Headline News (September 22, 2018)

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   Brexit compromise still possible, Donald Tusk says  -  BBC
   Labour could renationalise railways in five years - McDonnell  -  BBC
   Rod Rosenstein denies voicing plot to remove Trump  -  BBC
   Rihanna appointed as ambassador by Barbados  -  BBC
   Minimum wage: Workers underpaid by record £15.6m  -  BBC
   Salisbury Prezzo poisoning scare not a hoax, says Anna Shapiro  -  BBC
   CCTV shows hillside collapse in Philippines landslide  -  BBC
   'Hezbollah treasurer' Barakat arrested in Brazil border city  -  BBC
   Brett Kavanaugh nomination: Trump challenges accuser  -  BBC
   Code-cracking WW2 Bombe operation recreated at Bletchley  -  BBC
   Grassley grants Kavanaugh accuser another extension  -  FOX
   Small North Carolina town latest to feel Florence's fury  -  FOX
   Ole Miss faculty ask donor to remove name after racial post  -  FOX
   Minnesota state lawmaker ends reelection bid amid daughter's allegations of ...  -  FOX
   The Latest: Faculty ask donor to remove name from school  -  FOX
   China cancels trade talks with US amid escalation in tariff threats  -  FOX
   Family: Man killed under Santa Monica Pier wasn't homeless  -  FOX
   Attorneys for Christine Blasey Ford ask for another day to make decision to testify  -  FOX
   Stumping in Missouri, Trump says he'll clear out ‘lingering stench’ at FBI, DOJ  -  FOX
   California man arrested in 10 'horrific' cold-case rapes  -  FOX
   Your Friday Evening News Briefing: Rod Rosenstein, Brett Kavanaugh, Trump  -  NY Times
   Rod Rosenstein Suggested Secretly Recording Trump and Discussed 25th Amendment  -  NY Times
   The 25th Amendment: The Difficult Process to Remove a President  -  NY Times
   In Reversal, Trump No Longer Demands Declassification of Russia Documents  -  NY Times
   Trump Says if Attack on Kavanaugh Accuser Was 'as Bad as She Says,' Charges Would ...  -  NY Times
   Many Voters Tend to Believe Christine Blasey Ford, Even if They Question Her Motive  -  NY Times
   Conservative Pundit Points Finger at Another Man to Deflect from Kavanaugh  -  NY Times
   Florence's Floodwaters Breach Defenses at Duke Energy Plant, Sending Toxic Coal Ash ...  -  NY Times
   What Is Coal Ash and Why Is It Dangerous?  -  NY Times
   Billionaire Backer of Maria Butina Had Russian Security Ties  -  NY Times
   Rosenstein joked about secretly recording Trump, Justice Department officials say  -  NBC
   #WhyIDidntReport inspires survivors of sexual abuse in defiance of Trump  -  NBC
   Fact checking the Ted Cruz-Beto O'Rourke Senate debate  -  NBC
   Should Pluto be a planet again? New study reignites contentious debate  -  NBC
   Republicans extend deadline for Kavanaugh accuser to respond to hearing offer  -  NBC
   Rail company blamed for Hurricane Florence flooding in North Carolina town  -  NBC
   Trump backs down on demand that secret Russia probe docs be released  -  NBC
   HUD Secretary Carson defends Kavanaugh by bringing up paternity claim he faced  -  NBC
   China warns U.S. to withdraw new sanctions or 'bear the consequences'  -  NBC
   China cancels trade talks with U.S. as tariff threats escalate: WSJ  -  Reuters
   Grassley grants Kavanaugh accuser extension on how to proceed on possible testimony  -  Reuters
   Adviser says U.S. close to Mexico-only NAFTA deal, Canada unmoved  -  Reuters
   Mexico will seek deal with Canada if NAFTA talks fail: Lopez Obrador  -  Reuters
   Caterpillar leans on old playbook to cope with Trump tariffs  -  Reuters
   Senate candidates Cruz, O'Rourke square off in fractious debate  -  Reuters
   'You better pray:' More flooding in Carolinas a week after Florence  -  Reuters
   Kavanaugh accuser given more time to make decision about testifying  -  CBS
   DHS: FEMA chief used vehicles without authorizition, but won't be fired  -  CBS
   "Women are for him more than anybody would understand," Trump says about Kavanaugh ...  -  CBS
   Cruz, O'Rourke face off about Kavanaugh, O'Rourke's past, guns and Trump in ...  -  CBS
   Republicans on Senate panel send letter to potential Kavanaugh party attendee  -  CBS
   Rod Rosenstein denies report saying he discussed invoking 25th Amendment to remove ...  -  CBS
   Puerto Rico: A year of reporting on Hurricane Maria  -  CBS
   Dam breached by floodwaters at power plant in North Carolina  -  CBS
   DNA and genetic genealogy used to ID suspect in "NorCal Rapist" case  -  CBS
   Less than 340,000 have flood insurance in North and South Carolina combined  -  CBS

