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Bonney, Barbara
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Brewer, Christine
Callas, Maria
Curtin, Phyllis
Dam-Jensen, Inger  
Dawson, Lynne
De Los Angeles, Victoria
Esperian, Kallen
Flagstad, Kirsten
Fleming, Renée
Garrett, Lesley
Gheorghiu, Angela
Gruberova, Edita
Hendricks, Barbara
Kirkby, Emma
Lawrence, Cynthia
McNair, Sylvia
Norman, Jessye
Ponselle, Rosa
Price, Leontyne
Röschmann, Dorothea
Schumann, Elisabeth
Sutherland, Joan
Te Kanawa, Kiri
Tebaldi, Renata
Upshaw, Dawn
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Adams Santilli, Krista
American lyric soprano. Provides biography, repertoire, reviews, photos, audio clips and discography.

Albani, Emma
French-Canadian soprano. Biography, discography.

Alexander, Alicia
American soprano. Performances, repertoire. Offers additional pages on opera. (Official site)

Anthony, Susan
Biography, repertoire, calendar, guestbook, press, photos, audio samples and discography for the soprano.

Areyzaga, Michelle
Soprano living in the Chicago area. Reviews, performance listings and audio samples.

Asensio, Fides
Philippine soprano. Biography, schedule.

Bach, Sarah Elizabeth
American lyric soprano. Biography, resume, repertoire, photography gallery, recitals and audio samples.

Baird, Janice
American dramatic soprano. Includes biography, repertoire, photograph galleries, schedule, reviews and audio clips. [English, German, Italian, French, Spanish]

Banse, Juliane
German soprano. Biography, audio samples, Hyperion discography.

Barstow, Josephine
English soprano. A brief biography with roles and recordings.

Bauer, Galina
Moldovan dramatic soprano describes European performances after winning prize at second international opera singers competition.

Baughman, Katie
An Atlanta area soprano with experience in opera, oratorio, recital, and contemporary music.

Bayo, Maria
Spanish soprano. Official site includes biography, schedule, complete discography, gallery, audio samples and interviews.

Bayrakdarian, Isabel
Armenian-Canadian soprano. Official site includes biography, schedule, resume, reviews.

Behrens, Hildegard
German Wagnerian soprano. Biography, slide shows of signature roles, photo gallery, discography with audio clips and performance calendar.

Berger, Erna
Well-known German coloratura soprano. Photographs and biography.

Beukman, Margit
Dutch soprano's biography, agenda, press articles and audio samples.

Biggs, Julie
Canadian soprano. Official site includes biography, album information, coming events and fan club.

Bodanya, Natalie
American soprano. Page by one of her pupils. Performance list, musical background, press quotes, and a list of recordings.

Bogner, Anna-Maria
German soprano. Official site includes resume and repertoire.

Borget, Fabienne
French soprano. Includes biography, corporate work, engagements, photos and CD audio samples. [English/French]

Borsi, Maria Luigia
Young Italian lyric soprano, provides her biography, schedule and photo gallery.

Bott, Catherine
English soprano. Biography, audio samples, Hyperion discography.

Boyd, Amanda
Audio tracks from the soprano's recent film 'Lucia', press reviews, curriculum vitae and photographs.

Bradshaw, Sally
British soprano and singing teacher. Pictures, lessons, audio samples.

Brendish, Cheryl
English soprano, much traveled. Includes biography, repertoire, photos and schedule.

Bridge, Debbie
Soprano soloist and singing teacher from Brighton, Sussex, UK. Provides a CV, audio samples and details of her workshops and lessons.

Bronhill, June
Dedicated to the popular Australian coloratura soprano (1929 - 2005). Contains her discography, biography, photographs and sound files.

Brumfitt, Sophia
British soprano specializing in early music. Biography, performance information and sample programmes.

Bumbry, Grace
American soprano/mezzo soprano. An interview with Operanet.

Bynum, Jennifer
American soprano. Features biography and music clips.

Caballero, Elizabeth
American soprano; biography, resume, repertoire, schedule, photos, and sound files.

Cabell, Nicole
American soprano and 2005 Winner of the BBC Singer of the World Competition. Provides audio and video clips, biography, news, photos, and concerts dates.

Campbell, Cheryl
Canadian soprano who regularly travels to the UK and Australia. Biography, repertoire and MP3 recordings.

Capalbo, Michele
Includes schedule, reviews, pictures and biography for this soprano.

