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D'Urso, Joe and Stone Caravan  
D'arby, Terence Trent  
DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
DJ Logic
DJ Shadow
DJ Yella
Da Brat
Daft Punk
Dag Nasty
Daily, E.G.
Dairo, I.K.
Daisy Chainsaw
Dakota Moon  
Dalbello, Lisa
Dale, Dick
Dalis Car
Daltrey, Roger
Dam, JosÚ van
Damian, Michael
Damn Yankees
Damned, The
Damon and Naomi
Dan Band, The
Dan Reed Network
Dana International
Dance Hall Crashers
Dandy Warhols
Danesh, Darius
Danger Danger
Dangerous Toys
Daniel Amos
Daniels, Charlie
Danja Mowf
Danko, Rick
Dante, Ron
Daphne and Celeste
Darin, Bobby
Dario G
Dark Tranquility
Darkness, The
Darling, Julia  
Darling Buds, The
Darling Nikkie
Darwin's Waiting Room  
Das Ich
Dashboard Confessional
Dave Clark Five
Dave Matthews Band
David, Craig
David & David  
David J
Davidson, John
Davies, Dave
Davies, Ray
Davis, Alana
Davis, Jamelia
Davis, Linda
Davis, Mac
Davis, Miles
Davis, Sammy, Jr.
Davis, Stuart
Dawson, Lynne
Day, Doris
Day, Howie
Day, Jennifer
Day, Morris and the Time
Daybreak Quartet
Dayne, Taylor
Days of the New
Daz Dillinger
DeFranco Family, The
DeGarmo, Chris
DeGarmo & Key
DeJohnette, Jack
DeLange, Ilse
DeLisle, Grey
DeMarchi, Suze
DeShannon, Jackie
DeVestern, Halley
DeVoe, Jennie
DeWitt, Andy
DeYoung, Dennis
De Burgh, Chris
De Crecy, Etienne  
De Dijk
De La Soul
De Lucia, Paco
De Vito, Cosima
Deacon, John
Dead, The
Dead Artist Syndrome
Dead Boys, The
Dead Can Dance
Dead Cel Factor
Dead Kennedys
Dead Man's Party  
Dead Milkmen
Dead Prez
Dead on Arrival
Dead or Alive
Dean, Hazell
Dean, Kiley
Dean, Larry O.  
Death Cab for Cutie
Death In June  
Decemberists, The
Dee, Kiki
Deep Forest
Deep Purple
Deep S.A.  
Def Leppard
Def Squad
Del Amitri
Del Boca, Andrea
Delafose, Geno
Delfino, Majandra
Delgados, The
Delmore Brothers, The
Delon, Alain
Delphonics, The
Delta 72, The
Deneuve, Catherine
Dennis, Cathy
Denny, Sandy
Denson, Karl
Denver, John
Depeche Mode
Depp, Johnny
Derek Trucks Band
Destiny's Child  
Detroit, Marcella
Detroit Cobras, The
Devil Dogs, The
Devil Doll
Dexter Freebish
Dexy's Midnight Runners  
Dezeray's Hammer  
De├nne, Barbria
DiCristino, Dia
DiFranco, Ani
DiMucci, Dion
Di Meola, Al
Diab, Amr
Diamond, Neil
Diamond Rio
Dibala, Diblo
Dickinson, Bruce
Diddley, Bo
Die Antwoord
Die Form
Die Warzau
Diffie, Joe
Digital Underground
Dillinger, Troy
Dillinger Escape Plan, The
Dillon, Cara
Dimmu Borgir
Dinosaur Jr.  
Dio, Ronnie James
Dion, CÚline
Dir en Grey
Dire Straits
Dirt Band, The
Dirtbombs, The
Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The
Dirty Vegas
Disco Biscuits
Dismemberment Plan, The
Disneyland After Dark
Disposable Heroes of HipHoprisy
Distillers, The
Divine Comedy, The
Divinyls, The
Dixie Chicks
Dixon, Bill
Dixon, Jerry
Doane, Melanie
Dobson, Fefe  
Dodd, Deryl
Dodes, Josh
Doiron, Julie
Dolan, Joe
Dolby, Thomas
Dolenz, Micky
Dolly Dots
Dolly Varden
Dolphy, Eric
Domingo, Placido
Domino, Fats
Don Caballero
Donald, Howard
Donegan, Lonnie
Donelly, Tanya
Donnas, The
Doobie Brothers, The
Doors, The
Dore, Charlie
Dorough, Bob
Dorough, Howie
Dorough, Pollyanna
Dors, Diana
Dorsey, Tommy
Dos Coyotes  
Doucet, Michael
Doughty, Mike
Dover, Connie
Dovetail Joint
Down to the Bone
Downey, Brian
Downey, Robert, Jr.
Downie, Gordon
Downy Mildew
Dr. Demento
Dr. Dre  
Drain STH
Drake, Nick
Draper, Courtnee
Dread Zeppelin
Dream Academy
Dream City Film Club
Dream Street
Dream Theater
Dresden Dolls, The
Drifters, The
Droge, Pete
Drop Science  
Dropkick Murphys
Drowning Pool
Dru Hill
Drum, The
Dry Branch Fire Squad
Dub Narcotic Sound System
Dubliners, The
Duff, Hilary
Duke, Patty
Dukes of Stratosphear, The
Dulfer, Candy
Dum Dums
Duncan, Bryan
Dunn, Michael
Dunnery, Francis
Duran Duran
Durante, Jimmy
Durbin, Deanna
Durutti Column, The
Dury, Ian
Dust Brothers
Dylan, Bob
Dynamite Hack
dc Talk
de Leon, Kathleen
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ArtistDirect: DJ Shadow
Discography, links to websites, lyrics, pictures, and video.

