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Yankovic, Weird Al
Yarckin, Cori
Yared, Petra
Yasbeck, Amy
Yasutake, Patti
Yau, Chingmy
Yeagley, Susan
Yeh, Sally
Yen, Donnie
Yeoh, Michelle
Yeung, Miriam
Yeung, Shirley  
Yip, Michelle
Yip, Vern
Yip, Veronica
York, Dick
York, John J.
York, Kathleen
York, Michael
York, Rachel
York, Susannah
Yost, David
Young, Alan
Young, Jacob
Young, Loretta
Young, Neil
Young, Sean
Young, Vincent
Young, Will
Yuki Hsu Huai Yu  
Yune, Rick
Yung, Barbara
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