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ANSI/ASCII graphics group.

ASCII Art by =jf=
A collection of ASCII art pictures: animals, anime characters and cartoons.

ASCII Art by Sebastian Stöcker (SSt)
A collection of ASCII Art pictures posted in de.alt.rec.ascii-art.

ASCII Picture Collection V1.2
Rowan Crawford's ASCII Art. Row.

ASCII Stereogram Generator
Generate the famous stereogram/ magic eye pictures with ASCII.

ASCII art by ldb
ASCII art created by artist, ldb. Also, topics related to using and creating ASCII art.

AXB ASCII Collection
ASCII's from Bulletin Board days. 1994-2004.

Andreas Freise's ASCII Art
Art by a:f, keeper of the ASCII Dictionary.

Avital ASCII Art
Jewish ASCII art. The stars and Rosh Hashanah designs are first doodlings. Also lace and crochet designs.

B'ger ASCII Art Gallery
Line art, greyscale and animations.

David Palmer's ASCII Art
A collection of David Palmer's original pictures and cartoons.

Visual poetry (with ASCII art) by ecko.

Ethan's ASCII Art Collection
An ASCII turtle and diddles.

GameFAQs ASCII Artists
A group for people who make ASCII art on game FAQs.

Gameplayer's ASCII Art Blog
Original ASCII art created by Gameplayer.

Ilmari Karonen: ASCII Art
ASCII art from itz.

Joris Bellenger ASCII Art
By Joris Bellenger. Lots of people and characters.

Joris Bellenger ASCII Art 1997
By Joris Bellenger. Another collection from Joris.

Koshy George
Pen and ink, water color, ASCII. Castle, birds, women and miscellaneous.

Llizard's Art Gallery
Gallery of original ASCII art, ASCII animations, illustrations and animated GIFs. The artwork is on the small side.

Lorrie's Original ASCII
Lorrie has original ASCII art and awards. From holiday scenes to pieces of furniture.

Luker's ASCII Art
ASCII art in a weblog format.

Maija's ASCII Art
Tamagotchis, UFOs, ASCII art and Bon Jovi.

Meph ASCII and More
ASCII and HTML art. Line art, greyscale and software for ASCII art. English version available.

Michele Cerulli
Michele's ASCII drawings. Small collection, almost half of it for Christmas.

Normand Veilleux's ASCII Art
By Normand Veilleux. Large collection: animals, flowers, women and miscellaneous art.

Philip Kaulfuss ASCII Art
ASCII collection by the artist.

Prudence ASCII Art
Original ASCII artworks by Prudence.

Randy Ransom ASCII Art
Characters from TV and cartoons mainly.

Roy of Sac: Superior Art Creations
Galleries of text art, free downloads, SAC art packs, ANSI/ASCII tools and artist biography.

Shanaka Dias Ascii Art
Small collection of this artist's work.

TYPO grafix
A micro-gallery of minimalistic graphics. ASCII art by Jiri Matejicek.

The Gwobbel Site
ASCII art made by Marijn Kampf, MK. Smiley faces and trumpets, transportation and signatures..

Tissue's ASCII Art Page
By Teng Yee Chiew. Last updated in 1997.

Valery Silivanov's ASCII Art
Art by s-v. Animated and coloured art is part of the collection.

Valkyrie's ASCII Page
Collection of ASCII fantasy art. Also popular culture, people, holiday and signature art.

Veronica Karlsson's ASCII Art
ASCII art and other pictures made or collected by Veronica, VK. Includes a yearly advent calendar.

Vuk Cosic and ASCII Net.Art - YouTube
This is a tribute to ASCII internet artist, Vuk Cosic and a brief history of ASCII art.