Headline News (January 20, 2019)

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   Downing Street warns MPs not to block Brexit  -  BBC
   Trump offers 'compromise' to end government shutdown  -  BBC
   Londonderry: PSNI say courthouse bomb 'unbelievably reckless'  -  BBC
   Courchevel: Two killed in fire at French ski resort  -  BBC
   Carter Cookson: Baby who needed new heart dies  -  BBC
   Video of US teenagers taunting Native American draws fire  -  BBC
   Holocaust victims to be buried after remains given to museum  -  BBC
   Girl Scouts of America offers badge in cybersecurity  -  BBC
   Heathrow: Man charged with flying drone near airport  -  BBC
   China set to post slowest growth in 28 years in 2018, more stimulus seen  -  Reuters
   Students in Trump hats mock Native American; school apologizes  -  Reuters
   Lethal pipeline blast sharpens focus on Mexico fuel theft plan  -  Reuters
   'Green Book' boosts Oscar odds with big win at Producers Guild Awards  -  Reuters
   Australian rallies demand safe streets for women after Israeli student murder  -  Reuters
   Winter storm to hit U.S. northeast with up to two feet of snow  -  Reuters
   Paris informs Tokyo it wants Renault and Nissan to integrate: Nikkei  -  Reuters
   Mexico fuel pipeline blast kills 73, witnesses describe horror  -  Reuters
   Trump proposes wall-for-DACA in bid to end shutdown  -  Reuters
   Senator Graham: a rash U.S. pullout from Syria will create 'Iraq on steroids'  -  Reuters
   Duke freshman Zion Williamson throws down incredible dunk against Virginia  -  FOX
   Well-traveled kids more likely to be successful, survey finds  -  FOX
   Couple in Yosemite death plunge were intoxicated: report  -  FOX
   My prediction about Melania's next two years (Hint: Look out, she's just getting ...  -  FOX
   I didn't want to be the person who needed help – Here's what suffering taught me ...  -  FOX
   Forget Gillette controversy, Kat Timpf sounds off on how ads shame women  -  FOX
   How God used a cab driver to teach me an invaluable lesson  -  FOX
   We thought we were rescuing a Great Dane but here's the incredible thing that ...  -  FOX
   Democrats and the media should follow these three rules if they want to avoid four ...  -  FOX
   Trump has survived a coordinated campaign to defy him – Two years later he's ...  -  FOX
   Trump splits Republicans with new border wall gambit  -  NBC
   Trump offers changes protecting Dreamers for border wall money; Democrats say no  -  NBC
   'SNL' brings 'Deal or no Deal: Government Shutdown Edition'  -  NBC
   Serena Williams consoles weeping foe after sweeping into Australian Open 4th round  -  NBC
   Fyre Festival's epic fail reveals the consequences of our image-obsessed culture  -  NBC
   School to investigate taunting of Native Americans by students  -  NBC
   New program launched to help curb teen vaping epidemic  -  NBC
   Jailed as a spy, freed British grad student warns of UAE repression  -  NBC
   Around 120 migrants feared dead after overloaded dingy sinks in Mediterranean  -  NBC
   Trump proposes immigration deal to end shutdown  -  CBS
   Dangerous blizzard sweeps across U.S.  -  CBS
   Thousands rally in third annual Women's March  -  CBS
   Inside America's only "supercar" factory  -  CBS
   Murder victim’s family on arrest in 1990 Starkville, Miss., cold case  -  CBS
   How cutting-edge DNA technology is used to develop composite sketches  -  CBS
   Study hopes to find genetic links to autism  -  CBS
   Arizona cop fatally shoots 14-year-old who had replica gun  -  CBS

World News (January 20, 2019)

