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Anderson, Poul
Asprin, Robert Lynn
Coulton, Jonathan
Fish, Leslie
Kube-McDowell, Michael P.
Lackey, Mercedes
Ookla the Mok
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Bethancourt, Joe
Phoenix area folk and filk musician. Biography, pictures, reviews, the Black Book of Locksley, a collection of filk lyrics, and information for filkers and re-enactors.

Bottorff , Michelle - Lady Lavender's Music Room
Science fiction and fantasy filks, by the artist and others, some with sound files. Also has some filk related line art, which can be used for purposes of supporting and furthering filk.

Brown, Rich
"Some So-Called Music" Filks.

Chua, Terence
Terence Chua's filks, writings, and news.

Davis, Meg
Composer of 'Captain Jack and the Mermaid'.

Devany, John Robin
Folk rock and acoustic music, many science-fiction oriented. Free music downloads.

Digby, Tom
Stories, graphics, pictures, and lyrics for 'Little Teeny Eyes'.

Dr. SETI (H Paul Schuch)
Filk singer/songwriter/scientist better known as Dr. SETI. Includes lyrics, poetry, and contact details.

Duras Sisters
Profiles, lyrics, and links from the Phoenix based filk trio.

Echo's Children
Consisting of Arlene 'Callie' Hills and Cat Faber, generally located in the Pacific Northwest. Includes CD and songbook information, lyrics, and sheet music.

Ginny and the Weasleys
Songs about Harry Potter. Includes lyrics, MP3s, and information about the UK-based (virtual) band.

Gold, Lynn
Filk performer and organizer. Contains filk links as well as a list of tunes to which the Hebrew hymn "Adon Olam" scans.

Hayman, Judith
Toronto area filker. Includes family pages, songbook and CD, and general filk information.

Hodgetts, Blake
Singer, songwriter, and keyboardist located in Eugene, Oregon. Lyrics, some chords and scores, and ordering information for his CD-ROM and Al Stewart songbooks.

Honisch, Juliane and Dröge, Katy
Profiles, discography, schedule, songbooks, and lyrics from the German duo.

Hopcroft, Michael P.
Personal announcement group of the west coast filker.

Kanefsky, Bob
Songworm includes many parodies, typically of other filkers.

Kimberley, Talis
Biography, gig dates, discography, songbook, and reviews.

Les Horribles Cernettes
Rock group with a high energy physics theme. Lyrics, audio and video files, pictures, and fan club information.

Leviston, Conrad
Lyrics and a guide to writing filk.

Lord Landless
German filk-duo Silva and Thesilée. Profile, information about their music, and contact details.

Macdonald, Steve
Schedule, discography, pictures, and profile.

Malme, Chris (Minstrel)
Minstrel's Hall of Filk: profile, songs, and a history of filklore. Also includes information on joining the FILK_UK Mail-List.

Mar, Kathy
Lyrics from the Filk Hall of Fame member and Dandelion Conspiracy co-founder.

McGath, Gary
Recording and book information, songs, calendar, and links. Also includes "Filkers' Rules for Encore".

Newman, Benjamin
Includes lyrics and MP3s.

On the Mark
Profile and recordings information for the Pittsburgh filk/folk group.

Profiles, news, and history of the UK based rock/filk band.

Polowin, Joel - Muppet Labs
Filks, humor, recipes, and software.

Proctor, Judith
Collection of songs on Blake's 7 by Wimborne, Dorset (UK), filker.

Ridpath Ohi, Debbie
Profile of the Urban Tapestry member.

Roper, Bill and Gretchen
Includes song lyrics by title or album, and future convention appearances.

Savitzky, Steve
San Francisco Bay Area filker, best known for computer songs.

Smith, Tom
Biography, discography, lyrics, sound files, and appearance dates.

Summer and Fall
Filk duo (Christine Blum und Eva van Daele-Hunt). Biographies, schedule, song lyrics and samples. [German/English]

Sutton, Bill and Brenda
Bill's link has filks, beer recipes, and links. Brenda's has music, lyrics, discography, and links to their group "Bed and Breakfast" and to "Three Weird Sisters".

Three Weird Sisters
Three Weird Sisters are an eclectic-acoustic band comprised of Brenda Sutton, Teresa Gibson-Powell, and Gwen Knighton. Lyrics, upcoming gigs, information about their CD-ROM, and a mailing list link.

Wald, Kevin
Includes filks based on Xena, Babylon 5, and Star Trek.

Warp 11
Rock band, performing songs inspired by Star Trek. Discography, tour schedule, biographies, lyrics, and some MP3s.

Weingart, Dave
Profile, lyrics, and sound files from the Long Island, NY filker.