D Baba Project
Acid jazz band. Gig schedule, profiles, and streaming audio. [Requires Flash]

D'Leon, Oscar
Biography of the salsa and latin music artist.

D'Rivera, Paquito
Musician and composer of jazz and traditional Cuban music. Biography, discography, photos, and tour dates.

Pictures, reviews, interviews, links and news on Canadian band.

DJ Puzzle
Chicago house DJ/producer's site features gigs, biography, discography, images, audio, video and news.

DNA Strings
Three piece instrumental hybrid group in an easy listening world music format playing Afro-Spanish rhythms and melodies with Irish leanings.

Funky rock band based in San Antonio, Texas playing original music with funny lyrics about subtle sexual themes.

DSP Global
Sound files and CD information for the tribal trance dance outfit.

Rock band site, with pictures, news, show and merchandise information, and recommended links.

Daddario, Joe E.
Includes audio samples, merchandise, reviews, an interview, discography and sound clips.

Daggett, Steve
Contains news, biography, reviews, show schedule, merchandise and a forum.

Leeds, UK based folk rock band. Biography, gig dates, and photos.

Dahlgren, Eva
Information about the Swedish singer and songwriter, with discography, biography, pictures and downloads. Also features information about her wife, singer and jewelry designer Efva Attling.

Daily, Kane
New York-based singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Includes bio, photos, guestbook, and links.

Features photos, biography and contact information.

Punk rock band from Morristown, New Jersey. Contains biography, past shows, audio samples, and pictures.

Grateful Dead influenced jam band from Valley View, Pennsylvania. Includes information and photos.

Dalaras, George
Official site of this Greek artist. Site includes biography, discography, press archives, and latest tour dates.

Dale and Grace
History, concert dates, and CD information for the Christian music duo.

Dalglish, Malcolm
Music of this composer, singer and dulcimer wiz, and Ooolitic Music.

Dallas Orbiter
Low-gravity noise pop from Minneapolis, Minnesota. News, biography, and sound files.

Damgaard, Scott
Personal site of a musician: biography, lyrics, mp3, and photos.

Damh the Bard
British pagan folk singer-songwriter. Biography, information on his works, concerts, blog, writings and information on druidry.

Damn Glad
Biography, audio samples, shows, pictures, reviews and message board from the New York City rock band.

Dan Adams Band
Indie band from Georgia. Formerly known as 1401.

Dan Emery Mystery Band, The
New York City's alternative folk-punk-rock-indie artists; on Home Office Records.

Dancing Cigarettes
Pictures, reviews and recordings of this Midwestern avant-pop group and related bands from the copious archives of G. Don Trubey.