World News (September 22, 2018)

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   Rod Rosenstein denies voicing plot to remove Trump  -  BBC
   Lake Victoria Tanzania ferry disaster: Divers hunt for survivors  -  BBC
   Rihanna appointed as ambassador by Barbados  -  BBC
   Brett Kavanaugh nomination: Trump challenges accuser  -  BBC
   'Hezbollah treasurer' Barakat arrested in Brazil border city  -  BBC
   Canadian politician says a family can eat on $75 a week  -  BBC
   Man killed in electric scooter crash in Washington DC  -  BBC
   Report slams 'high flying' UN environment chief  -  BBC
   Kenya briefly lifts ban on lesbian film Rafiki ahead of Oscars  -  BBC
   When is a German not a German? Identity re-emerges as a thorny issue  -  NBC
   Indian bishop arrested on charges of raping nun  -  NBC
   Snapchat addict who posted video of dying boyfriend is sentenced to 14 years for ...  -  NBC
   Kenya lifts ban on lesbian film, making it eligible for Oscars  -  NBC
   China warns U.S. to withdraw new sanctions or 'bear the consequences'  -  NBC
   More than 100 dead after ferry sinks just yards from dock in Tanzania  -  NBC
   Proposed circumcision ban rattles Jews, Muslims in Iceland  -  NBC
   Brexit at breaking point? E.U., U.K. fail to resolve border issue as deadline looms  -  NBC
   Vietnam President Tran Dai Quang dead at 61  -  NBC
   Trump identifies remains of two American soldiers killed in Korean war  -  NBC
   China cancels trade talks with US amid escalation in tariff threats  -  FOX
   UN council support tough action for peacekeeping failures  -  FOX
   UN aid chief: Fight against famine is being lost in Yemen  -  FOX
   Colombia honors 14 sniffer dogs at emotional retirement  -  FOX
   Father of Russian held in US says jail conditions improved  -  FOX
   Brazil arrests man linked to Hezbollah on crimes in Paraguay  -  FOX
   Far-right shuts French rapper out of Bataclan attack site  -  FOX
   Christian ex-child soldier, now hip-hop artist, calls for forgiveness  -  FOX
   Lavrov says Russia won't interfere in Bosnia Oct. 7 election  -  FOX
   Theresa May warns EU she will not overturn Brexit referendum after bloc rejects deal  -  FOX
   China's Liaoning vows to eradicate 'bad influence' of Bo Xilai  -  Reuters
   China opens embassy in Dominican Republic after break with Taiwan  -  Reuters
   Mexican journalist murdered while leaving his home  -  Reuters
   Brazil court orders Twitter to hand over user data related to Bolsonaro attack  -  Reuters
   Trump administration destabilizes global peace: Iran's Zarif  -  Reuters
   Fugitive New Mexico priest pleads not guilty to abuse charges  -  Reuters
   UK PM May facing ministerial resignations over Brexit plan: Telegraph  -  Reuters
   Romanian ruling party leader defeats dissenters who want him out  -  Reuters
   The Death Toll for Afghan Forces Is Secret. Here's Why.  -  NY Times
   Italy Loosens Vaccine Law Just as Children Return to School  -  NY Times
   Brexit Talks at 'Impasse,' Theresa May Says, After a Rancorous Summit  -  NY Times
   Tanzanian Ferry Capsizes, Killing at Least 131  -  NY Times
   The Saturday Profile: A 'Hillbilly' From Arkansas, Doing Life in Qatar  -  NY Times
   Mexico's President-Elect Vows to Fly Commercial Despite Delay  -  NY Times
   As U.N. Gathers, Taiwan, Frozen Out, Struggles to Get Noticed  -  NY Times
   China's Sea Control Is a Done Deal, 'Short of War With the U.S.'  -  NY Times
   Cambodia Frees Australian Filmmaker Convicted of Spying  -  NY Times
   U.S. Weighs Next Steps as Syria's Civil War Enters Climactic Phase  -  NY Times
   Ferry boat that capsized, killing more than 130, was dangerously overloaded  -  CBS
   Father of accused Russian spy Maria Butina tells his side of the story  -  CBS
   Father of Maria Butina denies she is a Russian spy  -  CBS
   China and Russia warn U.S. of "consequences" for sanctions  -  CBS
   Tanzania leader orders arrests as ferry death toll tops 130  -  CBS
   Vietnamese president dies at 61 of unconfirmed illness  -  CBS
   More than 30 passengers hurt after loss in cabin pressure mid-flight  -  CBS
   Abalone poaching fueling crime in South Africa  -  CBS
   Pence presents flag used at repatriation ceremony to Korean War Memorial  -  CBS
   Rights groups fear peaceful activism could now cost Saudi women their lives  -  CBS