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   Trump offers 'compromise' to end government shutdown  -  BBC
   Courchevel: Two killed in fire at French ski resort  -  BBC
   Skywatchers await 'super blood wolf moon'  -  BBC
   DR Congo election: Fayulu calls for non-violent protests  -  BBC
   Mexico pipeline blast kills 71 and injures dozens more  -  BBC
   'About 170 migrants dead' in Mediterranean shipwrecks  -  BBC
   An alpaca walks into a French optician's...  -  BBC
   Pawel Adamowicz: Poland mourns stabbed Gdansk mayor  -  BBC
   Video of US teenagers taunting Native American draws fire  -  BBC
   Manny Pacquiao beats Adrien Broner to retain WBA world title on points  -  BBC
   Zimbabwe government crackdown a foretaste of things to come: president's spokesman  -  Reuters
   Bomb in Syria's Afrin kills three  -  Reuters
   Lebanon's Aoun urges more efforts to repatriate Syrian refugees  -  Reuters
   Saudi-led coalition's planes pound Yemen's capital  -  Reuters
   Car bomb attack kills eight security force members in Afghanistan's south  -  Reuters
   Turkish U.S. consulate worker faces charges over Gulen links: DHA  -  Reuters
   Lethal pipeline blast sharpens focus on Mexico fuel theft plan  -  Reuters
   Families in Afghanistan's north seek shelter as Taliban ups pressure  -  Reuters
   Blast heard on southern edge of Damascus: state TV  -  Reuters
   Pipeline explosion witnesses describe scene where 73 died: 'People's skin came off'  -  FOX
   Escort who claimed she had dirt on Trump arrested in Moscow on prostitution charges  -  FOX
   Deadly fuel pipeline explosion in Mexico kills at least 66, injures dozens  -  FOX
   Man sets himself ablaze in Prague on 50th anniversary of similar event protesting ...  -  FOX
   White House: Second nuclear summit between Trump, North Korea to be held in February  -  FOX
   Germans urge Britain to remain in EU amid Brexit impasse: 'We would miss tea with ...  -  FOX
   Zimbabwe shuts down internet amid violent crackdown  -  FOX
   Migrant caravan freely crosses Mexican border after gates were left open, authorities ...  -  FOX
   Married Army Ranger, 26, dies in Afghanistan, becoming first military fatality of ...  -  FOX
   Massive fireball at Mexico pipeline tap kills at least 73  -  CBS
   Man recalls freeing Prince Phillip from crashed SUV, baby from 2nd car  -  CBS
   Americans killed in Syria suicide bombing identified  -  CBS
   Parents of American killed in Nairobi say it felt like 9/11 all over again  -  CBS
   Parents of American killed in Nairobi said attack reminded them of 9/11  -  CBS
   Trump set to meet with Kim Jong Un next month  -  CBS
   Own a home in Sicily for just $1  -  CBS
   Fortified Morocco-Spain border fence is under pressure from African migrants  -  CBS
   Iranian TV anchor detained in U.S. as material witness  -  CBS
   White House says next North Korea summit to take place next month  -  CBS
   How a border wall works in Melilla, Spain, a gateway between Europe and Africa  -  CBS
   When is a German not a German? Identity re-emerges as a thorny issue  -  NBC
   Around 120 migrants feared dead after overloaded dingy sinks in Mediterranean  -  NBC
   Death toll rises to 73 in Mexico fuel pipeline fire horror  -  NBC
   Border Patrol video shows migrants crawling under fence into U.S.  -  NBC
   No apparent injuries in suspected Northern Ireland car bomb  -  NBC
   Spanish rescuers start drilling to reach boy trapped in well  -  NBC
   Saudi crown prince should be 'dealt with' over Khashoggi death, Sen. Graham says  -  NBC
   Toilets can be a matter of life and death. This city takes that seriously.  -  NBC
   66 dead, 76 injured in ruptured pipeline explosion outside Mexico City  -  NBC
   Cleric linked to Bali bombings to be released early despite holding to radicalism  -  NBC

National News (January 20, 2019)

