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Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah  
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Alec's Godzilla Page
Drawings by Alex, images from movies, monster statistics.

Barry's Temple of Godzilla
Includes movie reviews, photographs, sound clips, cartoons, and animations.

Club Tokyo: The Godzilla Virtual Museum
List of Godzilla toys as well as toys of related monsters.

Consters Museum of Godzilla
A collection of Godzilla humor, including a page about Godzilla biology and an essay on how to be a beautiful kaiju.

Gary's Godzilla Zone
Background information, reviews of the films, QuickTime video clips, image galleries, details about rival monsters, fan art, and links [requires Flash].

Godzilla & Team (Przemek's Monstrocity)
Toho monsters gallery, film list, pictures, posters, music and roars (wav, mp3).

Godzilla Monster Music
A website devoted to the music of Godzilla movies: reviews of CDs, photos from liner notes, lists of pieces on each CD.

Godzilla Tower
Monster Museum and ultimate monster poll site. The home of WMW: World Monster Wrestling.

Godzilla Trivia Quiz
Test a fan's monster movie IQ.

Godzilla's Terror of Tokyo
Movie reviews with a twist, a review of the Godzilla Compendium, a message board, an art contest, pictures, MIDIs, and an online Godzilla story.

Godzilla's World
Pictures and statistics for Godzilla and his fellow kaiju.

Godzilla: A Hollywood Jesus visual film review.
A Christian look at Godzilla.

Godzillas Gone on a Rage
Sound clips, pictures, and animated gifs.

Gojira's Domain
Fan site with fan fiction and multimedia.

Kevin's Godzilla Dungeon
Godzilla ABCs and jokes, daikaiju biology, and pictures.

King Ghidorah's Godzilla Page
Sounds, movie reviews, statistics, collectibles, and movie list.

Malachi's Monster Page
These are Malachi's interviews with Toho monsters, including Godzilla, Mothra and Anguirus. Now with sketches from the Toho Light Opera Company.

Six Questions About Godzilla Answered by J.D. Lees
J.D. Lees of G-Fan explains the whys and wherefores of the Big G.

SpaceGodzilla and Ebirah's reviews!
Reviews of Toho movies by Toho characters.

The Godzilla Saga
Reviews and guides to Godzilla movies, the animated TV series and classic Godzilla commercials.

Tom's Quest of Godzilla
Site features Godzilla comics, Kaiju Quest, kreate-a-kaiju, art, stories, history, monster index, fan fiction, pictures, and downloads.

Topher's Composite Godzilla Movie Ratings
Movie ratings on all Godzilla movies by five qualified experts with a composite score also given.

Total Danger -
Read "Godzilla vs The Mysterians" and the story behind The Story. By Mick Anger

Wikizilla - Wikia
Posting about Godzilla, Gamera and related movie monsters since 2005.