National News (September 22, 2018)

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   New layer of armed security added to Florida school  -  NBC
   DHS secretary says FEMA chief won't lose job  -  NBC
   Mississippi teen still missing 25 years after vanishing from restaurant parking lot  -  NBC
   #WhyIDidntReport inspires survivors of sexual abuse in defiance of Trump  -  NBC
   12 potential victims come forward after doctor accused of druggings, sexual assaults  -  NBC
   Florence floodwaters breach dam at power plant; coal ash could spill  -  NBC
   FDA approves first spray-on skin product  -  NBC
   Uber rider escapes alleged kidnapping attempt  -  NBC
   Guatemalan man sentenced to 16 years in crash that killed Colts player, Uber driver  -  NBC
   Small North Carolina town latest to feel Florence's fury  -  FOX
   Ole Miss faculty ask donor to remove name after racial post  -  FOX
   The Latest: Faculty ask donor to remove name from school  -  FOX
   Family: Man killed under Santa Monica Pier wasn't homeless  -  FOX
   California man arrested in 10 'horrific' cold-case rapes  -  FOX
   The Latest: Shooting victim was recent immigrant from Nepal  -  FOX
   Girl, 4 others shot during memorial service expected to live  -  FOX
   Video sought in case of man shot in own home in Texas  -  FOX
   Grassley grants Kavanaugh accuser extension on how to proceed on possible testimony  -  Reuters
   Texan running 3-D printed guns company ordered to leave Taiwan  -  Reuters
   Sexual assault probe of California physician, girlfriend expands  -  Reuters
   Senate candidates Cruz, O'Rourke square off in fractious debate  -  Reuters
   PayPal ends business dealings with Alex Jones's Infowars  -  Reuters
   U.S. backs protecting Yellowstone’s northern gateway from mining  -  Reuters
   'You better pray:' More flooding in Carolinas a week after Florence  -  Reuters
   Duke shuts natgas plant due to Florence floods, coal ash leak feared  -  Reuters
   Fugitive New Mexico priest pleads not guilty to abuse charges  -  Reuters
   Senate panel to vote on Kavanaugh on Monday unless deal reached with accuser  -  Reuters
   What Is Coal Ash and Why Is It Dangerous?  -  NY Times
   As Economy Roars, Army Falls Thousands Short of Recruiting Goals  -  NY Times
   As Florence Death Toll Climbs, Families Grapple with Loss of Infants  -  NY Times
   Sunrise Melodies and Tearful Reflections: Puerto Rico a Year After Maria  -  NY Times
   On Politics: This Week's Biggest Stories  -  NY Times
   At Missouri Rally, Trump Casts Midterm Elections as Referendum on Presidency  -  NY Times
   Trump's Ex-Lawyer Is Said to Have Proposed Diverting Funds to Manafort and Gates  -  NY Times
   Trump raises doubts about Kavanaugh's accuser, suggests assault allegations made up ...  -  LA Times
   Indiana to ask Supreme Court to hear abortion case  -  LA Times
   Trump backs down on order to declassify Russia documents  -  LA Times
   A high-stakes game of chicken over the Supreme Court  -  LA Times
   The Alaskan Arctic in autumn: Last gasps of color and light before the dark of winter  -  LA Times
   Forget Trump and demonize Democrats as wild-eyed radicals — that's the Republican ...  -  LA Times
   Kavanaugh accuser's offer to testify about alleged sexual assault puts key ...  -  LA Times
   State Department announces sanctions on 33, including Russians charged with meddling ...  -  LA Times
   A year after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico still struggles to regain what hasn’t ...  -  LA Times
   Trump visits the Carolinas to view hurricane damage and gets a warm welcome  -  LA Times
   Kavanaugh accuser given more time to make decision about testifying  -  CBS
   Puerto Rico: The exodus after Hurricane Maria  -  CBS
   Puerto Rico's grim prognosis: The island may never recover  -  CBS
   Trump says there's a "lingering stench" at Justice Dept., FBI  -  CBS
   Dam breached by floodwaters at power plant in North Carolina  -  CBS
   Investigation: Faster response to college football player's collapse "might have ...  -  CBS
   Cruz, O'Rourke face off about Kavanaugh, O'Rourke's past, guns and Trump in ...  -  CBS
   9/21/18: CBSN Evening News  -  CBS
   A college student and a minister answer each other's prayers  -  CBS
   A college student and a minister answered each other's prayers  -  CBS

