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Anime Crave
Contains full episodes, movies, music, trailers and music videos for a large number of series. Also offers avatars, wallpapers, and other images.

Anime Web Graphics
Web ring for those who create free anime-related graphics services.

Artists' Hangout
Wallpapers, icons, and avatars.

Giniko-Chan's Screen Savers
Screensavers from several series.

Kayu no Media
MP3s, videos, screenshots, animated gifs, midis, and videos.

Ripper's Anime Page
Downloads of games, music videos, manga, and music. Also includes image gallery's and a manga translation forum.

Winamp skins, AIM icons, and avatars.

Tower of Tinabula
Wallpapers and Winamp skins.

White Mirage
Original artwork and wallpaper.