Dancing Light
Acoustic soul duo of Kiki and Greg Webb from Gainesville, Florida. Biographies, media kit, MP3s, art and newsletter.

Dane, Damian
Dedicated in his memory.

Dane, Marshall
Biography, pictures and links for the Ontario artist.

Dangerous Age
Rock band from Berkshire, UK. History, biography, photographs, and music samples.

Dangerous Dogs Act
Gig information, MP3s, set lists, biographies, and news.

Daniel, Adam
Official site features song samples (Realplayer), photos, bio, news and reviews and links.

Official site of the recording/performance artist. Includes news, tour dates, clips and pictures.

Daniels, Zak and the One Eyed Snakes
This official site for this Los Angeles based rock and roll group; includes biographies, MP3 files, photos and CD reviews.

Dano's Island Sounds
Steel drums and calypso music in San Diego, California. Includes brief history of Calypso, events, MP3 audio samples, photos, and Calypso music forum.

Dapper Jones
An indie band from the northwest United States. Band member information and photos.

Dar Gnawa
From Morocco. Biography, contact information and appearances.

Dare, Billy and The Pumps
Camp comedy show band based out of Nashua, New Hampshire. News, pictures, audio samples and biography.

Dark Marbles
Touring and performing garage and power-pop rock and roll band from New York, with listing of upcoming shows.

Dark Patrick
Roots/world/ethnic group from Ukraine. Biography, song samples, tour dates and pictures.

A hard hitting rock band with a classic touch.

Music, pictures and other information about the metal band.

Official site containing news, profiles, discography, audio samples and reviews.

German gothic metal band. Includes the history, photos, lyrics, reviews and downloads.

Song lyrics, indexed by album and alphabetically.

Darling, Gregory
Singer/songwriter's official site offers photos, discography, message board and links.

Dashboard Hulas, The
A 4-piece all-girl rock band out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Band information, show dates, CD information, song clips and lyrics.

Daudier, Jean Michel
Haitian dance world beat music.

Daugherty, Paul
Profile of the saxophonist and composer.

Dauphine Street Blues
Vintage photos, news, original members and Real Audio files.

Dave's Planet
Includes band member biographies, song list and upcoming show dates.

David's Confession
Features member profiles (Mel Botes, Andries Botha, Philip Botha, Conrad Botha), lyrics, gig guide and photographs.

Davidson, George
Recording and performance artist from the Cayman Islands. Includes news, reviews, photos, biography and contact information.

Davincis Kradle
Blends influences from the past three decades. Includes a biography, photos and show dates.

Davis and Dow
South Florida based jazz duo Julie Davis and Kelly Dow: pictures, bio and sound clips in RealAudio and MP3s.

Davis, Andy
Nashville-based singer-songwriter; includes biography, news and show schedule.

Davis, John Keith
Baritone, classical guitar and recorder soloist and composer. Booking information, schedule, MP3, CD, and live performances available.

Davis, Timothy
Contemporary Christian singer-songwriter and evangelist. Biography, blog, pictures and calendar.

Dawson's Rejects
Pop-punk band from Oklahoma City; includes overview and MP3 downloads.

Dawson, Brandon
CD information, performance dates, and reviews for the Boise, Idaho based singer songwriter.

Day Action Band, The
Official site for the pop band from Chapel Hill, NC includes history, profiles, and sound files.

Day, Otis and the Knights
Includes biography, band history, audio and video clips, upcoming schedule and booking information.

Dayton, Jesse
Americana singer/songwriter from Austin, Texas. Audio clips, biography, news and booking information.

Daze, The
Blues/rock band from Langhorne, PA. Show schedule and pictures.

De WÔldsang
Includes news, history, and CD information for the brass band from the Netherlands.

DeGraw, Gavin
New York based rock artist. Site contains biography, show dates, photos, and multimedia.

DeGruccio, Cheri
Composer, pianist and singer from Arizona. Includes biography and history.

DeLaCruz, Valerie
Pop and country singer/songwriter. News, discography, song clips, reviews, show schedule, and biography.

DeLuca, Gina
Schedule, playlist and contact information for the Baltimore guitarist and singer.

