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About Action/Adventure Movies
Interviews with stars and analysis of trends and classics by Fred Topel.

Action Films
Analysis of the action genre. Also includes a list of the greatest action films.

Adventure Films
Extensive look at the genre from swashbucklers to "Lawrence of Arabia" to disaster movies.

Cop Action Films
Charts the shift from the vengeful vigilante cop of the 1970s to the action-hero cop of the 1980s.
News, information, charts, and reviews of disaster movies. Covers movies about natural disasters, accidents, wrecks and science fiction disasters.

Everything Action
Weblog with news, extensive action character profiles, links to videos, and feature articles.

Kaboom Review
In-depth reviews of a variety of films by Mike Blitz, with screenshots.

The Greatest Disaster Films of All Time
Beth Rowan's picks, including The Towering Inferno, The Abyss, The Poseidon Adventure and Airport.

Top 50 Action Films
Internet Movie Database users vote for the top fifty all-time Action movies.

Top 50 Adventure Films
Internet Movie Database users vote for the top fifty all-time Adventure movies.

VaRaces: Movie Car Chase Database
Searchable by car type, film or location. Provides chase descriptions, pictures, forums, and links.