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   Students in Trump hats mock Native American; school apologizes  -  Reuters
   Winter storm to hit U.S. northeast with up to two feet of snow  -  Reuters
   On road to 2020, New York's Gillibrand touts liberal cred in Iowa  -  Reuters
   Talks to end Los Angeles teachers strike enter third day  -  Reuters
   Trump travels to Delaware base to honor four Americans killed in Syria  -  Reuters
   Lack of school nurses puts Los Angeles students at risk, striking teachers say  -  Reuters
   Shutdown sojourn: Free museums, music for furloughed U.S. workers  -  Reuters
   U.S.-born Iranian TV anchor's arrest confirmed by U.S. court  -  Reuters
   Winter storm disturbs travel as it rolls toward U.S. Midwest, Northeast  -  Reuters
   Welfare-fraud suspects stole nearly $400G, authorities say  -  FOX
   4 border activists convicted of entering refuge, aiding illegal immigrants  -  FOX
   Missouri woman arrested after son, 2, falls out of her car and is fatally struck  -  FOX
   Marine vet with PTSD held by ICE for 3 days before agency realized he was citizen  -  FOX
   Emotional support alligator visits Pennsylvania senior facility to offer comfort  -  FOX
   Students at elite prep school filmed in blackface, making monkey gestures  -  FOX
   President Trump pays tribute to Americans killed in Syrian suicide bombing as their ...  -  FOX
   3 dead, 2 wounded in Jacksonville murder-suicide  -  FOX
   GPS tracking device found under reputed NYC mobster's car after he was executed, feds ...  -  FOX
   El Chapo’s threatening text messages to mistress revealed: "The mafia kills people ...  -  FOX
   Thousands rally for third annual Women's March  -  CBS
   Winter storm disrupts travel across U.S.  -  CBS
   Figure skating champion dies one day after suspension  -  CBS
   Trump proposes deal on immigration, Pelosi calls shutdown offer a "non-starter"  -  CBS
   Study hopes to find genetic links to autism  -  CBS
   Teens with MAGA hats harass Native American Vietnam vet  -  CBS
   Arizona cop fatally shoots 14-year-old who had replica gun  -  CBS
   On the Texas-Mexico border: Crisis? What crisis?  -  LA Times
   Trump offers to temporarily protect ‘Dreamers’ if Democrats fund his wall  -  LA Times
   Chicago cop who shot Laquan McDonald got nearly 7 years. Black teen's family asks: ...  -  LA Times
   Mueller’s office disputes BuzzFeed account of Trump ordering Cohen to lie to ...  -  LA Times
   After a casino boom, a Mississippi county deals with a reversal of fortune  -  LA Times
   Trump begins Year 3 in a deep hole  -  LA Times
   Why can’t Trump make deals? No one trusts him anymore  -  LA Times
   ‘El Chapo’ Guzman’s former mistress tells of drug lord’s naked tunnel escape  -  LA Times
   After four decades, a wrongful-conviction case with racial overtones still ...  -  LA Times
   Nancy Pelosi seems to be the only foe Trump won't personally attack  -  LA Times
   A wall in space? Trump envisions an impenetrable missile shield and vows to boost ...  -  LA Times
   'SNL' brings 'Deal or no Deal: Government Shutdown Edition'  -  NBC
   Jet slides off O'Hare runway, as snow sweeps across Midwest towards Northeast  -  NBC
   Women's March participants find inspiration in America's youth  -  NBC
   Border Patrol video shows migrants crawling under fence into U.S.  -  NBC
   Heart attack survivor who nearly died during marathon runs again with surgeon who ...  -  NBC
   Accidental bachelor party invitation leads to real-life meet up  -  NBC
   Video of teens taunting man at Indigenous Peoples March sparks outrage  -  NBC
   An inside look at how border patrol agents are working without pay as shutdown ...  -  NBC
   More than 100 million under winter weather alerts from major winter storm  -  NBC
   School to investigate taunting of Native Americans by students  -  NBC

Business News (January 20, 2019)