DeMott, Steve
Official site includes audio samples, photos, and biography.

DeRosa, Chris
Freelance drummer/musician/composer.

Deacon Steve
East coast alternative band. Contains song list, biographies, show schedule and photographs.

Dead Brain Cells
Thrash speed metal band from Montreal Quebec.

Dead Carp
Lyrics, wav files and chat.

Dead Hippie Society
Detroit area classic and modern rock and roll band. Features biography, calendar, song list, and photographs.

Dead Poets Society
Official site of the synthpop band features news, biographical information, pictures, streaming music, MP3 downloads, and online album purchasing.

Dead Red Elk, The
Includes profiles and equipment information.

Dead T.V.
Contains news, profile, discography, photographs, articles and related links.

Deadites, The
Electronic musicians performing dark electronica to fund their monster hunting endeavors. Images, biographies, lyrics, and a members section that allows you to become a monster hunter and have your information posted online.

Texas based alt country band. Includes news, biography and show dates.

Dean, Tom
Official site of the singer/songwriter includes biography, schedule, lyrics, sound files, and CD information.

Deane, Debbie
Official homepage of the New York based singer/songwriter includes biography, show dates, CD information, photos, and MP3 files.

Dears, The
Pop rock band from Montreal. Audio and video clips, photos, and lyrics.

Deasy, Mike
One of the most recorded guitarist in rock and roll history. Historical and current project information. photographs, guitar tips, newsletter, and merchandise.

Song lyrics, indexed by album and alphabetically.

Death Disco
Metal band from Birmingham, England.

Death SS
Italian metal band. Includes a biography, discography and pictures.

Former lead vocalist for Anthrax. Biography, discography, news, pictures, MP3s, and memorabilia.

Song lyrics, indexed by album and alphabetically.

Deception of Dreams
An all girl band playing in the 80s metal ballad style. Band information, audio clips, photos, and links.

Decibels Band
News, photos, profiles and music of blues, rock, funk and jazz artists.

Decoded Feedback
German/American electronic music band.

Deep Freeze Mice
Information on Deep Freeze Mice and related bands - Ruth's Refrigerator and The Creams. Discography for each.

Deep Release
MP3s and show dates from the band.

Dehmel, JŘrgen
Profile, discography, lyrics, and pictures of the German bass player and songwriter.

Deine Lakaien
Official site including discography, tour dates, news, sound samples, and images. In English and German.

Features information, images, and discography.

Del Forno, Anton
Guitarist and composer. Biography, reviews and comments, discography, interviews, compositions, appearances, and links.

Delicious Water
Jam band and rock music. News, history and MP3s included.

Dell, Dennis
A singer/entertainer with many different voices and styles. Artist information, show dates, booking information, and song clips.

Biography, artists covered, and gigs.

Demby, Constance
Symphonic sacred space music. Biography, discography, news and upcoming events, and information on the instruments played by the artist.

Denhert, K.J.
Biography, schedule, discography, and reviews for the urban folk and jazz artist.

Dennis, Patrick
Official site containing tour dates, discography, biography, downloads, and Truckee Brothers' news.

Denton, Bobby
The official site for the "Singing Senator" from Alabama.

Official site. Information, pictures and downloads.

Department S
1980's psychedelic punk rock band. Full history, discography and pictorial data base.

Hardcore band from Houston. Site features a biography, sound samples, pictures and links.

Derellicts, The
Profiles, lyrics, and sound files for the independent underground band solely founded on improvisational music.

A Spanish rock band, from Chicago, Illinois. Band profile, pictures, news, and gig dates.

Dutch death/grinders.

Official site includes history, show dates, profiles, sound file, and pictures for the Massachusetts band.

Desert Wind
Light jazz and worldbeat music. Pictures, events, discography, lyrics and pictures.

Destination Earth
Band combining elements of the spy, surf, garage, punk and indie rock genres. Includes MP3 samples, merchandise, tour log, member information, reviews, and photo gallery.

German thrash band. Concert dates, photos, lyrics, tabs, audio samples and merchandise.

Song lyrics, indexed by album and alphabetically.

Detonators, The
Australian roots band; audio samples, photos, tour info, and a members section.