Carlson, Elin
American soprano details opera performances in the US and Europe including Mozart and Puccini as well as work with Los Angeles jazz vocal groups Sixth Wave and the L.A. Jazz Choir.

Cassello, Kathleen
American soprano. Biography, schedule, reviews, sound clip.

Castro, Celia
Spinto soprano with a voice studio in New York City. Includes biography and sound files.

Cerquetti, Anita
Soprano. Biography, comments, discography, filmography, interviews, and photographs.

Clark, Stacey
Soprano. Information about recordings and appearances, interests and associations.

Claycomb, Laura
Lyric coloratura soprano offers biography, schedule, repertoire, pictures and audio.

Cobb, Rachel
Biography, photographs and performances of the soprano.

Coleman Clark, Sabrina
African-American soprano presents lecture-recitals on Marian Anderson and the African-American experience.

Connell, Elizabeth
English soprano. Biography, Hyperion discography.

Cullis, Rita
English soprano, lists a partial repertoire, biography, photos, video and audio samples.

Culmer-Schellbach, Lona
Opera singer at the State Theater Kassel, Germany, lists roles from Berg to Wagner, and concert repertoire from Bach to Verdi. [English/German]

Curtin, Kelly
A young lyric coloratura soprano from Wilmington, Delaware. Includes her biography, engagements, resume and photos.

Curtis, Nancy
Soprano. Biography, repertoire, reviews, photos, CD information, and contact information.

Dadvar, Darya
Iranian soprano soloist, living in Paris, France, who performs a blend of opera and traditional music of iran.

Daly, Colleen
American soprano's biography, engagements, resume, repertoire, press and audio clips and photos.

Daneman, Sophie
English soprano. Biography, RealAudio samples, Hyperion discography.

Davidov, Assia
Soprano opera singer born in Usbekistan. Includes biography, music samples, repertoire, press reviews, and photos.

Dawson, Anne
English soprano. Biography, Hyperion discography.

Dessay, Natalie
Culture Kiosque interview from 1998 in which the singer talks about acting and the roles she has played.

Dunwoodie, Christina
A Lirico Spinto from the UK. Features her biography, roles and repertoire, photographs and future performances.

Dupuis, Rayanne
Canadian operatic soprano, living in Paris. Includes biography, repertoire, reviews, discography, audio and video excerpts.

Eversole, Bridgid
American soprano. Biography, press, photos, repertoire, calendar, and contact details.

Fadayomi, Morenike
English-born soprano raised in Lagos and Switzerland. Biography, repertoire, calendar and pictures. [English/German]

Fattore, Maria
Soprano, specializing in Italian heroines and contemporary repertoire. Performance schedule and biography.

Fernández González, Araceli
Spanish soprano with a repertoire of Spanish songs, zarzuela, opera and chamber music from the Renaissance to the 21st century. [Spanish/German/English]

Field, Helen
Welsh soprano. Biography, Hyperion discography.

Foster Jenkins , Florence
Liner notes from the CD "The Glory (????) of the Human Voice" and "Florence Foster Jenkins The Diva of Din".

Francis, Maureen
American soprano, provides her biography, schedule, audio files, repertoire and photos.

Freni, Mirella
Wikipedia article on the Italian soprano.

Futral, Elizabeth
American coloratura soprano. Includes upcoming engagements, discography and biographical information.

Gencer, Leyla
Turkish soprano. Biography, discography, sound clips.

Gifford, Camille
American dramatic soprano. Biography, photos, sound clips, management, upcoming engagements.

Gilmore, Gail
American soprano. Biography, schedule, repertoire, discography, sound clips.

Giordano, Flippa
Italian soprano. Offers brief biography.

Gonzalez, Ana Maria
Soprano singer. Includes biography, MP3 files, reviews, repertoire, and contacts.

Gooding, Julia
English soprano. Biography, Hyperion discography.

Greene, Jennifer
American lyric-coloratura soprano. Provides schedule of performances and a list of recent performances.

Gritton, Susan
English soprano. Biography, Hyperion discography.

Guccione, Rose
Biography, reviews, and upcoming events for the soprano.

Hayashi, Masako
Japanese soprano, Includes biography, discography and concert information.

Hayes, Catherine
Irish soprano. Biography of the 19th century singer.

Hogue, Elizabeth
American soprano. Includes resume, calendar, biography, photos, and press reviews.

Jo, Sumi
Korean soprano. Profile, photos, discography, links, reviews, and schedule.

