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Alexander, Rich
Based in Florida. The site contains info on the show and booking the show.

Allen, Rick
Site includes profile, show and service profiles, news and contact information.

Amoroso, Laura
Website includes photos, show video and events.

Andrews, Blake
Based in Longview, Texas. Includes show description, biography, myths and contact information.

Columbia based, website includes photos, show video and events

Barnhart, Don
Website has show details, video clips, show photos, dates and products.

Becker, Andrew
Includes schedule, biography, show profile, common questions and contact form.

Blaine, Michael
Based near Plattsburgh, New York. Includes photos, background and contact information.

Cerbone, John
Stage shows, customer programs, and leadership development.

Cole, Richard
Located in Belleville, Ontario. Website includes bio, testimonials and show types.

Information about show, frequently asked questions and contact details included.

Dale K
Entertainer from New Lenox, Illinois. Includes news, show profiles, client list, and video clips.

Dare, Sami
Female performer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Provides biography, show description and contact information.

Daughters, John
Includes biography, photos, contact and booking information.

DeLuca, Tom
Includes profile, show and service profiles, news and contact information.

DeVito, Joe
Boston based performer providing schedule, booking information and show descriptions.

Doc Strange
Located in the United Kingdom. Contains show profile, reviews, photos and contact information.

Dr Z
Website has articles, show schedules and services offered. Based in Louisiana.

England, Miles
From the United Kingdom. Show profile, contact form and background information included.

Faith, Bob
Website includes bio, show schedule, video samples and contact information.

Gerard V
Background and booking information, photos and videos from previous shows. Technical information on show requirements.

Performance description, images, movies, and upcoming performances.

Grise, Kevin
Based in Australia, includes show description, biography and booking information.

Show content, FAQ, and blog. Based in North West England.

Hemberger, Harold
Includes biography, photos, contact and booking information.

Hill, Dave
Performer includes show profiles, seminars, testimonials and contact information.

Imbus, Brian
Based in IL. Includes shows, promo tools and contact information.

Incredible Boris
From Ontario, Canada. Includes biography, contact information, schedule and photo gallery.

James, Chris
Website includes show information and performance types.

James, Justin
Based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Contact information, show descriptions, information and pictures .

Includes video blog, show descriptions, and schedule. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Johnson, CJ
Available for corporate and college events nationwide. Includes video files, biography, photos, schedule and show descriptions.

Jones, Barry
Performer based in California. Biography, show profile and contact information included.

Kalmon, Ricky
Los Angeles, California based performer. Includes show profiles, video clips, client list, biography and booking information.

Kand, Erick
Florida based entertainer for public and private events. Includes FAQs, photos, and information request form.

Kellogg, James Jr.
Website includes bio, gallery, shows and events.

Knight, Devin
Pennsylvania based, show types and testimonials.

Knight, Paul
Contains show information, photos, biography and news.

LaRosa, Dan
Contains biography, show profile, reviews and contact.

Lady Rainey
Based in Wisconsin. Includes biography, questions and answers, past clients and contact information.

Laurie, Jack
Entertainer and instructor providing biography, schedule, past appearances, show descriptions and contact information.

Mamos, Pete
Entertainer based in North East United States. Provides show description, schedule, biography and contact information.

Mesmer, Robert
Performer based in Victoria, BC, Canada. Show description, client list, photo gallery, biography and booking information.

Michaels, Steve
New Jersey based performer providing show description, reviews and contact information.

Milligan, Chuck
Entertainer located in Santee, California. Includes, contact information, biography and show profiles.

Mr + Mrs Hypnotist
Toronto based husband and wife act. Provides biography, show description, photos and contact information.

Muir, Robert
Ceredigion, West Wales performer describes his use of hypnosis. Features video clips of shows.

Mystic, Jason
Based in Minnesota. Includes biography, show profiles, news and contact information.

Night, Adam
Located in the United Kingdom. Includes news, information on hypnosis, show profile, contact information and biography.

Oddo, Michael
Website includes information on performances and show types.

Patrick, Jon
Website includes show schedules, picture gallery and booking information

Pattison, Rodney
Based in Australia, providing show profiles, photos and contact information.

Powers, Peter
Australian entertainer providing schedule, news, show description and contact details.

Proto, Paul
Based in the United Kingdom. Includes biography, venues, photos and contact information.

Regan, David
Located in the UK. Biography, show description and contact information included.

Robertson, Blair
Includes show options, booking information and references.

Routh, Josh
Performer based in St. Louis, Missouri. Biography, show profile and contact information included.

Royle, Jonathan
Performer from Great Britain. Biography, show profiles, past shows and contact information.

Sinclair, Barry
Dublin based entertainer. Includes biography and information about shows and clinics.

Smith, David Bryan
Website includes show video's and performance information.

Spellmaster, Steven
Based out of Australia, website contains show profiles, merchandise and contact information.

Spinnato, Jim
New England entertainer provides references, show information, photos, and related links.

St James, Shane
Includes show description, pictures and booking information.

Steele, Greg
Performer based in Ohio. Includes show descriptions, video files, testimonials and contact information.

Stewart, Ian
Located in Nova Scotia. Includes background and contact information, past appearances and frequently asked questions.

Stuart Aston Ashing
London based, website has video clips and booking information

Stubbs, Ron
Washington state based performer. Includes show descriptions, schedule, booking and contact information.

Szeles, James
Biography, booking, contact and show information included.

Terrance B
Canadian based entertainer. Show descriptions, schedule, downloads and contact information included.

Tranz, Justin
Located in Las Vegas. Offers performance and TV show schedules, reviews, resume and booking information.

Based in South Africa. Contains show information, photos and biography.

Las Vegas based performer. Contains show profile, biography, F.A.Q.s, references and contact information.

Valley, Jerry and Tommy Vee
Includes background and contact information and news.

West, Jeff
Performer from Canada, providing biography, show profiles, and booking and contact information.

Wronker, Steve
This site includes videos, photos, testimonials and type of shows.

Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico provides stand up and hypnotism shows. Includes biographies and contact information.