Hardcore band based in New York. News, biography, and audio samples.

Dewey, Lisa
Official site of folk/rock female artist. Includes biography, photos, audio samples, and show dates.

Di Gojim
Klezmer band from the Netherlands. Profile, tour dates, and discography.

A Dutch funk-rock band form The Hague. News, gig dates, a biography, member profiles, MP3 demos, and pictures.

Diament, Rob
Male singer from UK.

Diamond Blow, Paul
Site of punk/hard rock artist and his band Ace Diamond Bimbos.

Diamond Head
British rock band.

Diamond, Joseph
Includes biography, news, quotes, sound files, and merchandise.

Diamond, Laura
Official website of the Three Wishes Records recording artist.

Diamonds, The
Brief history of "The Diamonds." Album covers, song listings, and related links.

Scandinavian progressive rock band. Official site includes history, reviews, and sound files.

The official page of the death metal band. Bio, news, sample songs, discography, reviews, and links.

Dick Twang Band
Canadian musical comedy and satire from a unique perspective.

Dickenson, Cindy
Official homepage of Cindy Dickenson. Emerging new singer-songwriter with powerful vocals, blending folk, rock and blues for her own unique soulful sound.

Dickson, Barbara
News, information, photos, concert dates and discography relating to the Scottish singer, songwriter and actress.

Dictatortots, The
Rock band based in Athens, Georgia. News, gig dates, photos, and reviews.

Die Kostume
Offers a biography, original poetry and sound files.

Die Nakse Bananen
Biography, photos and downloads for the Dutch band.

Diehl, Will
Singer and songwriter from Boston providing melodies ranging from folk to alternative.

New York City rock band. News, links, tour dates, magazine articles, and biography.

Four-piece, power-pop/punk band from Allentown, Pennsylvania.

From Bakersfield, California. Includes tour dates, Mp3s, lyrics and reviews.

Digital Retro
Audio files and news.

Dijkstra, Jorrit
Musician/composer from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Profile, news, discography, and press quotes.

Profile, sound files, lyrics, and reviews for the Swedish musician.

Dime to Destiny
Homepage of a young Christian rockband from South Germany - with sound examples.

Offers live music in the New York/New Jersey area. Audio samples, services and song list.

Acoustic rock band from southern Maryland. News, MP3s, gear, pictures, lyrics, biographies and articles.

Pop/rock band based in Stockholm, Sweden. News, audio samples, and gig information.

Dirt Nap Underground
McKenzie, Tennessee based. Includes pictures, discography, show reviews, news and related links.

Dirty Knobs, The
A fan site for this rock band from southern California. Biography, photographs, forum and band-related links.

Dirty Penny
Pop/Rock band from Miami.

Heavy metal band based in Knoxville, Tennessee. News, biography, show dates, and photos.

Disciples of Spess
Pop rock band from Mold, North Wales. Site includes information, news, audio files, and a fan club.

Sound samples, photos and concert dates.

Pop/rock band with violin. Site with news, bio, mp3, real audio, full songs.

Disharmonic Orchestra
Experimental metal band Germany. Discography and audio samples.

Dismal Euphony
Song lyrics, indexed by album and alphabetically.

Funk and reggae packed rock band. Biography, news, and multimedia.

Distant Mirrors
Band member profiles, lyrics, news, song samples, and writings.

Site contains history and sound clips of this West Coast country/rock band.

Information, soundclips, and gig dates for the alternative band from Essex, UK.

Heavy metal band from the USA.

Dizzee Rascal
Official site for the English rapper and MC.

Djangirov, Eldar
New York-based pianist and composer. Tour dates, videos, pictures, biography and discography.

Django Haskins and the Regulars
Calendar, biography, photos, RealAudio sound clips and press clippings

Dmitriev, Alexander
A Russian classical bayanist. Artist information, song clips and discography.

Doc Jazz
Netherlands-based jazz and pop artist. Includes biography, audio files, CD information, and lyrics.

Doctor Midnite
A rock, blues and country blend. Biography, song clips and lyrics.

