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Acheson, James
Adrian, Gilbert
Aldredge, Theoni V.  
Appel, Deena
Atwood, Colleen
Banton, Travis
Barrett, Kym
Beaton, Cecil
Beavan, Jenny
Bloomfield, John
Bridges, Mark
Canonero, Milena
Chappel, Tim
Dalton, Phyllis
De Mora, Robert
Dicks-Mireaux, Odile  
Dickson, Ngila
Dillon, Rudy
Donati, Danilo
Furse, Margaret
Gardiner, Lizzy
Gaultier, Jean Paul
Harris, Caroline
Head, Edith
Hemming, Lindy
Hornung, Richard
Ishioka, Eiko
Jeakins, Dorothy
LeMaire, Charles
Louis, Jean
Mabry, Moss
Mackie, Bob
Makovsky, Judianna
Margiela, Martin
Martin, Catherine
Miller, Nolan
Mollo, John
Myers, Ruth
Novarese, Vittorio Nino
Orry-Kelly, John  
Patterson, Janet
Pescucci, Gabriella
Phillips, Arianne
Pistek, Theodor
Plunkett, Walter
Powell, Anthony
Powell, Sandy
Resumes and Portfolios
Rodgers, Aggie Guerard
Root, Melina
Rose, Helen
Rose, Penny
Roth, Ann
Schiaparelli, Elsa
Scott, Deborah Lynn
Secord, Ruth
Sharaff, Irene
Sheppard, Anna B.  
Shoup, Howard
Storm, Casey
Taylor, Richard
Travilla, William
Tree, Dolly
Trigere, Pauline
Wada, Emi
Wamsley, Hal
Weiss, Julie
Wolsky, Albert
Yates, Janty
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