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G, Kenny
G, Warren
Gabriel, Peter
Gackt, Camui
Gaines, Chris
Gaines, Greta
Gaines, Jeffrey
Gaines, Rosie
Gainsbourg, Serge
Galaxie 500
Gallagher, Rory
Gallant, Lennie
Galleran, Tadg
Gallo, Dennis
Gallo, Vincent
Gals, Diamanda
Gamma Ray
Gang Starr
Gang of Four
Garbarek, Jan
Garca, Odalys
Garfunkel, Art
Garland, Hank
Garland, Judy
Garnier, Laurent
Garrett, Leif
Garrett, Lesley
Garrison, Jimmy
Garza, David
Gas Giants
Gastr Del Sol
Gates, Gareth
Gathering, The
Gaughan, Dick
Gauthier, Mary
Gay Dad
Gaye, Marvin
Gayle, Crystal
Gaynor, Adam
Gaynor, Gloria
Geggy Tah
Gene Loves Jezebel
General Public
Generation X
Gentry, Bobbie
Gentry, Montgomery
Georgia Satellites
Germano, Lisa
Germs, The
Gerrard, Lisa
Gerry and the Pacemakers
Gershwin, George
Get Up Kids, The
Getaway People, The
Geter, Gene
Getz, Stan
Ghost, Amanda
Gibb, Andy
Gibb, Barry
Gibb, Maurice
Gibb, Robin
Gibson, Deborah
Gifford, Kathie Lee
Gift, Roland
Gigli, Beniamino
Gigolo Aunts
Gilbert, Kevin
Gilbert, Paul
Gilberto, Bebel
Gilder, Nick
Gill, Vince
Gillan, Ian
Gillespie, Dizzy
Gilley, Mickey
Gilman, Billy
Gilmore, Jimmie Dale
Gilmore, Thea
Gilmour, David
Gin Blossoms
Gipsy Kings
Girls Against Boys
Girls Aloud
Girls at Play
Gismonti, Egberto
Gjersvik, Ole Amund
Glass Eden
Glass Harp
Glass Tiger
Glenn, Teddy
Glitter, Gary
Glove, The
Glover, Crispin
Glover, Dana
Glover, Roger
Go-Betweens, The  
Go Sailor
Go West
God Lives Underwater
Godspeed You Black Emperor
Goerne, Matthias
Gold, Daniel
Golden Earring
Golden Smog
Goldman, Jean-Jacques  
Gonzales, Babs
Goo Goo Dolls
Good, Matthew
Good Charlotte
Good Riddance
Goodman, Benny
Goodrem, Delta
Gordon, Dexter
Gordon, Nina
Gore, Lesley
Gore, Martin
Gorham, Scott
Gorilla Biscuits
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci  
Gorky Park
Gosling, Ryan
Gospel Swingers, The
Goss, Matt
Goudie, Johnny
Goulding, Ellie
Gourds, The
Gov't Mule  
Gow, Niel
Gowan, Lawrence
Gracie, John
Grand Funk Railroad
Grande, Ariana
Grant, Amy
Grant Lee Buffalo
Grappelli, Stephane
Grass Roots, The  
Grateful Dead
Gravity Kills
Gray, David
Gray, Henry
Gray, Macy
Grays, The
Grayson, Kathryn
Great Big Sea
Great White
Green, Al
Green, Cee-Lo
Green, Keith
Green, Pat
Green, Peter
Green Day
Greenwood, Lee
Gregg, Ricky Lynn
Gregory, Adam
Griffin, Patty
Griffith, Nanci
Groban, Josh
Groovie Ghoulies
Gryner, Emm
Guano Apes
Gudmundsdottir, Bjork
Guerra, Juan Luis
Guess Who, The
Gufs, The
Guided by Voices
Guitar Wolf
Gun Club, The
Guns N' Roses  
Gus Gus
Guthrie, Arlo
Guthrie, Woody
Guthro, Bruce
Guy, Buddy
Guy Called Gerald, A
Guy Forsyth Band
Guy Smiley Blues Exchange
Gwin, Eric
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G-Funk Allstars
A popular band based in Lexington, Kentucky.

Australian pop rock band. Site contains news, tour dates, history, discography, lyrics, and audio samples.

Gabay, Marcos
Bass musician and composer of classic and folk music. News and audio samples.

Gabriel Mann Situation
Official homepage for the Gabriel Mann Situation, a pop/rock band based in the Los Angeles area.

Gabriel, Mychael
Minneapolis musician known for his "Triptych" projects. Biography and audio samples.