Doctor Rubber
Stockholm based band. Contains history, pictures, and audio samples. [Swedish and English]

Doctor Squid
Rock/pop band from Athens, Georgia. News, audio, video, discography, pictures and lyrics.

Dodd, Patrick
Offers streaming audio from the political singer/songwriter.

DogTown Road
Official page contains MP3s, news, pictures, schedule, and other information.

Includes upcoming shows, poems, information about his albums and novel, and a discography.

Doll Factory
Official site this Seattle alternative band. Song clips and band information.

Dolmen, The
Medieval/folk-rock band from Dorset, England. Biography, gigs and pictures.

Dolzani, Brian
Audio samples, lyrics, biography, press, pictures and tour dates for the guitarist and singer-songwriter.

Domino, Floyd
Grammy winner country music artist based in Texas. Biography and show dates.

Don't Know Dick
Rock group from Berwick, Pennsylvania. Includes a playlist, show dates and pictures.

Donadi, Dani
Italian singer's official website. Offers Real Audio, tour dates and contact information.

Donati, Virgil
News, biography, discography, sound files, tour dates, and pictures for the drummer.

Donovan, Dan
The Tribe of Dan. Bio, show dates, and reviews.

Dopes, The
Rock band based in Michigan. Biography and gig dates.

Doran, David
With links to concerts, CDs, management, photos, and links.

Official site of the Swiss duo.

Double Cross
Central Florida rock band.

Double S
Punk/alternative rock band from Columbus, Ohio. News, member profiles, icons, scheduled shows.

Double Shot Band, The
A southern rock group from Savannah, Georgia. Background information, song clips, lyrics, photos, show dates, and reviews.

Double Standard
A Punk/Ska-Core band from New York. News, sample song, lyrics, photos, show dates, merchandise, and links.

Doucette, Jerry
Rock artist based in Canada. Biography, photos, and audio samples.

Douglas, Keaton
Profile and audio samples for the singer.

Douglas, Keith & the Corps of Discovery
Edinburgh, Scotland, songwriter and guitarist. Pictures, music, tour dates and band profile.

Douglass, Gregory
Burlington, Vermont based singer/songwriter. Contains lyrics, music, show schedule, news, biography and a message board.

Douglass, Julia
Official website for this New York City singer/songwriter and acoustic guitarist. Pictures, lyrics, reviews, album ordering, scheduled shows.

Dovells, The
Official page containing biographies, discography, photographs, upcoming shows, merchandise, and related links.

Dowd, Eamonn and the Racketeers
Country-rock band from Ireland. Official site includes news, tour information, song samples.

Dowdall, Leslie
Female singer and songwriter from Ireland.

Official site containing news, tour dates, photos, and message board.

Down County Boys
Bluegrass band from the U.K. History, pictures, biographies, discography and schedule.

A grunge band from Toronto.

Downing, Will
Rhythm and blues and jazz singer. Includes biography, discography, and downloads.

Band from Birmingham, Alabama. Pictures, MP3 downloads, scheduled shows, chat, merchandise, biography.

Pictures, band information, show dates, merchandise and song lyrics.

Dr Feelgood
Rhythm and blues band from Essex, UK. News, tour dates, gigs archive, and complete history of the band presented in words, photos, and multimedia files.

Dr. Elmo
Artist best known for the holiday classic, 'Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.' Includes biography, discography, booking information, photos and contact information.

Dr. Feelgood
British rhythm and blues band from Canvey Island, Essex. Contains news, discography, photographs, lyrics, and articles.

Dr. Theopolis
Portland based rap/hip-hop/funk band. Biography, photos, and audio/video samples.

Danish jazz band. Contains profile, and audio files.

Dragnet 3, The
Band from Amsterdam, London and The Hague. Includes news, tour information, pictures and contact.

Dragon Ash
Profile, discography, and pictures of the Japanese band.

Dream Weaver
Power metal band from Greece. Includes biography, pictures, MP3s, lyrics and news.

Dressler, Anton
A Russian clarinet player. Background information, music samples, and photos.

Drew Nelson Band
An Ottawa blues band. Provides pictures, biography, discography, booking information.

Dreyer, Craig
A tenor saxophone/vocalist in New York City with has two bands available for clubs, private parties, wedding bands and functions. Biography, band information, show dates, reviews and CD information.