Business News (September 22, 2018)

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   Minimum wage: Workers underpaid by record £15.6m  -  BBC
   Is this the secret to High Street success?  -  BBC
   Goldman Sachs wants your piggy bank  -  BBC
   Pound falls after May's Brexit statement  -  BBC
   NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank say online banking glitch 'resolved'  -  BBC
   Government borrowing jumps to £6.8bn in August  -  BBC
   Uber-Deliveroo 'talks' hit Just Eat's share price  -  BBC
   Moss Bros shares dive on profit warning  -  BBC
   Ex-BHS boss Dominic Chappell loses pensions conviction appeal  -  BBC
   Australian strawberries: Why would someone hide a needle in fruit?  -  BBC
   Squeezed by Trump's visa changes, seasonal businesses say they face existential ...  -  NBC
   Tariffs could lead to 2M drop in car sales and cost 715,000 jobs  -  NBC
   Worried about your personal data? Now you can freeze your credit for free  -  NBC
   Amazon launches Alexa-enabled microwave, clock and more  -  NBC
   Life insurer: All customers can wear health trackers  -  NBC
   Trump blasts the Middle East for high oil prices — but the U.S. is the world's top ...  -  NBC
   Europe gives Facebook a three-month ultimatum over user data  -  NBC
   Trump trade war killed my promise of 1 million U.S. jobs, Chinese billionaire says  -  NBC
   Russia teams up with China to aim for 'desirable world order'  -  NBC
   White House optimistic on China trade; no date for more talks  -  Reuters
   China cancels trade talks with U.S. as tariff threats escalate: WSJ  -  Reuters
   Adviser says U.S. close to Mexico-only NAFTA deal, Canada unmoved  -  Reuters
   Mexico will seek deal with Canada if NAFTA talks fail: Lopez Obrador  -  Reuters
   Caterpillar leans on old playbook to cope with Trump tariffs  -  Reuters
   United Airlines pilots resist contract changes over regional routes  -  Reuters
   Dow hits new closing high ahead of index reshuffle  -  Reuters
   Lehman Brothers workers share memories 10 years after the fall  -  Reuters
   Volume spikes on sector reshuffle, quadruple witching  -  Reuters
   As new iPhones go on sale, studies reveal chips from Intel and Toshiba  -  Reuters
   Hong Kong opens high-speed rail link with mainland China  -  FOX
   Hawaii volcanoes park to reopen after monthslong eruption  -  FOX
   Secured vs. Unsecured Debt: What's the Difference?  -  FOX
   Macy's Management Talks Omnichannel Strategy, Backstage Expansion, and More  -  FOX
   Arlo or Sonos: Which Smart-Home IPO Is the Better Buy?  -  FOX
   Disruptor Alert: These 2 Companies Are Changing the Energy Sector  -  FOX
   Could "Blackout" Be Activision's Next Esports League?  -  FOX
   Could Amazon’s “New World” Be the Next Blockbuster MMO?  -  FOX
   Michelle Obama's Big Book Rollout: 'It's Like You're Looking at a Madonna Tour'  -  NY Times
   Tariffs to Raise Cost of Rebuilding After Hurricane Florence  -  NY Times
   Inside Italy's Shadow Economy  -  NY Times
   Can Nafta Be Saved? These Two Negotiators Are Trying.  -  NY Times
   David Boies Pleads Not Guilty  -  NY Times
   Wealth Matters: Life Insurance Offering More Incentive to Live Longer  -  NY Times
   Your Money Adviser: An Alternative to Payday Loans, but It's Still High Cost  -  NY Times
   Strategies: Why Tariff and Trade Disputes Are More than a Money Problem  -  NY Times
   Less than 340,000 have flood insurance in North and South Carolina combined  -  CBS
   Trump's trade war: Why the economy may soon feel the pain  -  CBS
   Why banning straws won't do that much to clean up our oceans  -  CBS
   Companies in no rush to bring home overseas cash  -  CBS
   PayPal bans Alex Jones, InfoWars website  -  CBS
   Colin Kaepernick is Nike's $6 billion man  -  CBS
   Major general explains rare shortfall in Army recruits  -  CBS
   Wells Fargo plans to cut up to 26,000 workers and other MoneyWatch headlines  -  CBS
   At California restaurants, plastic straws to be "by request only"  -  CBS
   Tilray shares plunge, capping wild week for cannabis star  -  CBS
   Airbnb wants to give hosts a piece of its business  -  CBS