Gabriele, Michael
A look at the musician's work with the Robert Black Band, and various other solo and collaborative projects.

Gadgets, The
News, audio, pictures and lyrics for the rock quartet based in Athens, Georgia.

Gaia Consort
Makes music that celebrates the living earth. Includes biography, audio, reviews, essays on sustainable culture, schedule, CD ordering information, news, online diary, and press kit.

Gajraj, Terry
The premier Chutney / Soca / Reggae singer and musician from the Caribbean.

Official site for the composer and sound artist includes news, upcoming events, sound files, and CD information.

Galla, Tony
Blues singer's biography, discography and performance dates.

Gallagher, Ian
Singer of traditional Irish folk tunes and contemporary music including blues, rock, jazz, country and soul. Located in New Jersey, available for performances.

Galvanized Jazz Band
Traditional jazz band based in Connecticut. Band news, appearance and recordings information.

Gant, Michael
Awarding winning Australian country music singer songwriter.

Garapolo, Scott
New York City drummer. Contains audio samples.

Garbo Swag
An unsigned rock band from Chicago, IL. News, information, concert listings, photos and MP3s.

Garbutt, Vin
Biography, new, reviews, photographs, tour dates and bookings.

Garden Weazol
Includes performance dates, band biography, sound files, and pictures.

Gargiulo, Paul
Blues and jazz singer/songwriter. Biography, sound files, calendar, pictures, and CD information.

Garry Anthony Band, The
Deux Montaignes, Quebec based band. Contains biographies, audio samples, discography, photographs, and show schedule.

Gary Starling Jazz Bands
Jazz group led by university guitar professor in the Jacksonville, Florida, area. Photo album, sound samples and repertoire lists.

Gary, John
Features the career and accomplishments of the Irish tenor.

Gatto Marte
Italian quartet performing original compositions with classical influence and jazz improvisation.

Gaubatz, Lynn
Washington, D.C., bassoonist's site offers biography, reviews, press releases and contact info.

California-based alternative folk singer/songwriter. Includes a biography, photos and reviews.

Gawen, Phil
Six songs from his new CD "ABC" are streamed in RealAudio for your listening pleasure.

Gee, Deborah
Events calendar, MP3 downloads, reviews, interviews, lyrics, pictures and sales.

Geesin, Ron
A composer, performer and sound architect. Geesin co-wrote Atom Heart Mother with Pink Floyd. Biography, CD-ROM and tape ordering, pictures and news.

Official site of the pop-rock group includes news, profiles, pictures, and sound files.

Guitarist, singer/songwriter. Photos, contact information, gigs and dates. Offering guitar lessons.

Gem Records
Contains audio samples, a press release, tour schedule, discography and merchandise.

George, Victoria
Singer/songwriter writing and performing country and rock. News, biography, song samples, pictures, calendar and press.

Georgie Pie
Tokyo based electric blues band; contains biography, discography, and show schedule. In English and Japanese.

Gerard Edery Ensemble, The
Sephardic and traditional Jewish music, flamenco guitar music, opera, and storytelling. Biography, reviews, concert dates, and sound files.

Gere, Jeanne
News, pictures, free music downloads, concert and product information about the Nashville vocalist.

News, discography, biography, and pictures.

Germain, Jane
Independent Australian artist. Pictures, song samples, and background information.

Gerson, Ruth
Independent singer/songwriter. Reviews, audio and video clips, pictures, and other information.

Get 2 You
Husband-and-wife duo from Stockholm, Sweden. Audio samples, lyrics, press and news. [Requires Flash.]

Getz, Kerry
Biography, gig listings, and reviews.

Gheran, Chris
"Hard folk" singer-songwriter from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. News, biography, press, calendar, lyrics and pictures.

Giants, The
Rock band from Australia. Profiles, appearance dates, discography, sound files, and news.

Gibbs, Otis
Official website of the singer-songwriter from Wanamaker, Indiana. Includes press kits, music, online store, schedule, photographs, and contact information.

Gift, Das
Little Rock, Arkansas-based solo project by Adrian James of Evanescence. Includes press and pictures.

Gifted Children
News, information, member profiles and photos for the Buffalo/Rochester indie-rock band.

Gilberto, Astrud
The official website for the Brazilian bossa-nova legend. Features a personal message, news, biography, discography, pictures, and images of some of her artwork.

Gilberto, Joo
Biography and CD review of the co-inventor of the Bossa Nova style.

