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Foster, Stephen Collins
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Africans in America
Information on the origins of the minstrel character, Jim Crow.

American Minstrel Show Collection
Information about the archive held at Princeton University.

Black-Face Minstrelsy
Includes images, background and a script sample.

Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia at Ferris State University
Racism and racial stereotypes in the Jim Crow Era. Includes information on minstrel shows, the stock characters originated in them such as Jim Crow, Zip Coon and their impact on American life.

Minstrel Show, The
Page from a site on the Jacksonian era in America provides a short history of the minstrel genre and an exploration of the archetypes it created.

Minstrel Shows
Explores the musical tradition. Includes an article by John Kenrick and a typical minstrel program.

Minstrelsy Homepage 1830-1852
Includes image gallery, songs, texts, notices and reviews, articles, and essays and interpretation of the minstrel show tradition.

Stephen Foster | Blackface Minstrelsy
From the website for the PBS American Experience documentary "Stephen Foster" a page of information on the Minstrel Show in the 19th century.