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Aaron's Music Journalism Archives
Offers several music reviews and articles covering a variety of pop genres. Reviewed CDs are solicited.

Album Reviews by George Starostin: Only Solitaire
Extensive archive of classic rock reviews.

Almost Credible Reviews
Selection of reviews covering a range of artists.

CD Reviews Online
Offers narrative and a star rating system for rock, jazz, pop, country, and folk reviews.

Chris Ruel
Music reviews for instrumental music for genres including progressive, jazz, fusion, neoclassical, blues, and world music, focusing on virtuoso musicians.

Cole Reviews
Eclectic reviews ranging from Yes to Pet Shop Boys with narrative and a star rating system.

Creative Noise
Archive of Brian Burks's classic music review site with narrative and 5 star rating system.

Disclaimer Music Review Archive
Offers graded reviews of several modern bands and artists.

Don Ignacio's Music Reviews
Lengthy reviews of favorite or not-so-favorite albums. Includes narrative, album ratings 1 to 10.

Elsol's Album Reviews
Covers most musical genres, new and classic albums. Updated weekly.

Four Life Hip Hop
Offers personal reviews of rap and hip-hop albums.

UK gig and album reviews.

Weblog devoted to reviews of CDs and singles in all genres.

Holly Gleason
Once a writer and now offering her opinion on a range of subjects. Provides essays on a number of artists, songs, and albums.

J. Eric Smith's Music Review
Provides a collection of reviews and articles by J. Eric Smith from Albany.

UK based reviewer.

John McFerrin's Rock and Prog Reviews
John McFerrin offers another perspective on classic rock, progressive rock, pop, and select others.

Mark's Record Reviews
Provides reviews of his record collection: punk, alternative, metal, classic and noise.

MattA75's Epinions Home Page
Reviews of rock, pop, metal, ska, and punk discs and concerts.

Mikes Music Reviews
Personal album reviews with track rating, best song pick, album art and top 5.

Music Spectrum
Reviews of music according to styles, sounds, influences and similarities.

Nix Music Reviews
Reviews of mainstream alternative albums.

Recommended CDs
Manabu Tsuribe reviews and grades CDs in various genres with narrative and a two dot rating system. The site is in English and Japanese.

Offers rock album and concert reviews. Provides a list of reviews with narrative and album cover, includes a new guestbook.

Steve and Abe's Record Reviews
Offers reviews focusing on classic rock and pop by Steve Knowlton and his infant son, Abe. Includes narrative and a zero to ten rating system with reader comments and photos.

The Horn Tones
Offers reviews for jazz, ska and funk.

The Hungry Hatter
A decade's worth of music reviews and personal writings by Simon Darnell.

The War Against Silence
Glenn McDonald provides a weekly music review column.

Tuesday Morning 3 a.m.
A weekly music review and opinion column by Andre Salles.

Collection of reviews spanning multiple genres. Includes a mission statement, discussion forum and links.
Greg Bueno provides music reviews from Austin, Texas. Includes featured, recent and upcoming reviews with narrative.

myTunes - an iTunes music blog
Recommendations from and comments on Apple's iTunes Music Store.