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Adiseshan, Shankar
Corporate and stock abstract photography. Contains portfolio, publications, testimonials, and contact information.

Archer, Don
Digital photographs, processed, and enhanced.

Atchison, William
Experimental, and surreal color photography.

Bennett, Bob
Photomontage of the surreal and metaphysical set on the California coast and desert. Resume and list of assignments for major magazines.

Black, Barbara Lee
Abstract ilfochrome photographs in surreal hand-crafted frames, available for sale.

Brunenberg, Jo
Collages, composite, and manipulated abstract images of objects and people.

Butler, Billy
Contemporary avant-grade photography coving landscape and urban scenes.

Cama, Filipe
Photographic journal, showing mainly abstract type photography.

Chan, John
Abstract color photography by California photographer.

Photography focusing on colors and abstraction, based on close-ups of urban graffiti. Portfolio, and information on past and future exhibitions. Site in English and French.

Cohen, Jesse
Exhibition of macro photography and figure photography. Galleries, guestbook, and contact information.

Cortes, Jose Pedro
Books and images by Josť Pedro Cortes.

Creagh, Lisa
Digital photography exploring the relationship between technology and mysticism.

Damon, Xavier
Color abstract photography based on Polaroids.

Davids, Miriam
Analogous fine art and samples of commercial images ranging from abstract to conceptual product and people photographs.

Delgado, Fernando
Fine art composition and botanical photographs offered as limited edition prints.

Donaggio, Franco
Franco Donaggio's official website which shows his works of experimental photography.

Easterling, Angela
Natural photograms (organic photographs) of flowers, vegetables, fruit, leaves and plants.

Forsberg, Thomas
Personal experiments in visual communication. Slide show with verse.

Friedman, Marcia
Impressionist painting style of hand embellished photographic prints, includes still lifes, cities, the countryside, and sea and sand.

Gasperini, Dario
A portfolio of landscapes, portraits and nature images.

Gega, Jude
Unorthodox hybrid photo imaging tactics. Fashion, and fine art. Eccentric models wanted.

Geist, Wayne
Digital photomontage imagery with an abstract, political, or surreal edge.

Glick, Adam
Traditional, digital and pinhole work. Odd, off-color details and experiments with light.

Goto, John
A series of digital exhibitions by British artist John Goto, combining sound and images. Many images are digitally created or manipulated.

Guither, Pete
Surreal nudes. Also, theatrical, dance, and photos of Australia.

Haas, Kevin
Different aspects of the urban and industrial landscape.

Heavey, Sean
Traditional images of urban scenes subjected to extreme computer manipulation.

Hodgett, John
Portfolio of portrait and landscape photography. Current projects, resume, and contact information.

Hopgood, Roger
A collection of experimental series including Bosson Heads, Pattern and Symmetry, Home Comforts and Treasures. Features galleries and commentary.

Jacoby, Keith
Conceptual photography of nature and abstraction. Collections of portraiture, painted bodies, and information on Project Zwena.

Jensen, Rene
Different themes and color schemes are used to create an eclectic gallery of photos. From Denmark.

Jurus, Richard E., II
Manipulated images, and abstracts.

Kane, Bill
Photography, neon and mixed media fine art. Abstracts and montages including nudes, window shadows, and extracts from the Berlin Wall.

Kern, Rich
Chemically and digitally altered photographs. Includes contact form and related links

Lee, Daniel
Artist's distillation of Buddhist mythologies in which animal spirits transform the human countenance.

Lichtbogen, Ono
Exhibition at Raika, Vienna.

Livingston, Emma
Abstract photography on a wide range of subjects including nature and urban settings. Find contact information and artist biography.

Luckey, Randy
Black and white photography of people and places, and surreal digitally manipulated color photography.

Lustig, Laura Joy
Abstract architectural constructions. Calendar, photography, and paintings.

Maillard, Pascal
Abstract color, and sepia toned photographs of surface textures. French and English.

Miles, Jonnie
Collages, still life and off-beat portraits.

Nelson, Glenn
Images of fantasy and studio photographs.

Norris, Jon
Abstract urban scenes. Color, and black and white.

Ostrowski, Eddie
Photography, design, art and filmmaking work.

Parker-Garcia, Robin
Surrealistic imagery involving people, objects, surroundings and memories.

Fine art abstracts in both color and black and white.

Pelko, Janez
Collection of color and black and white objects or portraits, including surreal photographs.

Reeve, Thomas Hudson
Abstract and manipulated photography projects including a pinhole photo gallery of New York City. Find biography and contact information.

Rondini, Stefano
Features still life, architecture, nudes, and travel photos.

Rossi, Rett
Features photographic installations focusing on issues of identity related to gender and/or trauma. [English and German]

Sandler, Patricia
Adding text to Polariod prints to add a new dimension.

Sauter, Christoph
Urban and abstract photographs, a photographic diary, and animated visual poetry. Including a guest gallery. [Requires Flash]

Sheley, Stephanie
Specializing in Internet assemblages focusing on death, fears and fascinations.

Sohngen, Pieter
Features a selection of abstract photographs made with artificial light.

Sprague, Ethan
Works predominantly in polaroids of women, still life, diptychs, and installations.

Staller, Jan
Surreal, dreamy landscapes, some with manipulated colors. Also, abstract shapes, and scenes.

Stasinopoulos, Thanos N.
Computer processed photography surveying the relationship between look, see and imagine.

Sutton, Leila
A kaleidoscopic view of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico including photography, and digital renderings.

Szabo, Robert
Wet plate collodion photographs of Virginia, Yosemite, still lifes, and living history. Includes a brief description of the process and a biography.

Tang, Quang
Nice dream. Photography, digital images, and graphic design.

Tauber, Dylan
Digitally-manipulated underwater photographs of dolphins.

Ten Napel, Marleen
Aspiring fashion photographer shows the unusual imagery from her final exam at the Academy of Arts in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Valladares Martinez, Oscar
Manipulated photographic works primarily about nude male and female.

Van Balken, Marcel
Digitally manipulated, and hand colored black and white, color and infrared photos. Also, traditional images on social, family, and travel topics.

Van Der Meer, Piet
High contrast, black and white images of stonecircles, menhirs and megaliths in Celtic Cornwall. Images change when mouse is hovered over them.

Van den Hoed, Willem
Find photographs that have been pasted together to form timescapes from this architect turns photographer.

Verstappen, Harrie
The Looniverse; manipulated photographs of Japanese model Kusama Yayoi, as well as landscapes and urban scenes.

Vircoe, Jim
Odd shapes in stone, and wood. From bushwalking outings in Australia.

Winston, David Lorenz
A collection of award-winning traditional and digitally-manipulated photography. Also includes a summary of professional accomplishments.

Wood, Chris
Digitally inhanced images. Specialising in images of fairies, angels and other such creatures.

Zagnoli, Miro
Design, and offbeat imagery from this Italian photographer.

Zentjens, Peter
Collection of unusual, sometimes surreal photographs, including self-portraits and still life.