Gilday, Leela
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada based Aboriginal singer and songwriter of folk-rock music. Site contains biography, photos, audio samples, and information on selected performances.

Gilewitz, Richard
Tampa Bay, Florida 6 and 12-string fingerstyle guitarist and composer. Includes tour schedules, travel photo logs, biography, and merchandise.

Gillette, Krystal
Country/classical/pop singer. Photos, profile, performance schedule, and song clips.

Giltrap, Gordon
With gig guide and discussion forum.

Gits, The
Official website maintained by members of the Seattle punk band fronted by the late Mia Zapata. Photos, posters, catalog and discography.

Gladstone, Neal and Company
Corvallis, Oregon based musical group that plays humorous upbeat songs and romantic ballads. Site contains biography, discography, show dates, lyrics, and audio samples.

Glamour Puss
With the release of their second CD, "Blues du Jour", Glamour Puss continues with the tradition of great blues, blues-rock, Zydeco and Cajun sounds.

Glass Harp
Youngstown, Ohio based power rock band known for their work during the 1960-1970s. History, audio and video clips, and reviews.

Glass Onions
Rock band plays original songs in the style of British Invasion groups of the mid-60s. Includes band information and MP3 samples.

Glenn, Teddy
The King of Crock = Country + Rock + Bad Attitude. Based in Nashville, this singer/songwriter/guitarist is an original uncompromising artist. Signed to Wild Oats Records.

Gliders, The
Band information, song clips, photos and CD ordering from this UK based acoustic rock band.

Up to date information on this Australian rock band. Show dates, photos, lyrics, audio clips, and links.

Glitter 'N Gold
Mardi Gras music production featuring Mardi Gras indians, showgirls and a seasoned professional band.

Gloff, Jeremy
Includes news, MP3 files, biography, photos, lyrics and discography.

Fan site devoted to this multinational rock band based in Liverpool, UK. Discography, tour information, pictures, video and audio downloads.

Tour news, discography, pictures and music downloads.

Official home page includes a schedule, member profiles, and an archive of MP3s and photos from shows.

Gig dates, discography, pictures, and press clippings for the Canadian band.

Goffee, Terry Lee
The official fan club for the country artist. Bio, show dates, merchandise.

Gogo, David
Biography of the blues guitarist.

Gold Blade
Punk rock soul power revolutionary R'n'R combo. MP3s, film clips, gig information, up to date news and sloganeering.

Goldberg, Aaron
Jazz pianist and composer. Biography, discography, and show dates.

Goldberger, Steve
News, reviews, discography.

A band from Kentucky. Newsletter and biography.

Goldenhour, The
Indie rock band based in Glasgow, Scotland. Site contains news, gig dates, and photos.

Official site of Los Angeles based Rock band. Includes news, history, photos, audio, video, and tour dates.

Goldstein, Teddy
New York City based singer and songwriter performing sensitive and comic songs. Site contains biography, reviews, tour schedule, photos, and audio samples.

Gomango Invasion
Consortium of Latin, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban and jazz musicians from San Diego, California. Site contains their story, audio samples, show dates, and artwork.

Gonzalez, Jose
Puerto Rican guitarist/virtuoso Cuatro player presents his recordings, concerts and his music ensembles.

Goo Goo Cluster
Groove-rock band from Paris. [In French and English.]

Good Humor Band, The
'70s and '80s rock band based in Richmond, Virginia, that occasionally reunites. Site contains band's history and member biographies.

Goodman, Dave
Canadian singer, songwriter and guitarist. Sound samples, photos, biography, discography, tour dates, and links.

Goodrich, Dave
History, news, show dates, and discography of the rock singer/songwriter.

Gordon, Billy and The Blue Rockers
Includes profile, reviews, repertoire, and sound files.

Gorey, Jon
Biography, discography, show dates, and audio samples of the Boston area musician .

Gosh, Bobby
Composer and singer of various movie and commercial music. Site contains biography and audio samples.

Gotti 13
Fan site with photos, show information, and links.

Grace, Janice
Singer/songwriter and producer from New York. Includes pictures, biography, song clips, lyrics, and remixes.

Graffix 420
Fan site, with biographies, news, pictures, tour dates, reviews, and lyrics.

Graham, Melissa
Official site of the ex-Solid HarmoniE singer.

Gramercy Arts Ensemble
Unique flute, violin and cello ensemble available for weddings and other occasions in the NJ NY metro area. Includes sound samples.

Grand Champeen
Review and contact information for the Austin, Texas rock band.

