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Bloopers and Mistakes
Star Wars Movies
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Film Sound Cliches
Stereotypes found in film sounds, as well as common logic flaws, arranged by keyword.

How Does the Movie End
Provides information on film endings along with overall ratings.

Movie Secrets
Secret messages, factoids, inside jokes, and cameo appearances categorized in alphabetical order.

Reveals endings to classic and recently released features. Alphabetical listing of films.

Ruined Endings
Provides endings for various films, organized alphabetically. Allows user contributions and modifications. Movies
Urban legends about movies.

Spoils the endings of films in 80 characters and provides short URLs for individual spoilers for use on social media networks. User-driven.

The Movie Spoiler
Contains information about the endings of current and upcoming movies.

Things in Movies
Provides brief descriptions of scenes, characters, props, and other details.