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Machin, Tim
Working in drawing, sculpture, and installation. Portfolio of images, biography, and news of forthcoming exhibitions.

Maglow, Iz
German artist presents expressive contemporary paintings, sculpture, stage design and web art design.

Magnan, John
Conceptual sculpture and installation artist. Provides biographical information, galleries and related links.

Mahler, Pascal
Portfolio of abstract layered computer graphics and panoramic photography.

Maitland, Paul
Contemporary paintings, sculptures, and drawings by a British artist. Includes profile and statement.

Malayan, Pedros
Drawings, portraits, watercolors and oils from the late artist. Includes a biography and list of exhibitions.

Malayan, Ruben
Drawings, paintings, silkscreens, and linocuts by an Armenian-born artist who has also lived in the Netherlands and Israel. Includes curriculum vitae and resume.

Malone, Tupper
Portfolio of an artist from Oregon encompassing several watercolor and collage styles in both realistic and abstract compositions.

Maltezos, Tony
Paintings and drawings in oil colours and pencil. Includes portraits of Cypriot people, modern and traditional scenes.

Manno, Angela
Plein air impressionist landscape paintings, Byzantine Russian iconographic paintings, and mixed media space art batiks.

Marburger, M
Paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints and digital art illustrating the various aspects of this multi-faceted artist who is based in London.

Mardahl, Helle
Danish artist presents her paintings, drawings, collage and sculptures. Also includes exhibition archive and information about instructional workshops.

Marika, Denise
Quicktime video clips, drawings and photographs. Also includes a resume and list of reviews.

Mariotti, Giuseppe
Italian surreal and figurative artist offers oil paintings, digital art, and illustrations for viewing.

Featuring fantastic paintings, drawings, digital art, photography and music. [Flash]

Marshall, Steven
Contemporary British artist presents enamel on glass artwork, mixed media and oil paintings, collages, and animation.

Martin, Bill
Paintings, sculptures, prints.

Martin, Petros
Presents images of the highly abstracted expressionistic works of a Canadian artist is several media. They all celebrate the human form, draped and undraped. Includes curriculum vitae and comments by the artist.

Martin, Robert L
An on-line gallery of ceramic assemblages, landscape paintings, architectural design, and digitally enhanced photographs.

Martinez, Oscar
Figurative and abstract paintings in oils and acrylic by this monumental artist.

Mastej, Barbara A
Based in Venice, working in both figurative and abstract styles in acrylic, oil and mixed media paintings, as well as creating sculptures, mosaics and collages.

Matraga, Natassa
Greek artist focusing on painting, printmaking and graphic design. Includes information about projects and her gallery in Athens. [English and Greek]

May, Luanne
Young British artist showcases digital composites and manipulation, and traditional paintings.

McCoy, Daniel
Oil and watercolor paintings, traditional and digital photography, and etchings.

McDonald, Colin West
Creating mixed/multi media conceptual art concerning the interconnectivity of the natural world and the role of humans within that world. Work includes installations, film, video, new media, drawing, and painting.

McKay, Jane
Australian artist who creates abstract paintings, sculpture, jewellery and public art. Includes biography, statement and portfolio.

McKenzie, Lesley D.
Raku ceramic animal sculpture, bronze and wire sculpture, and Scottish landscape paintings. FAQ and information on commissions.

McKie, Todd
Showcasing the witty paintings, prints, drawings and sculptures of a Boston artist. Includes resume and information about exhibitions.

Meek, Trace
Featuring the paintings and sculptures of a Massachusetts artist. Includes brief biography and information about his studio.

Mehlenbeck, Jenny
Gallery of paintings, drawings, graphics, and photo-retouching.

Mejia, Ivan
Featuring highly stylized Flash animations and traditional drawings.

Membrino, Marco
Gallery of paintings, ceramics, photos by a young Italian artist.

Memhard, Sue
Portfolio of artwork. Cards, silkscreen, framed and unframed paintings.

