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Sandell, John
Trek photos from Iceland, Greece, Morocco, and the English Lake District. Also, a selection of fine art photographs spanning more than 25 years of his work, and e-postcards of the Greek island of Symi.

Savash, Shelale
Photos of Peru, Bali, Turkey, and the American Southwest. Includes either travelogues or historical information on the visited countries.

Schreyer, Alexander
Scenic photos of Vancouver, BC, Newfoundland, Quebec, Paris, Germany (Rheingau).

Seaman, Neila
Personal collection of photographs taken in various cities across the US, and Europe.

Sharma, Vivek
Images of rural culture in India, as well as various locations in Paris, France.

Sheel, Rosemary
Color and black and white photographs, some accompanied by documentary text, showing the lives of people, and landscapes. The image galleries feature primarily Morocco and western Africa, as well as China, and Peru.

Sheldon, Robert
Nature, landscape and travel photography.

Sherman, Michael
Architectural images from Vancouver, Canada, and travel photographs from Greece, India, South-East Asia, And North America.

Southall, Kate
Images of landscapes and buildings in th UK, New Zealand, and Australia. Also, a small collection of flowers.

Stanley, Keith
Cities, and landscapes from Washington, DC, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Hawaii, Bali, U.S. West Coast, and Michigan.

Strina, Luiz
People, places, and nature photographs taken on his travels around the world.

Sutherland, Don
Collection of images from Beijing and Shanghai, China, and from the State of New York. Also, museum and nature photographs.

Swulinski, Maciej
Photographs, with geographical and historical information, from North America, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Japan. Also includes galleries showing WTC tragedy of 9/11.