Technology News (September 22, 2018)

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   Code-cracking WW2 Bombe operation recreated at Bletchley  -  BBC
   Facebook stops sending staff to help political campaigns  -  BBC
   Amazon makes Alexa-controlled microwave  -  BBC
   China blocks Twitch game-streaming service  -  BBC
   Instagram's IGTV recommended 'abusive' videos  -  BBC
   Internet regulator considered for UK  -  BBC
   GoPro Hero 7 camera films smooth videos without gimbal  -  BBC
   John Hancock adds fitness tracking to all policies  -  BBC
   Vote Leave data firm hit with first ever GDPR notice  -  BBC
   The artist as an algorithm: robot-made Rembrandt for sale  -  Reuters
   FCC chairman ramps up defense of net neutrality repeal  -  Reuters
   As new iPhones go on sale, studies reveal chips from Intel and Toshiba  -  Reuters
   Farfetch tops price range in IPO in boon to luxury market  -  Reuters
   Uber in talks to buy food delivery firm Deliveroo: Bloomberg  -  Reuters
   Switzerland tries to stem blockchain exodus by improving access to banks  -  Reuters
   Rare Marilyn Monroe artifacts up for auction  -  FOX
   Deer fight goes viral after images of stags locked in battle emerge  -  FOX
   Japan lowers rovers onto 'dumpling' asteroid, hopeful of historic touchdown  -  FOX
   Scientists gave octopuses ecstasy and it revealed a secret genetic link to humans  -  FOX
   'Holy Grail' fossil mystery cracked – 558 million-year-old fat reveals earliest ...  -  FOX
   Legends of a medieval female pope may tell the truth, researcher says  -  FOX
   Astronauts going to Mars will absorb crazy amounts of radiation. Now we Know how ...  -  FOX
   'Game of Thrones' altar discovered at ancient Maya temple, reveals its secrets  -  FOX
   Tornado in Virginia cracks open tree filled with 70,000 bees: 'It was a catastrophic ...  -  FOX
   PayPal Cuts Off Alex Jones's Infowars, Joining Other Tech Giants  -  NY Times
   The Week in Tech: Are Robots Coming for Your Job? Eventually, Yes.  -  NY Times
   If You See Disinformation Ahead of the Midterms, We Want to Hear From You  -  NY Times
   Jeff Bezos Cites a Big Number, but Few Details, in Plan for Low-Income Montessori ...  -  NY Times
   Hey, Alexa, Why is Amazon Making a Microwave?  -  NY Times
   Sloan Kettering's Cozy Deal With Start-Up Ignites a New Uproar  -  NY Times
   France Bans Smartphones in Schools Through 9th Grade. Will It Help Students?  -  NY Times
   PayPal bans Alex Jones, InfoWars website  -  CBS
   Inside the lab studying how to fight fire tornadoes  -  CBS
   Women founders have a huge problem: Too little equity  -  CBS
   Apple farmers worry about changing climate  -  CBS
   Annoying robocalls expected to get worse  -  CBS
   Search warrant debunks theories about solar observatory's closure  -  CBS
   Facebook tool lets businesses avoid hiring women, ACLU alleges  -  CBS
   Spotify accused of discriminating against women  -  CBS
   Voting machines are vulnerable to hackers  -  CBS
   Scientists say hurricane ratings fail to convey danger of deadly rain  -  CBS
   Air pollutants found in mothers' placentas, new study finds  -  CBS

Entertainment News (September 22, 2018)