Meo, Saverio de
Italian art studio, ancient art techniques.

Mero, Eve
A California artist who creates abstract oil paintings and collages, prints, furniture, and architecture. Includes images and several biographical notes and statements.

Mettler, Hans
Gallery of paintings, mixed media, photo collages and installations.

Michaels, Jason
Presents prints and drawings by Sacramento, California, artist. With resume.

Michel, Karen
Featuring altered books, collage, and paintings.

Miedema, Carla
Paintings in acrylics and mixed media reflect the rugged nature around artist's rural Ontario home. Statement and biographical information provided.

Art for all occasions. Fine art, illustration, interactive, information design, and motion graphics.

Miller, Hillary
California artist creating watercolor, oil, pastel and silk paintings, murals, ceramics, calligraphy, and Judaic art with subjects including landscapes, still life, portraits and figures.

Miller, Jerry
Pen and ink and watercolor artist of North Carolina whose work consists of historical landmarks, lighthouses, seascapes, college artwork, North Carolina country scenes and vanishing American landscape.

Miller, John, P.
Displaying 3D computer graphics, created using Bryce, Poser, and Terragen, as well as nature, portrait, and landscape photography.

Miller, Nick
Information on work, images, exhibitions, publications, essays, press and reviews of contemporary figurative painter Nick Miller and Irish-based artist and member of Aosdána.

Mills, Lynne
Figurative ceramic sculpture, and pastel portraits and drawings from Newport News, Virginia artist, Includes gallery, resume, and news.

Milner, Claire
UK-based artist specializes in mosaic, illustration and collage.

Paintings music and video art

Miniotti, Elisabetta Viarengo
Online gallery of abstract oil and acrylic paintings, and figurative etchings. In English and Italian.

Mitchell, Ian
Illinois based surreal landscape artist offers acrylic paintings, digital art, illustrations, sketches, installation concepts, sculpture, and video motion graphics.

Mitic, Marko
Portfolio of a Serbian artist now residing in Canada including oil, acrylic and digital paintings, sculpture in stone or metal, ceramics, photography and mixed media.

Mogilner, Emilio
Featuring the paintings, sculptures and philosophy of an Israeli artist. Includes information about exhibitions and events.

Mohr, Jack N.
Art portfolio includes painting, drawing, collage / assemblage, print art, ceramic images, and sculpture.

Molina, Carlos N.
Paper sculptures and artistic expressions including shoes, dolls, nativities and landscapes. Also includes tutorials and videos and examples of his illustrations, graphics, crafts, and photography.

Morello, Isabelle
Featuring the paintings and sculptures of a French artist now residing in Canada. [English and French]

Morin, Jeffrey
Artists' books, gouache paintings, monoprints, printmaking, letterpress, graphic design, galleries, drawing.

Mosbak, Maria
Danish artist living in Crete and painting with a variety of media, and creating sculptures by carving old wood or working with soft metals.

Mosser, Cynthia
A collection of contemporary charcoal and pastel drawings and mixed media paintings. Includes portfolio and resume.

Mott, Miranda
Original paintings, linocuts, wood engravings, and etchings.

Muir, Bryce
Journal of a Local Artist - A sculptor, painter, and writer in Bowdoinham ME reports on life in a small town, and presents a showcase of local artwork.

Munk, Loren
Mosaics and paintings in oils on linen, wood and glass; watercolors and gouache on paper. Biography, chronology and writings of this New York based artist are included.

Musgrove, Scott
The Late Fauna of Early North America - Paintings of Previously Unknown but Now Extinct Animals and Plants.

Muso, Nick
A series of acrylic paintings, pencil or charcoal drawings and digitally created collages, primarily of French landscapes.

Myers, Rebecca
Featuring the abstract landscape paintings, collages and ceramic sculptures of an artist from Colorado. Includes information about commissions and exhibitions.