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Anderson, Laurie
Bernstrup, Tobias
Bogosian, Eric
Masaoka, Miya
Tutti, Cosey Fanni
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Albuquerque, Beatriz
Painting, performance, happening and installation come together in a work that has always ironically questioned the contexts of the history of art and feminism.

Barboza, Dr. Francis
Brief articles about several dance forms, in particular men in religious dance traditions, from this performing artist.

Berni, Eve
Videobrain. A network combining various forms of the visual arts, including interactive video, painting, digital illustration, film projects and book design.

Bowman, Jack
Biography of a painter, performance artist, poet, photographer and professional educator.

Brookes, Mike
Archive, proposals and collaborative activities of the contemporary visual and performance artist.

Carpenter, Laurel Jay
An installation/performance artist who creates moody and timeless environments. Contact information included.

Dark Bob, The
Official site dedicated to the multi-media work of performance artist/musician, The Dark Bob. Site includes song samples, photos and bio.

Donnelly, Marianne
Performing artist for corporate, civic and private events.

Eaves, Christopher
Services include arts education, graphic design, performance showcase, and sound environments for live performances from AudioActive.

Elroy, Atomic
Video installation and performance artist. Contact information included; located in Denver, Colorado.

Fabian, Erik
Works include live performances, installations, tableaus, videos, and interviews.

Finucane, Moira
Unique works powered by intense and meticulous physicality, exceptional use of music from early opera to hardcore techno, and her own surreal fantastical writing.

Fitzpatrick, Chris
Installation artist, composer and performer working with sound, sculpture and video to create environments. Contact information on site.

Forsyth, Iain and Pollard, Jane
London based artists, Forsyth and Pollard, began collaborating at Goldsmiths in the early 90's. Their work has been shown at various galleries including the ICA in London. Contact information provided.

Performance painter currently living in New Orleans. Samples of paintings, prints, biography and contact information.

Fulbeck, Kip
Performance artist, video maker, and writer Kip Fulbeck explores the Hapa and Asian American experience through spoken word performances and his novel Paper Bullets.

Growdon, Bryony
Actress/singer who can sing over 3 octaves. Acting roles include leading lady and character with a particular flair for comedy.

Hartmann, Andreas
Pianist available for performances and for giving lessons. Contact information included. Located in the Washington D.C. area.

Hopkins, Sarah
Artist and printmaker in South Wales, Great Britain, with diverse projects, photos and contact information.

Huart, Nadine
Web site showing some of my paintings such as trompe l'oeil(trick the eye), still life and decorative pannels.

Israel, Michael
Includes biography, current and past projects, past appearances, calendar and contact information.

Johnson, Greg
A tribute to Elvis at The Oldies Dinner Showplace in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with Greg Johnson. Online booking and contact information.

Jones, Val
Poet, storyteller, religious dramatization, interpretation and radio personality. Contact information on site.

July, Miranda
Performance artist who makes movies, performances, recordings, and combinations of these things. Information on her projects, resume, and photographs on web site.

Juntaratip, Kosit
Collection of works (1992 - 1998).

Kantor, Istvan
Istvan Kantor's work in video, performance art, blood campaign, writing and visual art.

Klein, Julian
Composer and director with projects, works and events. Artistic director of the music and performance ensemble "a rose is." In English and German.

Laug, Stefan
Silent Light is the web site of this artist and includes pictures of his artwork light-performances, installations and objects, together with prayers, poems and invocations. Site in English, German and French.

Leclere, Terence
Information about the artist Terence Leclere including his projects, songs, films and works. Contact information included.

Mcdonald, Jillian
Artist's site with examples and news of her work in performance and web art.

Merklein, Paul
Artist draws 6 foot high faces of participants. Photos and contact information.

Milburn, Heather
Poet, performance artist and Imperial Orgy community member. Projects and contact information.

Moore, Frank
Web of All Possibilities is a big lusty site which will change your reality by combining over-the-edge art, sex, magic, and big ideas.

Moro, Mario
Visual and performance work of this live artist who is a dancer-performer with a subtle movement quality.

Nondsen, Eric
Performer and comedy waiter from France. Photos, descriptions of acts and contact information on site. Can perform in English, French and German languages.

Oka and Fitch
Cook art and construct food. Projects, news, biographies and contact information.

Pelusio, Michela
This web site documents the works of Michela Pelusio, an installation and performance artist.

Peyrafitte, Nicole
Franco-American multimedia performance artist. Schedule, rsum, videos and contact information.

Portnoy, Michael
Artist, musician, actor, and director of behavior.

Ravens, Joseph
International actor, dancer, writer, director. Background, video and contact information.

Reade, Alan
A writer and performance artist whose solo work, exploring humanity's relationships with mass media, continues to be presented live throughout the United States and via the World Wide Web.

Rubini, Gail
Visual artist and designer Gail Rubini shares examples of personal work and collaborative projects. Contact information included.

Classical oriental dance and multi-media performances. Schedule and contact information on site.

Sakamoto, Michael
Dancer, multidisciplinary presentations. Contact information included.

Sloan, Jason
Images, sounds, texts and current news on the performance, sound and installation artist.

Model, hair stylist, and fire dancer. Pictures of her work and press reviews.

Uwe Mengel
Interactive site of writer, director and performance artist Uwe Mengel. Text in English and German.

Verzi, Edgardo
Interactive art performed by means of print, video, projection, installation and sound. Contact information included; located in Uruguay.

Walsh, Peter
Visual artist based in New York City who creates performances in public spaces. Frequently his work deals with issues of economics and power.

Warner, Nick
The Lexington, KY based performance artist is Owlconer. Show dates, contact information, media and socio/technological commentary.

Wasserman, David
Drawings of theatre, dance and concerts at the festivals of Avignon and Provence.

Weaver, Rose
Biography, current projects and contact information.

Westwater, James
Performing works of photochoreography with symphony and chamber orchestras throughout North America.

Wichmann, Scott
Official home of performance artist and filmmaker Scott Wichmann.

Wiley, Kehinde
Display of Kehinde Wiley's artwork images, exhibition and contact information. Official web site.

Zankov, Ventsislav
Contemporary visual artist in Bulgaria presents his activities between 1988-1999.