Grand Orchestre Gerard Hever
The French official orchestra of amateur and professional dancing events. Booking information, sound samples and discography.

Grand Wazoo
Australian soul/funk group. Profile and pictures.

Grande LA Frente
An intense, new Power Rock band from Minneapolis, MN.

Graney, Dave
Australian musician Dave Graney's official site.

Grange, Joshua
Official site for the musician. Includes discography, tour dates, gear list.

Grant, Lana
Newfoundland-born singer/songwriter. Sound and video clips, photographs, merchandise, tour dates, email list, and biography.

Grasshopper Takeover
High-energy rock trio from L.A. Biography, news, tour dates, discography, lyrics, and pictures.

Graudins, Ingrid
Singer/songwriter. Contains news, upcoming events, and related links.

Graves Brothers Deluxe
San Francisco based, biography, news and MP3 downloads.

Gravity Tree
News, MP3 files, and CD information for the progressive, alternative band from the San Francisco, CA area.

Grayson, Donna
An independent pop/rock singer/songwriter. Lyrics, song clips, bio, CD ordering and photos.

Greedy Pig
Official site for the Finnish punk band. Includes history, and member details.

Green Machinery
Official site for the Atlanta band includes profiles, gig information, lyrics, and sound files.

Green Room, The
Blues rock band. Site contains member profiles, show dates, audio samples, and photos.

Green, Eldin
Multi-instrumentalist and producer. Biography, discography, sound files, performance dates, reviews, and lyrics.

Green, Sam
Freelance drummer and tutor in Surrey, England. Biography, information on lessons, pictures and testimonials.

Greene, Graham
Official site of guitarist from Western Australia. Includes biography, mp3s, photo gallery, and links

Greene, Patrick
Jazz composer and guitarist. Biography, upcoming shows, album and booking information.

Greenhaw, Art
Official international fan club site includes biography, news, schedule, and merchandise.

Greenwood, Mick
Soft rock singer and songwriter. Site contains biography, lyrics, and photos.

Gregory, Mike
Keyboardist, composer and arranger.

Gregory, Raymond
Southern California pop artist and worship leader. Song lyrics and samples, news, tour dates and biography.

Grey, Darrell
A professional drummer now in the Seattle area.

Griffin, Sid
London-based musician's site features biography, discography, blog, pictures, lyrics and press for his solo work and information on his bluegrass band, the Coal Porters.

Grillo, Carmen
A world class professional guitarist, composer, producer, songwriter. Former guitarist with the legendary group Tower Of Power, released his first solo CD "Both Sides Of The Coin".

Grim Reaper
Tribute site with biography, discography, reviews, interviews, and sound files. Also includes information on Onslaught and Lionsheart.

Grimes, Tiny
Biographic sketch of the jazz guitarist.

Grindey, John
Guitar composer, player, and teacher. Includes RealAudio samples, biography, and gig details..

Gripweeds, The
Four-part band from New Jersey. Biography, discography, tour details, mailing list and album information.

Grizzly Bear
Indie-rock band from Brooklyn. News, show dates, discography, videos and press.

Groove Krickets, The
Contains biographies, reviews, interviews, photographs, a link to their music on and related links.

Grundler, James
The music of James Grundler and Palo Alto (signed to American Recordings), formerly of the Din Pedals.

Gruv Union
Heavy, progressive band from Salisbury, NC. Pictures, song clips, and the band's biography.

Netherlands based band. Contains news, audio samples, biography, discography, and CD information.

Newcastle, UK based blues/electronica band. Includes band history, profiles, and influences, news, photo gallery, tour dates, MP3s, CD information, and forum.

Guest, Joe
Biography and pictures of the country/rock/blues singer and poet.

Guitard, Rocio
Includes biography, pictures, sound files, and CD information.

Funk band from Montreal and Toronto in Canada. Includes news, MP3s, biography, lyrics, and pictures.

Gunning, Dave
Official site includes biography, lyrics, news, photos and tour schedule.

Guns 4 Hire
Four piece country/rock band based in Winnipeg. Offers member profiles, photos and tour information.

Gurvitz, Paul
Biography, discography, audio samples, and photos of the rock artist famous for his work during the 1970s.

Gust, Gary
Soft rock vocals written by th author.

Punk/jazz kerzoom music. Gig dates, MP3s, and RealAudio files.

Guty & Simone
Guitarist/singers, composers, from Castiglione del Lago, Perugia, Umbria, Italy.

Guzmn, Viviana
Featuring her tour schedule and CDs: Teleman Flute Fantasies, and Planet Flute.