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   Wolf Alice: 'Our album is like hummus'  -  BBC
   Maniac: The new James Bond director's experimental Netflix drama  -  BBC
   Rihanna appointed as ambassador by Barbados  -  BBC
   Sir Elton John accepts libel damages over dog injury story  -  BBC
   Former X Factor contestant Chico suffers stroke  -  BBC
   Game of Thrones baby names still proving popular  -  BBC
   Liam McIlvanney wins Scottish crime book of the year award  -  BBC
   Shiro's Story: The UK rap action drama with Netflix potential  -  BBC
   Christine and Frank Lampard have baby girl  -  BBC
   Chris Evans reveals baby twins' names  -  BBC
   Versace plays with prints and leather for its spring/summer designs  -  Reuters
   Tom Hardy says on-screen 'Venom' stays true to Marvel comics  -  Reuters
   Elton John signs with Universal 'for the rest of his career'  -  Reuters
   Muslim rapper cancels Paris Bataclan concert after far-right protests  -  Reuters
   'Star Wars' fans applaud movie release slowdown  -  Reuters
   Prada plays with classic clothing cliches to create contemporary looks  -  Reuters
   'Bernhardt/Hamlet' offers modern Broadway twist on French diva  -  Reuters
   Kenya lifts ban on lesbian film, making it eligible for Oscars  -  Reuters
   Rock band Wolf Alice wins Britain's Mercury Prize  -  Reuters
   Milan's fashion flies high with Emporio airport show and Robbie Williams  -  Reuters
   Rosie O'Donnell calls on senior GOP politicians to retire: 'We don't let the 85 year ...  -  FOX
   Inside Princess Margaret's tragic marriage  -  FOX
   Hank Williams' guitarist Felton Pruett dead at 89  -  FOX
   Kris Jenner reveals she delivered Kylie's baby Stormi, says she was a 'trooper'  -  FOX
   Bill Cosby found guilty of sexual assault: A look at the case  -  FOX
   Robert Wagner's rep calls claims he was involved in Natalie Wood's death 'despicable'  -  FOX
   Judge rules Bill Cosby will not face accusers at sentencing  -  FOX
   Destiny's Child singer Michelle Williams is waiting for marriage to 'consummate'  -  FOX
   Justin Bieber worries fans after viral video of him hugging, shaking girl surfaces  -  FOX
   Private memorial service held for Burt Reynolds  -  CBS
   Geoffrey Owens cast in new movie "Fatale"  -  CBS
   Chris Evans to star in Apple crime drama "Defending Jacob"  -  CBS
   Unreleased Chris Cornell songs to drop in November  -  CBS
   Tiffany Haddish tells Colbert she doesn’t need a man  -  CBS
   Preview: Candice Bergen says she gets "all weepy" before every episode of "Murphy ...  -  CBS
   Shemar Moore loves "S.W.A.T." so much it inspired one of his tattoos  -  CBS
   Kristen Bell announces "Veronica Mars" reboot  -  CBS
   "S.W.A.T." star Shemar Moore talks Season 2, family and tattoos  -  CBS
   Suge Knight pleads no contest to manslaughter, agrees to serve 28 years in prison  -  CBS
   Actress Kat Hoyos is closer to mother after revealing documentary  -  Daily Mail
   Tyra Banks sells her contemporary luxury home in Pacific Palisades for a cool $4 ...  -  Daily Mail
   Ireland Baldwin rocks plunging mini dress and thigh-high boots at iHeartRadio Music ...  -  Daily Mail
   Big Little Lies author Liane Moriarty denies similarities to works by Sydney author ...  -  Daily Mail
   Kylie squeezes into pink latex dress as she cozies up to Stormi while celebrating ...  -  Daily Mail
   Khloe Kardashian shows off her killer curves in skimpy pink ensemble as she dances ...  -  Daily Mail
   New couple alert? MAFS star Telv Williams, 34, kisses Neighbours star Bonnie ...  -  Daily Mail
   Love Island's Grant Crapp cosies up to co-stars Edyn Mackney and Shelby Mills amid ...  -  Daily Mail
   Burt Reynolds mourned at small private memorial in Florida where ex-wife Loni ...  -  Daily Mail

Sports News (September 22, 2018)

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   Which teams most need to rally in Week 4?  -  ESPN
   If you haven't seen Oregon QB Justin Herbert yet, you're missing out  -  ESPN
   Report finds Maryland culpable in McNair death  -  ESPN
   Tiger shares 36-hole lead for 1st time since 2015  -  ESPN
   Yelich appreciates Mayfield's 'NL MVP' shoutout  -  ESPN
   Embiid on Ayton: 'About to get his ass kicked'  -  ESPN
   Wilder-Fury heavyweight title bout set for Dec. 1  -  ESPN
   Lowe: Every realistic trade scenario for Jimmy Butler  -  ESPN
   Small Ball: Betts, Ramirez smashing homers -- and stereotypes  -  ESPN
   FanDuel pays out $56,000 to New Jersey men on $75 'pricing error' bet  -  FOX
   Cleveland Browns rack up win, possum capture at stadium  -  FOX
   Cleveland Browns get first win in nearly two years, defeat NY Jets  -  FOX
   Tennis great Billie Jean King, partner join LA Dodgers ownership group  -  FOX
   Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews says stint in Buffalo led to baby: 'There’s ...  -  FOX
   Houston Texans coach defends QB Deshaun Watson after school official's racist remark  -  FOX
   Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to donate $10M after NBA probes office environment  -  FOX
   Red Sox fans find division title banner in street ahead of potential clinch  -  FOX
   New York Mets believe Tim Tebow will return for third season  -  FOX
   Wife of NHL great Brian Leetch, sister back in court in bar brawl case  -  FOX
   Wolves could trade Butler if owner has way: report  -  Reuters
   Woods, Rose tied for halfway lead at Tour Championship  -  Reuters
   NBA notebook: Wolves owner wants Butler trade; Thibodeau doesn't  -  Reuters
   NFL notebook: Decision on Mayfield won't come until next week  -  Reuters
   Olympics - USOC boosts payments to Paralympians  -  Reuters
   NBA Board approves rules changes  -  Reuters
   Falcons S Kazee fined $10K  -  Reuters
   ...Ward rides to rescue as U.S. win team jumping gold  -  Reuters
   Showalter out as Orioles' manager: Report  -  Reuters
   Vikings S Sendejo fined $53,482 for hit  -  Reuters
   Wake Forest vs. Notre Dame updates: Live NCAAF game scores, results for Saturday  -  CBS Sports
   Jimmy Butler trade update: Wolves owner makes Butler available despite front ...  -  CBS Sports
   2018 Tour Championship tee times, pairings: When Tiger Woods starts in Round 3 at ...  -  CBS Sports
   Washington State vs. USC odds, line: Picks and predictions by proven model on 31-16 ...  -  CBS Sports
   College Football DFS, Week 4: Top DraftKings, FanDuel Daily Fantasy CFB picks  -  CBS Sports

