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A Beginner's Guide to Modal Harmony
A concise explanation of the Gregorian and Renaissance modes and their development in the Common Practice era.

A-Natural Atonality
Claims that atonality is unnatural while tonality is acoustically and historically natural.

Analysis of Masterpieces
Analysis of full-music 20th Century atonal pieces.

Transposes all twelve major keys of chord progressions.

A contemporary alternative to atonal styles of composition.

Dolmetsch: Music Theory & History Online
Offers a musical dictionary, recorder lessons, instrument information and a composers listing.

Dynamic Spectrograms of Music
Provides a type of spectrogram suitable for understanding the structure of music.

Eric Weisstein's Treasure Trove of Music
A reference resource on music theory, covering in brief a vast array of topics.

Essentials of Music Theory
Summarizes entry-level music theory through advanced topics. Includes beginners' drills.

Fugue No. 17: A-Flat Major
Introduction to the essential concepts of Schenkerian analysis applied to the Ab Major fugue of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I

Fugue Treatises, Analyses and Tools
Bibliography of fugue analysis research, writings and analysis.

Gems of Compositional Wisdom
Articles on advanced atonal and serial concepts.

Good Ear
Online ear training site.

Harmonic Bindings
A paper about the unification of Janecek's theory of imaginary tones with the two Risinger's principles of functional relations.
By Tom Sutcliffe. Aims to help students of music theory understand the role of chord progressions in musical structures. Site includes animated demos.

Interactive Circle of Fifths
A free music theory tool designed to help musicians interpret chord progressions, easily transpose music to a different key, compose new music, and understand key signatures, scales, and modes.

Modes and Scales in Indian Music
A historical look at concepts of Indian scales and modes comparing North and South Indian approaches.

Music Acoustics
The science of music. Explanations of how musical instruments work via waves and frequency modulation.

Music Theory
A guide to music theory that including chords, scales, music notation and other music theory topics. Has weblog format; includes links as well.

Music Theory Help Site
Intermediate music theory help covering basics through beginning formal analysis and counterpoint.

Music Theory Instruction
Online instruction for all musicians beginner or advanced. Covers scales, chordal theory, progression theory, modes and foreign scales.

Music Theory Society of New York State
Provides a forum for the exchange of information and to promote music theory as a scholarly and pedagogical discipline. Site also contains membership and scholarship information as well as open calls for papers.

Music Worksheets
Downloadable worksheets for elementary and middle school students.

Pattern Thinking in Music
Offers visual aid to recognizing musical patterns occurring in melody, harmony and rhythm. Provides online demonstration; requires download.

Ricci Adams'
Includes introductory and intermediate music theory lessons, ear trainers, and books.

An introduction to Schenkerian analysis for undergraduate music students. Includes background, working method, glossary and bibliography.

Sight-Reading Rhythmic Patterns
Rhythmic exercises with accompanying MIDI files.

Simplified Music Chord Theory
Explains scales and building chords from them.

Skytopia: Music and Art Aesthetics
Author's overview of how every piece of music, every sound, and every picture can be rated on its own merits outside (as well as inside) human opinion.

Solomon's Music Resources
Resources for composers, music theorists, and researchers of music, with sound files, papers and compositions.

Star Theory
Free preparatory syllabus in music theory and orchestration.

Technical Committee on Musical Acoustics
A group within the Acoustical Society of America, that concerns itself with the application of science and technology to the field of music. Contains members, a list of papers, acousticians and links.

Includes software, books, exercises, and links.

The Ancient Musical Modes
Ideas regarding the "classical modes" described by Plato and Aristotle.

The Music Theory Minute
Online music theory tutorials for beginning students.

The Tonal Centre
Interactive site for music composers and theorists which explains and demonstrates some of the key concepts of tonality; including chords, scales, cadences, and modulation.

VCU Music Theory Resources
Music theory and ear training resources from Virginia Commonwealth University.

What is Music - Solving a Scientific Mystery
Provide information on the book by Philip Dorrell which explains a new scientific theory about music: the super-stimulus theory.
Java applets designed to help students of music improve their basic music reading skills.