Johannsen, Sarah
Soprano's biography, photographs, reviews and calendar of events. [English/German]

Jones, Gwyneth
Welsh soprano. Biography, discography, appreciations, critics.

Kahn, Marjorie
An American soprano based in New York. Biography, resume, repertoire, reviews, audio clips, photographs and contact information.

Karaferya, Cenk
Sopranist. Contains biography, photo gallery, engagements, repertoire and contact information.

Kelley, Mara
American coloratura soprano; performance listings, newspaper reviews, photos, music samples, biography and resume.

Kemp, Nicola-Jane
English coloratura sopranos. Opera and concert repertoire, biography, reviews, and photographs.

Kunz, Michelle
American soprano. Includes biography, recent and upcoming performances and photos.

LeBlanc, Suzie
Canadian soprano performing internationally in repertory ranging from lute songs to chamber music to oratorio and early opera.

Lee, Yunah
Korean/American soprano. Biography, performance schedule, performance clips and photos.

Lehmann, Lotte
German soprano. Biography, discography, news, archival information, photos and recommended CDs.

Leigh, Denise
English soprano. Includes appearances and discography.

Lobo-D'Cunha, Deirdre
Indian lirico-spinto soprano. Photograph, contact details, past performances, and press releases.

Lott, Dame Felicity
English soprano. Biography, discography, calendar, news, reviews and books. [English/French/German]

Loukianetz, Victoria
Soprano from the Ukraine. Includes biography, photographs, audio, schedule and her bel canto repertoire. [English/French/Italian/German]

MacPhie, Caroline
English soprano, provides her CV, operatic experience and partial repertoire in oratorio, duo and chamber music, with upcoming performances.

Marc, Alessandra
Soprano based in Washington, DC. Includes biography, schedule, discography, audio and video clips, press, photos and contact information.

Marrocu, Paoletta
Dramatic soprano. Includes repertoire, audio files, news and photos.

Marsh, Jane
Information about this opera singer, including a biography, repertoire, publications and audio files.

Massis, Annick
French Soprano. Biography, news, repertoire, calendar, photo gallery, discography, audio and video samples.

Mattila, Karita
Finnish soprano. Biography and selected discography.

McGreevy, Geraldine
English soprano. Biography, discography, reviews, details of future appearances. (official site)

McGuinness, Nanette
American lyric soprano, official site. Reviews, engagements, resume, and repertory list.

McKenna, Anne
Provides biographical information, reviews and performance schedule for this American soprano.

Merbeth, Ricarda
A German soprano. Includes biography, repertoire and photos.

Meyer, Heather Michele
American lyric soprano, provides her biography, performance dates, photos, audio and video clips.

Millo, Aprile
American soprano. Biography, schedule, discography.

Moffo, Anna
American soprano. Biography, discography, sound clips.

Moore, Grace
(1898-1947) Soprano known as "the Tennessee nightingale." Includes photos, sound clips, and biography.

Moricca, Audra
Soprano who performs song recitals in the New York/Tri-State area.

Morigi, Gabriella
Italian soprano; biography, discography, repertoire, discography, photos, and schedule.

Mueller-Heaslip, Kristin
Soprano in Toronto, Canada with a wide-ranging repertoire. Offers voice lessons in home or in studio.

Nathan, Regina
Irish soprano's biography, sound files, repertoire, performance dates and a CD purchase facility.

Negri, Adelaide
Biography, discography and pictures of this soprano born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Nilsson, Birgit
Swedish soprano. Biography, discography, bibliography, sound clips.

Nimereala, Karen
Operatic soprano based in New York. Biography, photographs, video recordings and information about seminars and private voice lessons.

Northcutt, Stephanie
Opera singer. Contains biography, photos, future engagements and resume.

Owen, Siobhan
A young soprano born in Wales and raised in Australia. Includes her biography, performances, photos, audio and video clips.

Parcells, Elizabeth
Official site providing biography, discography, articles, reviews, photographs and audio files of the American coloratura soprano.

Parks, Karen
Official site providing biography, resume, discography, and professional classes by the American soprano.

Pellegrini, Maria
Soprano. Biography, pictures reviews, audio, video, and schedule.

Picard, Alexandra
Dramatic coloratura soprano from the western USA. Includes performance schedule, news, photos and audio clips.

Pieczonka, Adrianne
Official site of the Canadian soprano: Biography, reviews, articles and photographs

Plumley, Kristen
American soprano sings opera, operetta and musical theater.