Health News (September 22, 2018)

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   NHS to save 'hundreds of millions' in landmark drug ruling in England  -  BBC
   'I gave birth, and got Hepatitis C'  -  BBC
   'Don't go cold turkey' to quit smoking  -  BBC
   Are drink-driving limits too high?  -  BBC
   Yoghurts (even organic ones) 'full of sugar'  -  BBC
   Pregnancy weight gain 'going unmeasured'  -  BBC
   South Africa's highest court legalises cannabis use  -  BBC
   Hiding my psychosis for 10 years from the age of 12  -  BBC
   West Nile virus cause of New Jersey man's death, health officials say  -  FOX
   Alcohol abuse kills 3 million a year, most of them men: WHO  -  FOX
   San Jose Earthquakes name girl battling cancer honorary captain  -  FOX
   Pregnant couple who fled home ahead of Florence welcome baby boy  -  FOX
   Michigan girl's organs help save 6 others after fatal ATV accident  -  FOX
   Woman's swollen pinkie was rare sign of tuberculosis  -  FOX
   Barbie-inspired blogger overcomes anorexia after eating disorder nearly killed her  -  FOX
   Pennsylvania girl with diabetes dies after blood sugar drops during sleepover, family ...  -  FOX
   Mom diagnosed with 2 cancers given weeks to live  -  FOX
   Virginia poultry plant investigated after 50 workers sickened with rare infectious ...  -  FOX
   Hurricane power outages may increase risk of carbon monoxide poisoning  -  Reuters
   Drug shortages may add $230 million to annual U.S. drug costs  -  Reuters
   U.S. agency accuses Walmart of pregnancy discrimination in lawsuit  -  Reuters
   UK doctors win battle with drug giants over cheaper eye medicine  -  Reuters
   'Heat-not-burn' cigarettes still damage lungs  -  Reuters
   Common painkiller tied to increased risk of heart problems  -  Reuters
   Bulgaria reports outbreak of virulent bird flu  -  Reuters
   Congo confirms Ebola case at Ugandan border  -  Reuters
   Alcohol abuse kills 3 million a year, most of them men: WHO  -  Reuters
   Lilly migraine drug wins European panel thumbs-up  -  Reuters
   The Couple Who Helped Decode Dyslexia  -  NY Times
   Sloan Kettering's Cozy Deal With Start-Up Ignites a New Uproar  -  NY Times
   Global Health: 'Latent' Tuberculosis? It's Not That Common, Experts Find  -  NY Times
   Biosafety Reforms Still Lagging at Military Labs  -  NY Times
   Trilobites: Kidney Stones Are More Beautiful Than You Might Think  -  NY Times
   Exorbitant Dental Bill? Medical Insurance May Cover Some of It  -  NY Times
   Phys Ed: Faster. Slower. How We Walk Depends on Who We Walk With, and Where We Live.  -  NY Times
   When Family Members Care for Aging Parents  -  NY Times
   Matter: Why Your DNA Is Still Uncharted Territory  -  NY Times
   Beat Richner, Doctor to Cambodia's Needy Young, Dies at 71  -  NY Times
   Some flea and tick meds increase risk of seizures in pets, FDA warns  -  CBS
   Why you should never sleep in your contact lenses  -  CBS
   Why you should "never" sleep with contact lenses on  -  CBS
   Puppies spread antibiotic-resistant infections to 118 people  -  CBS
   Girl surprised by Drake in hospital talks about her heart transplant  -  CBS
   Alzheimer's cases expected to soar in coming decades  -  CBS
   Ground beef recall after E. coli outbreak kills 1, sickens 17  -  CBS
   Young boy arrested for allegedly putting needles in strawberries  -  CBS
   Michigan resident infected with rare, deadly mosquito-borne virus  -  CBS
   30 million Americans now have diabetes  -  CBS
   New cervical cancer guidance: Use HPV tests  -  NBC
   FDA approves first spray-on skin product  -  NBC
   Alzheimer's cases to nearly triple by 2060, CDC says  -  NBC
   Proposed circumcision ban rattles Jews, Muslims in Iceland  -  NBC
   FDA warns about flea pills for dogs and cats  -  NBC
   California to require professional cosmetics to list ingredients in bid for worker ...  -  NBC
   Opioid crisis started 40 years ago, report argues  -  NBC
   Medical journal retracts six articles from Ivy League professor  -  NBC
   On anniversary of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans mourn, look back  -  NBC
   This 30-minute morning routine will change the tone of your day  -  NBC

