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Agnesi, Maria Teresa d'
Alberga, Eleanor
Ali-Zadeh, Franghiz
Alrich, Alexis
Anderson, Olive
Ansink, Caroline
Archer, Violet Balestreri
Bacewicz, Grazyna
Backer Gröndahl, Agathe
Bond, Victoria
Bonds, Margaret
Boulanger, Lili
Boulanger, Nadia Juliette
Caccini, Francesca
Carcas, Gillian
Carlos, Wendy
Chaminade, Cécile Louise Stephanie
Chen Yi
Clarke, Rebecca
Coulthard, Jean
Doncaster, Sara
Farrenc, Louise
Fields, Dorothy
Figueroa, Adriana
Fine, Vivian
Folio, Cynthia
Fullman, Ellen
Gideon, Miriam
Gubaidulina, Sofia
Hensel, Fanny
Holmès, Augusta Mary Anne
Hutchinson, Brenda
Kanno, Yôko
Kapralova, Vitezslava
La Barbara, Joan
Lang, Josephine
LeFanu, Nicola
Lehmann, Liza
Leon, Tania
Lockwood, Annea
Lutyens, Elisabeth
Maconchy, Elizabeth
Manziarly, Marcelle de
Martinez, Odaline de la
Masaoka, Miya
Monk, Meredith
Moore, Undine Smith
Musgrave, Thea
Newman, Maria
Norman, Katharine
Okoye, Nkeiru
Oliveros, Pauline
Payne, Maggi
Perry, Julia Amanda
Phillips, Anne
Price, Florence
Ran, Shulamit
Rubin, Anna
Schindler, Alma
Schumann, Clara
Seeger, Ruth Crawford
Sirmen, Maddalena Lombardini
Tailleferre, Germaine
Tanaka, Karen
Tower, Joan
Wagner, Melinda
Weir, Judith
Zaimont, Judith Lang
Zwillich, Ellen Taaffe
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Albritton, Anne
Arranger, pianist, and theorist in Dallas.

Beglarian, Eve
Composer and performer Eve Beglarian, whose work ranges from art music to electronic music.

Dimoff, Eleanor
"Conservatively classical, with occasional forays into jazz forms or experiments in sound."

Edwards, Clara
American songwriter, 1880 to 1974. About her life and her music.

Ellen, Jane
American composer Jane Ellen (ASCAP) with biography, works, and other musings.

Huber, Ruth
"Classically trained and eclectically inclined" composer.

Jordan, Cynthia
Composer of piano music who seeks to create a peaceful environment with her music. Biography and recordings.

Kaiser, Shirley
Concert pianist and composer of classical and healing music. Masterclasses, workshops, and recordings.

Munn, Zae
"Associate Professor of Music at Saint Mary's College in South Bend, Indiana where she has taught composition, theory, and orchestration since 1990."

Musician's Biographies
Scores of short biographies about women composers throughout time. From Hildegard Publishing Company.

Plowman, Lynne
Composer and flautist living in Wales.

Stephan, Naomi
Choral composer living in California.

The Woman Composer Question
Bibliography of women composers, by Eugene Gates, Ed.D.

Webb, Orianna
Composer of chamber and orchestral music.

Williamson, Chris
Musical activist and popular music pioneer and composer.

Women Composers
A database of women whose music has been recorded on CD.

Women in Czech Music
Promotes composers, past and present; includes links.

Women of Note
Descriptions of many female composers and their works.