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   Patisserie Valerie seeks bank lifeline  -  BBC
   China's slowdown and what it means for the UK  -  BBC
   Brexit worries 'add to car insurance costs'  -  BBC
   Ticket resale company 'determined to sit outside the law'  -  BBC
   Can pubs stand many more Dry Januarys?  -  BBC
   Edinburgh pays top share of property tax  -  BBC
   Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland customers face payments problems  -  BBC
   Hundreds could lose money as Dream Lodge Group enters administration  -  BBC
   Ryanair issues profit warning as fares fall  -  BBC
   India's SBI says lenders awaiting SEBI decision on Etihad offer for Jet Airways: ...  -  Reuters
   China set to post slowest growth in 28 years in 2018, more stimulus seen  -  Reuters
   Eurotunnel boss says a second referendum would still back Brexit  -  Reuters
   Toyota, Panasonic to set up EV battery JV in 2020: source  -  Reuters
   Paris informs Tokyo it wants Renault and Nissan to integrate: Nikkei  -  Reuters
   EU tax on big digital companies could be struck by March: French minister  -  Reuters
   EU must approve Siemens/Alstom deal, says French finance minister  -  Reuters
   GM warns workers in Brazil on losses, tough turnaround plan  -  Reuters
   Trump says deal 'could very well happen' with China  -  Reuters
   Squeezed by Trump's visa changes, seasonal businesses say they face existential ...  -  NBC
   Tesla trims workforce, sending stock plummeting  -  NBC
   Zimbabwe shuts down internet amid protests over $12 per gallon gas  -  NBC
   Big banks report fourth-quarter declines as fears mount about an economic slowdown  -  NBC
   Snap has lost more than $20B in value since its IPO — and it could be about to get ...  -  NBC
   Apple CEO Tim Cook takes aim at data brokers  -  NBC
   Drug maker pushed OxyContin despite danger signs, prosecutor says  -  NBC
   Oracle paid women less than men for same work, lawsuit alleges  -  FOX
   Mutual funds grabbed stocks as market tanked in December  -  FOX
   Why companies are turning to private equity  -  FOX
   Netflix: Fortnite is a bigger competitor than HBO  -  FOX
   Stocks close sharply higher, 4th straight week of gains  -  FOX
   Oil jumps 3 pct on OPEC plan details, US-China trade hopes  -  FOX
   Tiffany holiday sales fall as Chinese tourists spend less  -  FOX
   CVS, Walmart reach new agreement for pharmacy network  -  FOX
   Tesla to cut workforce by 7 percent  -  FOX
   Netflix shares fall on mixed quarterly results  -  FOX
   This college has stayed tuition-free for more than a century  -  CBS
   Government shutdown, TSA absenteeism spark travel industry fears  -  CBS
   Facebook may face a record FTC fine over privacy lapses  -  CBS
   Swank NY eatery said to ban solo females from bar  -  CBS
   For $1, or less than a pizza slice, you can buy a house in Italy  -  CBS
   AeroMexico ad offers "DNA discounts"  -  CBS
   Sony Music reportedly drops R. Kelly  -  CBS
   PayPal offers cash advances to government workers  -  CBS
   Stocks' message to Washington: Stay shut  -  CBS
   Sears creditors allege Eddie Lampert lining "own pockets"  -  CBS
   Furloughed? What to know about collecting unemployment  -  CBS

Technology News (January 20, 2019)

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   Girl Scouts of America offers badge in cybersecurity  -  BBC
   Twitter warns that private tweets were public for years  -  BBC
   Fortnite predator 'groomed children on voice chat'  -  BBC
   Timeline: What's going on with Huawei?  -  BBC
   Future of airport security on show in London  -  BBC
   Zimbabwe blocks Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter amid crackdown  -  BBC
   YouTube suspends ads on Tommy Robinson channel  -  BBC
   Facebook tackles Russians making fake news stories  -  BBC
   Netflix shows Bird Box and Elite drive subscriber growth  -  BBC
   Germany 'considers ban on Huawei' amid global backlash  -  BBC
   EU tax on big digital companies could be struck by March: French minister  -  Reuters
   Austrian data privacy activist files complaint against Apple, Amazon, others  -  Reuters
   Philippine financial service firm flags data breach affecting 900,000 clients  -  Reuters
   Apple ordered to pull part of press release in Qualcomm case  -  Reuters
   Canada dismisses China's warning of repercussions over Huawei ban  -  Reuters
   U.S. regulators discuss fining Facebook for privacy violations: report  -  Reuters
   Netflix shares fall as weak forecast dampens investor optimism  -  Reuters
   Facebook sheds gains after report on potential major fine  -  Reuters
   Mystery of New Jersey 'meteorite’ found in crater on beach solved by astronomer  -  FOX
   Scientists exploring Antarctic lake buried under 3,500 feet of ice find 'surprising' ...  -  FOX
   Researchers use robot to recreate movement of 290-million-old creature that existed ...  -  FOX
   Bald eagle in Missouri found caught in fence may have ingested poison, officials say  -  FOX
   Hawaii swimmers stealing dead whale's teeth, climbing on body warned to stay away as ...  -  FOX
   NASA’s Juno spacecraft captures Jupiter's massive storms, revealing planet's ...  -  FOX
   Revolutionary War powder horn returned to museum it was stolen from in 1952  -  FOX
   World's largest great white shark 'Deep Blue' gives diver a close-up: 'Thought my ...  -  FOX
   Asteroids have been crushing Earth for nearly 300 million years and no one knows why  -  FOX
   Are UFO's real? Go inside Project Blue Book, the government's top-secret project ...  -  FOX
   U.S. spy satellite launched into orbit from California  -  CBS
   Facebook may face a record FTC fine over privacy lapses  -  CBS
   Saturn spent billions of years without its rings, NASA says  -  CBS
   Tens of thousands of embryos are stuck in limbo in fertility clinics  -  CBS
   Unpaid NASA workers protect missions during shutdown  -  CBS
   Facebook shuts hundreds of pages linked to Russia's Sputnik  -  CBS
   "Super blood wolf moon" will light up the sky Sunday  -  CBS
   PG&E bankruptcy shows we don't know how to pay for climate change  -  CBS
   Is "10 Year Challenge" helping Facebook mine data?  -  CBS
   Fortnite flaw exposed millions of users to hacks  -  CBS
   YouTube bans dangerous pranks after Bird Box, Tide Pod challenges  -  CBS