Weird News (September 22, 2018)

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   Phoenix father beats a man to death for accosting daughter in bathroom  -  NBC
   Australians spam politicians for free portrait of queen after legislative quirk ...  -  NBC
   Mysterious floating package sparks bomb scare, turns out to be NASA's  -  NBC
   Funeral meal leaves at least 9 dead, dozens sick in Peru  -  NBC
   Accused double murderer hid in freezer before restaurant attack, death  -  NBC
   Goats on the lam: Herd storms through Idaho neighborhood  -  NBC
   Suspected shark thief charged with felony robbery  -  NBC
   Thieves steal San Antonio Aquarium shark in a baby carriage  -  NBC
   Grocery sees dirty word in 'Summa Cum Laude,' censors cake  -  NBC
   Yanny or Laurel? Here's why everyone is hearing something different  -  NBC
   The artist as an algorithm: robot-made Rembrandt for sale  -  Reuters
   In Peru, Hitler runs for mayor despite threat from Lennin  -  Reuters
   Scaly, scary lodgers: Frenchman shares home with 400 reptiles  -  Reuters
   Tired Londoners rent sleep pods for some zzz's  -  Reuters
   Soccer: Players rescue ambulance in Brazil league match  -  Reuters
   Rumor has it Chinese 17-year-old wants to be a billionaire  -  Reuters
   Homeless vet to get all cash raised by New Jersey couple: GoFundMe  -  Reuters
   Guinness World Records celebrates oldest trapeze artist, highest-jumping dog  -  Reuters
   Bees besiege Times Square street, drawing swarm of tourists  -  Reuters
   Gulp! Georgian boy solves six Rubik's cubes under water in one breath  -  Reuters
   Octopuses get very friendly when on MDMA  -  SkyNews
   Tourists face €500 fine for sitting down in Venice  -  SkyNews
   Blanket of spider webs appears in Greek town  -  SkyNews
   Summer love and belly out: Nine European words English needs  -  SkyNews
   Major airline spells own name wrong on plane  -  SkyNews
   Macron-mania: £300k of presidential memorabilia sold in days  -  SkyNews
   Cat finds bag of 'cocaine and heroin' and brings it home  -  SkyNews
   Squirrels caught in 'Gordian Knot' have tails freed  -  SkyNews
   Oz PM puts hands up over explicit song use  -  SkyNews
   Restaurant chain loses £145m after dead rat found in soup  -  SkyNews
   Cathay Pacific Airways misspells company name on plane  -  CBS
   New York City "flood rat" takes the internet by storm – literally  -  CBS
   85-year-old man fights off would-be robbers at betting shop  -  CBS
   Stolen "Wizard of Oz" ruby slippers found after 13 years  -  CBS
   Halle Berry spots herself in Prince Harry's dorm  -  CBS
   Rubber ducky race for a cause  -  CBS
   Dozens of men duped by woman on Tinder  -  CBS
   "The Office" star roasts nephew for using her photo in his Tinder profile  -  CBS
   Girl spends $350 on toys using mom's Amazon account  -  CBS
   First Ford Mustang owner's car is now worth at least $350,000  -  CBS
   14-year-old boy uses legal quirk to run for Vermont governor  -  CBS
   Look: Sleeping black bear removed from garage  -  UPI
   Connecticut Lottery game has four repeating single-digit drawings in month  -  UPI
   Look: Man on lawnmower uses drive-through  -  UPI
   Look: Cabin moved 14 miles to new home on museum grounds  -  UPI
   Look: Taped sneakers sold by Nordstrom prompt backlash  -  UPI