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Organizers of recreational dancing in London, UK. Includes profile, events calendar and contact details.

Beskydy Dancers
Details of display team for Bohemian, Moravian and Slovakian dances based in London, UK. Includes profile, and FAQ.

Latvian folk dance group from the suburbs of Riga. With profile and pictures.

Children’s Folklore Ensemble Vonicka
Brief details of this ensemble in the Czech Republic with image galleries. [English/Czech].

Choreographic Ensemble Dance Batumi
Brief details of this performing group from Georgia, including image gallery and contact details. [English/Georgian]

A dance company celebrating the dances, songs and music of the Hungarian people under the direction of Richard Graber.

Czech Folklor
A restaurant in Prague, inviting to an unforgetable experience of Czech folklore show and dinner. Has an ensamble of dancers and musicians dressed in traditional clothing.

Non-profit organization promoting Balkan culture through music and dance. The site presents folk dances, songs, costumes, and maps from Balkan countries.
Videos, images, musics, steps, mostly about Turkish folk dance.

Folkdansföreningen Forrás
Dance group specialized in Hungarian folk dances, located in Sweden. Dance teaching, on-stage performing and cultural exchange. [English/Swedish]

Georgian Folk Dances
Brief descriptions with photographs of a number of dances.

Gypsy Folk Ensemble
Ethnic and folk dance performing group based in Los Angeles, California. Includes photos and description of shows for schools, libraries and others.

Helen's Yiddish Dance Page
A resource page of Eastern European Jewish dances. Includes dance descriptions, lyrics, anecdotes, bibliography, filmography and on-line reseources.

Ifjú Szivek Hungarian Dance Group
Professional dance group from Slovakia, performing authentic dances of Hungarians, Slovaks, Gypsies and other nations form Carpathian Basin.

Jumis, New York Latvian Folk Dance Group
Recreational community performance group in the USA. Includes profile, performance schedule, rehearsal details, and video. [English, Latvian].

Lado Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia
Orchestra, choir and dance ensemble based in Zagreb. Includes image galleries, repertoire, discography, past performances, details of the Friends Association, and contact information. [Croatian, English].

Little Virtuosos
Georgian Dance company from Tbilisi, composed by 360 children between ages 6 and 14. With multimedia, information on shows and press coverage of the group.

Martisorul - Romanian Dance Group
Recreational and display group based in London, UK. Includes brief profile, photographs and repertoire with notes and map.

Oplenac - Serbian Cultural Association
One of the leading folk dancing ensembles in North America. Oplenac strives to promote and maintain Serbian heritage in Canada and around the World, by offering dance classes. [Serbian/English]

Postoley Dance Ensemble
Performing ethnic dance company specializing in the culture, music and dance of Ukraine and Poland.

Radost Folk Ensemble
Ethnic dance, music and songs. Includes profile, calendar, photo gallery, and contact details.

The folk dance group from Jelgava, Latvia. History, repertoire and news. (English, German, Latvian)

Serbian Cultural Association Oplenac
One of the leading folk ensembles in North America. Oplenac strives to promote and maintain Serbian heritage in Canada and around the World.

Slavjane Folk Ensemble
Community group in Pittsburgh, USA presenting the Slavic heritage and culture of the Carpatho-Rusyn region. Includes calendar of practices and performances, image gallery, forum, and video clips of complete dances.

Brief details of the ensemble of the Jagiellonian University, Cracow, presenting the folklore of Slavonic nations. Includes profile, image galleries and events. [English/Polish]

Sorbian Folklore Ensemble Wudwor
Traditional group preserving Slavic song and dance of the Sorb minority in Upper Lusatia, Germany. Includes profile, repertoire, performance calendar, image galleries and contact details. [Czech/English/German/Polish].

Tanac Folk Dance Ensemble
Folk dance ensemble and cultural association for the preserving of traditions of Croatians in Hungary.

The Duquesne University Tamburitzans
America's longest-running multicultural song and dance company dedicated to the performance and preservation of the music, songs, and dances of Eastern Europe.

Ursu, Maria & Marius
Instructors offering Romanian folklore dances to amateur and professional folk ensembles. Includes profile, achievements and abilities, contact details, information on their workshops in Banat with image galleries of regional costumes and of a stamp collection featuring Romanian Folk Art. [English/French/German/Italian/Romanian/Spanish].

Moravian Wallachia folklore ensemble in the Czech Republic. Includes profile, history, brief details of the dance groups, orchestras and performance program, with contact information and facts on dulcimer music. [English/Czech]

William Penn Association Magyar Folk Dancers
Small Hungarian dance group from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With media and a performance schedule.

Zagrebacki Folklorni Ansambl Dr. Ivan Ivancan
Professional performance group promoting Croatian folklore, based in Zagreb, Croatia. Includes profile, news, repertoire, image gallery, video clips, discography, and contact details. [Croatian, English]