Entertainment News (January 20, 2019)

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   Maggie Rogers went viral. Now she's out to prove herself  -  BBC
   Men's Fashion Week: Jeenu Mahadevan calls out colourism  -  BBC
   Windsor Davies: It Ain't Half Hot Mum actor dies aged 88  -  BBC
   Ticket resale company 'determined to sit outside the law'  -  BBC
   What's behind the success of Netflix's latest releases?  -  BBC
   Mariah Carey and ex-manager accused of abuse  -  BBC
   Ant and Dec reunite to film Britain's Got Talent auditions  -  BBC
   R Kelly and Sony-owned RCA record label end ties - US media  -  BBC
   Ab Fab stars say farewell to June Whitfield  -  BBC
   Lauren Jauregui: 'The music industry clouds your soul'  -  BBC
   'Green Book' boosts Oscar odds with big win at Producers Guild Awards  -  Reuters
   Sony's RCA parts ways with R. Kelly after abuse uproar: media reports  -  Reuters
   Gladys Knight defends decision to sing U.S. anthem at Super Bowl  -  Reuters
   Catherine Deneuve to part with Saint Laurent gowns at auction  -  Reuters
   Netflix movie 'Bird Box' draws 80 million viewers; no data for 'Roma'  -  Reuters
   Luxury leader LVMH planning fashion brand with Rihanna: report  -  Reuters
   Supermodel Bundchen responds to Brazil's farm minister in Amazon spat  -  Reuters
   ...Box streaming service grows by catering to U.S. women over 45  -  Reuters
   Beyonce drops lawsuit over 'Feyonce' items  -  Reuters
   'Better than ever,' Paris Jackson dismisses treatment report  -  Reuters
   Forget Gillette controversy, Kat Timpf sounds off on how ads shame women  -  FOX
   Roseanne Barr calls Natalie Portman 'repulsive' for Israel award snub: 'It was really ...  -  FOX
   ‘Full Metal Jacket’ actor R. Lee Ermey laid to rest at Arlington National ...  -  FOX
   Ariana Grande accused of copying latest song '7 Rings' from rapper Princess Nokia  -  FOX
   ‘Smiley Face Killers’ gang was behind young men's drownings, former NYPD ...  -  FOX
   Vanessa Redgrave speaks out on Natasha Richardson’s death: ‘It never becomes ...  -  FOX
   Mariah Carey dismisses 10 Year Challenge: ‘Time is not something I acknowledge’  -  FOX
   BuzzFeed rocks media industry after Mueller team disputes report: ‘Media errors are ...  -  FOX
   Don Cheadle won't do press with 'Avengers' co-star Mark Ruffalo: 'He runs his mouth a ...  -  FOX
   A look back at the iconic 1958 photo "A Great Day in Harlem"  -  CBS
   Man accused of threat linked to R. Kelly turns himself in  -  CBS
   Schwarzenegger's son recreates famous photo  -  CBS
   Sony Music reportedly drops R. Kelly  -  CBS
   17-year-old from Jersey makes history at Australian Open  -  CBS
   "Star Trek: Discovery": Sonequa Martin-Green on her "complicated" Spock reunion  -  CBS
   Megan Barton Hanson spills out of her top as she enjoys romantic date night with Wes ...  -  Daily Mail
   TOWIE's Chloe Sims reveals she is CLOSING her Essex beauty salon after five years  -  Daily Mail
   Hugh Jackman flashes beaming smile as he touches down in Japan  -  Daily Mail
   Shannon Noll takes his three-week-old son for a walk  -  Daily Mail
   Amanda Holden opts for comfort as she leaves Britain's Got Talent auditions in star ...  -  Daily Mail
   Ashley Iaconetti puckers up to fiance Jared Haibon during beach volleyball reunion ...  -  Daily Mail
   Petra Ecclestone joins her fiancé Sam Palmer for a romantic dinner date  -  Daily Mail
   Britain's Got Talent judges share inside look at second day of filming  -  Daily Mail
   The Voice UK: Olly Murs sends viewers and fellow judges into a frenzy during ...  -  Daily Mail

