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Waddell, Justine
Waddington, Steven
Wagner, Jack
Wagner, Kristina
Wagner, Lindsay
Wagner, Robert
Wahlberg, Mark
Waldo, Janet
Walken, Christopher
Walker, Ally
Walker, Eric
Walker, Nicola
Walker, Paul
Walker, Polly
Wallace, Jessie
Wallace, Leighanne
Wallace, Rowena
Wallace-Stone, Dee  
Walsh, Gwynyth
Walsh, J. T.  
Walsh, M. Emmet
Walston, Ray
Walters, Jamie
Walters, Julie
Wamsley, Hal
Wanamaker, Zoe
Wang, Garrett
Wang, Linda
Warburton, Patrick
Ward, Fred
Ward, Megan
Ward, Rachel
Ward, Sela
Ward, Susan
Ward-Leland, Jennifer  
Warlock, Billy
Warlow, Anthony
Warner, David
Warren, Leslie Ann
Warrick, Ruth
Washington, Denzel
Washington, Isaiah
Watanabe, Ken
Waterston, Sam
Watkins, Tuc
Watros, Cynthia
Watson, Alberta
Watson, Barry
Watson, Emily
Watson, Emma
Watson, Muse
Watts, Naomi
Wayans, Keenen Ivory
Wayans, Marlon
Wayans, Shawn
Wayne, John
Weatherly, Michael
Weaver, Sigourney
Weaving, Hugo
Weber, Jake
Weber, Steven
Webster, Victor
Wechsler, Nick
Weeks, Rollo
Weinger, Scott
Weiss, Michael T.  
Weissmüller, Johnny
Weisz, Rachel
Welch, Raquel
Welker, Frank
Welland, Colin
Welles, Orson
Welling, Tom
Wells, Dawn
Wenham, David
Werner, Oscar
West, Adam
West, Chandra
West, Dominic
West, Eric
West, Mae
West, Shane
Westmore, McKenzie
Weston, Diana
Whaley, Frank
Whalley, Joanne
Whately, Kevin
Wheaton, Wil
Whelchel, Lisa
Whirry, Shannon
Whitaker, Forest
White, Betty
Whitfield, June
Whitford, Bradley
Whitney, Grace Lee
Whitworth, Johnny
Whyte, Scott
Widmark, Richard
Wiest, Dianne
Wigdor, Geoffrey
Wilcox, Paula
Wild, Jack
Wilde, Lyn and Lee
Wilder, Gene
Wiles, Jason
Wilkinson, Tom
Willey, Walt
Williams, Barry
Williams, Billy Dee
Williams, Guy
Williams, Harland
Williams, Kelli
Williams, Kellie Shanygne
Williams, Kenneth
Williams, Kimberly
Williams, Michelle
Williams, Peter
Williams, Robin
Williamson, Kevin
Williamson, Nicol
Willis, Bruce
Willis, Katherine
Wilson, Alexandra
Wilson, Bridgette
Wilson, Luke
Wilson, Mara
Wilson, Owen
Wilson, Patrick
Wilson, Peta
Wilson, Richard
Wilson, Rita
Winchell, Paul
Winchester, Putu
Wincott, Michael
Windom, William
Winfrey, Oprah
Winger, Debra
Wingert, Wally
Winget, Drew
Wingfield, Peter
Wingo, Derik
Winkler, Henry
Winningham, Mare
Winslet, Kate
Winston, John
Winstone, Ray
Wint, Maurice Dean
Winters, Dean
Winters, Shelley
Wintersole, William
Wirth, Billy
Witherspoon, Reese
Withrow, Glenn
Witt, Alicia
Wolf, Scott
Wong, Anthony
Wong, B.D.  
Wong, Russell
Wong Hei
Wood, Annamarie  
Wood, Elijah
Wood, Evan Rachel
Wood, Natalie
Woodburne, Jackie
Woods, James
Woodward, Edward
Woodward, Joanne
Woof, Emily
Woolvett, Gordon Michael
Wopat, Tom
Woronov, Mary
Worth, Michael
Worthington, Sam
Wray, Fay
Wright, Bonnie
Wright, Deanna
Wright, Steven
Wright Penn, Robin
Wuhrer, Kari
Wyle, Noah
Wyman, Jane
Wyndham, Victoria
Wyngarde, Peter
Wynter, Sarah
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