your book. Blog and ebooks by Joanna Penn.

The Happy Booker
Author discusses writing and the literary world.

The Idea Boutique
Romance authors contribute to a weblog about creativity and where/ how they get their ideas.

The LitBlog Co-Op
Uniting the leading literary weblogs for the purpose of drawing attention to the best of contemporary fiction, authors and presses, struggling to be noticed in a flooded market place.

The New Publisher's Journal
New publisher, dealing with the realities of the modern publishing industry, harboring numerous iconoclastic ideas, and having an internet-sized repository of information at our fingertips.

The Real Writer
Chris Stewart's site for those who love writing for its own sake, and are looking for professional, positive support.

The Rejectionist
A New York editorial assistant gives advice on the dos and don'ts of query letters and manuscripts to aspiring authors.

The Road Less Written
Resources, advice and news for authors.

The Swivet
Provides news and reviews from a literary agent.

The Write Place Web Log
Writing help and tools for business and personal writing.

The Write Practice
Online writing workbook for daily practice.

The Writer's Life Blog
Writing tips, author interviews, guest columnists, industry news. A promotional and marketing blog for the serious author.

The Writing Life
Nienke Hinton writes about the successes and struggles of an aspiring novelist. Includes links and reviews of writing websites.

The Writing Life
Offers a glimpse into Terry Whalin's work inside publishing, as an editor and a writer.

The Writing Nag
A freelance writer offers inspirational writing quotes, daily prompts, creativity exercises and reviews of writing craft books. Motivates the beginning freelance writer to write.

The Y Logs
Reflexions, writing topics, short stories and book reviews from a technical writer aspiring to more creative horizons.

Thinking Lazy
A blog documenting the thoughts of an amateur writer aspiring to improve his skill.

Today I Write
A review of the psychology of delay and motivation, in an attempt to understand writer's block.

Wish Jar Journal
Illustrated blog of author/ illustrator Keri Smith.

Word Grrls
Encouraging writers with prompts, writing exercises and editorial posts about writing and publishing on the Internet.

Words Don't Come Easily
About writing and books. Features reviews, quotes, and lists of outstanding writers. Writes. Designs. Reads everything that crosses her path, even shampoo labels.

World of My Imagination
Blog to inspire other writers to keep writing, and find their way in the publishing worlds. Inspirational and informative blog posts on the publishing industry.

Write Fem!
Mary's weblog while waiting for the big book deal to kick in for her loopy murder mysteries.

Write Success
Mary Anne Hahn writes about freelance writing.

Writer Mama
Riffs on raising a writing career alongside with your kids.

Writer Unboxed
About the craft and business of genre fiction.

Writer's Tricks of the Trade
Features articles by author/ speaker/ columnist Morgan St. James and guest contributors in the industry filled with tips, techniques, tricks and industry news for writers.

Writers and Editors
Writer-editor Pat McNees Connecting writers and editors with each other, resources, markets, and audiences.

Writers' Checklist
A site for writers of all levels with advice, writing contests, author interviews and other useful resources.

Writers' Village
Writing related articles and programs online.

Writing In Wonderland
Sylvia Ney is a freelance writer and teacher currently serving as a Board Member of both the Texas Gulf Coast Writers and Bayou Writers Group.

Writing White Papers
Learn about the latest trends in writing and marketing white papers.

Writing and Writer's Weblog
Writer news and other topics of interest to writers.

Laura Spencer's thoughts and experiences as a freelance writer.

Ye Olde Inkwell
Romance writer, hockey fan, shoe fanatic and coffee lover.