Sports News (January 20, 2019)

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   Cejudo stops Dillashaw in 32 seconds, keeps title  -  ESPN
   Hardy's UFC debut ends with DQ for illegal knee  -  ESPN
   Cerrone wins, calls for McGregor -- who responds  -  ESPN
   Westbrook not cool with Embiid after latest tussle  -  ESPN
   Pacquiao routs Broner, welcomes Floyd rematch  -  ESPN
   Harden hits 48, but Gordon plays hero for Rockets  -  ESPN
   Celts' Smart ejected, restrained after altercation  -  ESPN
   Williamson and Barrett deliver for short-handed Duke  -  ESPN
   Conference championship predictions and what you need to know  -  ESPN
   What's behind the fire that fuels Michael Thomas?  -  ESPN
   Duke freshman Zion Williamson throws down incredible dunk against Virginia  -  FOX
   Boston Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask leaves NHL game with concussion after hard collision  -  FOX
   John Coughlin, two-time US pairs skating champion, dies by suicide day after being ...  -  FOX
   Serena Williams consoles Ukrainian teen after winning match: ‘Don’t cry’  -  FOX
   Patriots, Chiefs will face frigid temperatures in AFC title game in Kansas City  -  FOX
   Los Angeles Lakers' Michael Beasley attempts to enter game with wrong shorts  -  FOX
   Baseball players linked to PEDs 'disgraced the integrity of the game,' don't belong ...  -  FOX
   Tim Tebow invited to major-league training with New York Mets  -  FOX
   Bull that killed professional rider Mason Lowe will remain on PBR circuit, CEO says  -  FOX
   Eagles receiver surprises schoolkids who wrote to him after crushing NFL playoff loss  -  FOX
   Boxing: Pacquiao dominates Broner in unanimous decision win  -  Reuters
   Filipinos hope Pacquiao's victory will lead to rematch with Mayweather  -  Reuters
   Jazz strikes winning note to lift Singapore title  -  Reuters
   Barty party continues in Melbourne with Sharapova win  -  Reuters
   Tennis-Australia's Barty living in the moment as nation's hopes surge  -  Reuters
   Nadal blows away Berdych to reach quarter-finals  -  Reuters
   NHL roundup: Marchessault hat trick powers Knights past Pens  -  Reuters
   Tennis: Birthday boy Tiafoe topples Dimitrov to reach quarters  -  Reuters
   NBA roundup: George, Thunder edge Sixers in thriller  -  Reuters
   No fractures in Ball's injured foot, Lakers say  -  Reuters
   Lakers' Lonzo Ball suffers nasty ankle injury, but X-Rays come back negative, per ...  -  CBS Sports
   Manny Pacquiao vs. Adrien Broner fight results, scorecard: PacMan scores unanimous ...  -  CBS Sports
   UFC fight schedule for 2019: Robert Whittaker vs. Kelvin Gastelum, Cain Velasquez's ...  -  CBS Sports
   Boxing schedule for 2019 highlighted by Canelo Alvarez vs. Daniel Jacobs, Errol ...  -  CBS Sports
   Manny Pacquiao willing to take on Floyd Mayweather in a rematch if 'Money' ...  -  CBS Sports
   Charles Barkley hilariously interrupts John Calipari's press conference, drops ...  -  CBS Sports
   Georgia State loses on last-second shot a week after its game-winner shouldn't have ...  -  CBS Sports
   College basketball winners and losers: Duke, Kentucky take big steps but AAC refs, ...  -  CBS Sports