Prado, Mayda
Biography, Photo Gallery, and Scholarly works about the Cuban soprano.

Rae-Walker, Gillian
Soprano. Oratorio and concert soloist. Biography, repertoire, engagement history, and sound clip.

Randall, Kerstin
Lists her biography, repertoire, performance schedule, and photo gallery.

Rentowska, Renata
Polish born soprano. Biography. Singing teacher and soloist singer extraordinaire.

Ricci, Celine
Lyric coloratura soprano living between Paris and San Francisco. Provides photo album, audio, discography and season highlights.

Rice, Sarah
American soprano. Biography, repertoire, performance schedule, photo gallery, sound clips, media clips and 'splash'.

Riemer, Nili
Israeli-born coloratura soprano working in the Midwestern U.S. lists operatic roles.

Ronge, Gabriele Maria
Wagnerian soprano. Biography, schedule, and recordings. [English/German].

Rost, Andrea
A Hungarian lyric soprano. Includes her biography, photos, partial repertoire and recordings.

Rowley, Jennifer
Coloratura soprano based in the USA. Includes biography, resume, repertoire and schedule.

Ruhan, Jia
Chinese soprano living in New York. Resume, photos, audio and video clips and contact information.

Sass, Sylvia
Hungarian soprano. Biography, reviews, discography.

Schwanewilms, Anne
German lyric soprano. Featuring streaming audio and video, photographs, news, biography and concert dates.

Schwarzkopf, Elisabeth
German soprano. Biography, discography, bibliography.

Scott Sendall, Shuna
Scottish soprano, alumni of the Alexander Gibson Opera School at RSAMD. Includes a brief biography, upcoming performances, photos, repertoire and audio.

Scotto, Renata
Italian soprano. Biography, schedule, discography, bibliography, sound clips.

Selman, Sharon
English concert and opera singer available for private recitals and concerts, includes photos and videos.

Shoremount-Obra, Amy
An American dramatic coloratura soprano, provides biography, news, reviews, photos and upcoming engagements.

Sieben, Nadine
German opera and concert singer. [German/English]

Sleeman, D'Arne
Classical soprano in Brisbane, Australia. Leader of "In the Mood Four" quartet and provides audio clips and brief profile.

Soprano Central
Biographies, pictures, and schedules of sopranos (and mezzos).

Sounds Sublime
Soprano duo that perform a rich repertoire of classical vocal duets and solos.

Southworth, Mary Elizabeth
Soloist in repertoires including opera, oratorio, art song, musical theatre, symphonic works and chamber music. Includes resume, upcoming performances, reviews and articles, photographs and audio clips.

Soviero, Diana
Biography, reviews, schedule, and sound clips for the American soprano.

Turner, Eva
English soprano. Includes a short biography and photos.

Uliano, Ariella
A singer of early and traditional music and a teacher of English History and Literature. [English/Italian]

Vaness, Carol
American soprano. Biography, schedule, discography, sound clips.

Wall, Erin Marie
Photograph, resume, biography, upcoming concerts, reviews, and news for the lyric soprano.

Watson, Anita
Australian soprano, includes her biography, pictures, reviews, news, audio and contact details.

Wattelet, Desiree
Soprano educated in Wisconsin and Texas. Provides audio samples, schedule, photo gallery and repertoire.

Welting, Ruth
Memorial tribute to American coloratura soprano.

Whisnant, Caroline
American soprano singing leading lyrico-spinto roles in Germany, United States and around the world. Biography, schedule, repertoire, contact information.

White, Jacqueline
A concert, oratorio, festival and proms soloist in the Midlands area of England. Includes her biography, photos and repertoire.

Windsor, Lorna
English soprano, lists her biography and repertoire with audio samples and photo gallery.

Winter, Martina
German soprano. Information on her repertoire and current activities, biography and pictures from different roles.

Woerner, Danielle
American soprano. Profile, discography. (official site)

Wolfmann, Melissa
Biography, resume, photographs, news, and sound files for the soprano.

Wyn-Davies, Catrin
English soprano. Biography, Hyperion discography.

Yang Temko, Wanda
Atlanta-based soprano. Includes audio clips, concert photos, recital schedule, and private tuition information.

Zylis-Gara, Teresa
Brief profile of Polish soprano.

de Prelle, Magali
Belgian soprano, lists her biography, repertoire, schedule, pictures gallery, press reviews and contact.