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Heroic Cinema
The guide to finding Hong Kong Movies in Australia.

Hong Kong Cinema
Information, news and reviews on many famous Kung Fu films and stars.

Hong Kong Eclectic
A filmbuff site for Hong Kong Cinema featuring reviews and pictures.

Hong Kong Film Awards
Film critics' choice of ten films annually since 1982.

Hong Kong Film Net
General Hong Kong movie site with hundreds of reviews plus multimedia, glossary, links, video games, etc.

Love HK
A comprehensive website featuring indepth reviews(new and archived)about Hong Kong Cinema.

Shaw Brothers
An unofficial fan site for the Kings of Asian Cinema. This site has information, pictures, movie lists and a message board.

The Girls Guide to Hong Kong Movies
Provides a female-centric view of who and what to watch in Hong Kong cinema.

The Gweilo's Guide to Hong Kong Movies
Indepth Hong Kong movie reviews from an American perspective.

The Taoist Priest in Hong Kong Cinema
Essay about Taoism as it is represented in popular films and embodied in 'action priest' characters.