Industrial rock band. Includes photos and contact information. [Requires Flash]

Find out everything about the Amsterdam-based easy tune duo and Drive-in Productions.

Droogs, The
Official site of the California garage rock band includes biography, discography, reviews, news, video file, and merchandise.

Drool Brothers
Eclectic lo-fi funk band. Offers a biography, sound clips and contact information.

Dropkick Murphys
Official web site. Biography, audio, discography, lyrics, tablatures, trivia, pictures, merchandise, guestbook, F.A.Q. and tour dates.

Drovers, The
Irish/folk rock band based out of Chicago, Illinois. Biographies, pictures, song downloads and merchandise information.

Dru, Rebecca
Singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Includes a biography.

Drug Store Cowboys
Austin based hard rock band. Contains tour schedule, photographs and links.

Drum Ecstasy
Featuring three drummers and one bassist. News, biography, and photos.

Drummond, Pat
Australian folk singer/songwriter. His music presents a composite picture of Australia and her people.

News, sound files, history, gig dates, photos, and CD information for the Illinois rock band.

Dry Heavers
Offers band history and news.

Dubb, Kirk
Seattle rapper's official web site.

Dublin City Ramblers
Playing Irish music, including ballads and pub songs, for over 25 years. Band history, CD information and show dates.

Dudes Named Fred
Philadelphia area band, including show dates and photo gallery.

Duffecy, Chris
Listen to selections from the CD, "The Milky Way".

Duke Spirit,The
News, tour dates, film, photos, and discography with audio samples.

Includes biographies, links, MP3, concert dates, merchandise, and band information.

Dumpster Juice
Minneapolis band recording on Spanish Records.

Dumpy's Rusty Nuts
Rock and blues band with tour dates, history, images and contact information.

Irish music group from Britanny. Traditional and contemporary songs and tunes, arranged for acoustic instruments with fresh and dynamic style.

Dunbar, Aynsley
Official site of the drummer who has played with Journey, Jeff Beck, John Mayall, David Bowie, UFO, and Eric Burdon and the New Animals.

Dunfield, Ruth
Folk music singer/songwriter from St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada. Biography, show dates, photos, and audio samples.

Dunn, Jackie
Fiddler from Lower South River, Nova Scotia. Includes a biography, discography, photos, articles, tour dates and links.

Dunn, Robyne
One of Australia's most critically acclaimed singer songwriters. All her CDs are available for purchase. Streaming audio is included on site.

Dunne, Andy
Pop-rock entertainer and songwriter from Cork City, Ireland. Biography, photos, and lyrics.

Dunne, Christopher
Guitarist and vocalist. Solo act audio samples and links to historical information.

Dunnett, Stephen
Swing and Rat Pack-style singer in Essex, England. Audio samples, song list and testimonials.

Duo Guardabarranco
Nicaraguan duo consisting of brother and sister Salvador and Katia Cardenal. History, discography, tour information, lyrics, and reviews.

Dupree, Robbie
Singer/songwriter. Includes biography, discography, news, merchandise, and links.

Dupree, Simon and The Big Sound
1960s British pop band's biography, anecdotes, pictures, discography and trivia.

Dupri, Jermaine
Atlanta based rapper. News, biography, photos, and audio samples.

Dutch Courage
1980's punk rock band.

Dutra, Phil
From Atlanta, Georgia. News, photos, MP3 files and tour dates.

Dweebs, The
Variety rock band from the midwest. Includes schedule, booking information, and information.

Dyed Emotions
Offers band news, gig dates, press reviews, audio files and links.

Dyer, Robert
Guitarist site with biography, release information, merchandise and MP3s.

Dynamite Blues Family
Includes a brief description, upcoming events and MP3 samples for this blues and rhythm and blues band.

Dynamite Jive
Hip hop duo from California. Biography, MP3 clips, message board, pictures.

Oostburg, Wisconsin heavy metal band. Biography, merchandise and tour dates.

Dark misanthropic band from California. Contains interviews, lyrics, and discography.

New York City-based latin rock band.

Toronto based ambient electronic artists.

Westminster punk rock band. Includes band profile and MP3s.