Health News (January 20, 2019)

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   Shorter waits for new patients at VA than in private sector, U.S. study finds  -  Reuters
   AbbVie's Imbruvica fails to meet main goal in pancreatic cancer study  -  Reuters
   Long-term exercise by older adults tied to lower risk of falls  -  Reuters
   Insomnia treatment may help ease depression during menopause  -  Reuters
   Samsung Bioepis biosimilar to Roche's Herceptin wins FDA nod  -  Reuters
   For heart failure patients in hospital, flu boosts risk of complications, death  -  Reuters
   Lilly cancer drug fails key trial, will no longer be prescribed  -  Reuters
   Study links opioid epidemic to painkiller marketing  -  Reuters
   FDA advisory panel split over Sanofi-Lexicon diabetes drug  -  Reuters
   Immunomedics' cancer treatment fails to win accelerated approval from the FDA  -  Reuters
   New cervical cancer guidance: Use HPV tests  -  NBC
   What nutritionists buy at Trader Joe's  -  NBC
   What is the FDA?  -  NBC
   FDA chief threatens to take e-cigarettes off the market  -  NBC
   New program launched to help curb teen vaping epidemic  -  NBC
   Wood found in Perdue gluten-free chicken nuggets leads to recall  -  NBC
   Planetary diet for longer life: Less meat, more vegetables  -  NBC
   Opioid-related marketing linked to overdose deaths  -  NBC
   Food safety falls short, consumer group says  -  NBC
   When guns are around, more kids die by suicide  -  NBC
   Yankees legend Bernie Williams raising awareness for lung disease in honor of late ...  -  FOX
   Researchers see possible link between opioids, birth defect  -  FOX
   Woman sues luxury resort after severe allergic reaction  -  FOX
   Alaska woman with MS says stem-cell treatment has left her ‘practically ...  -  FOX
   Measles outbreak strikes 16 in Washington state, mostly in unvaccinated kids  -  FOX
   Man claims maggots used to eat away infection in foot saved his life  -  FOX
   Perdue recalls gluten-free chicken nuggets after reports of wood in product  -  FOX
   Army sergeant's claims he saved life with pen, sweatshirt called into question  -  FOX
   Oysters harvested in California sicken more than 40, officials say  -  FOX
   Washington man receives heart from donor infected with hepatitis C, later cured: 'It ...  -  FOX
   Carter Cookson: Baby who needed new heart dies  -  BBC
   The pain of Tourette's: 'I'm always covered in bruises'  -  BBC
   Two dead after pigeon dropping infection at hospital  -  BBC
   Differences in GP access across England 'shocking'  -  BBC
   Mental Health: Tougher checks before Superdrug Botox  -  BBC
   Pharmacists warn of a 'surge' in shortage of common medicines  -  BBC
   IVF dad 'floored' over baby he did not consent to  -  BBC
   'My son's severe asthma is very distressing'  -  BBC
   A bit of meat, a lot of veg - the flexitarian diet to feed 10bn  -  BBC
   Carter Cookson 'has hours to find new heart'  -  BBC
   Study hopes to find genetic links to autism  -  CBS
   Possible link seen between opioids and birth defect  -  CBS
   Vaping has created teen nicotine addicts with few treatment options  -  CBS
   Teens addicted to vaping face lack of treatment options  -  CBS
   Perdue recalls chicken nuggets for possible wood contamination  -  CBS
   Anti-vax movement among top 10 global health threats for 2019  -  CBS
   The world needs a diet overhaul, expert panel says  -  CBS
   Are intermittent fasting diets a good way to lose weight?  -  CBS
   Tens of thousands of embryos are stuck in limbo in fertility clinics  -  CBS
   Intermittent fasting diets "no better" than standard diets for losing weight, doctor ...  -  CBS

Weird News (January 20, 2019)

Top    Headlines    World    National    Business    Technology    Entertainment    Sports    Health    Weird
   Pets, owners flock to Madrid church for blessing of animals  -  Reuters
   Face value: One-time Afghan wedding singer a ringer for Canada's Trudeau  -  Reuters
   All the rage: Beijingers vent their stress in 'anger room'  -  Reuters
   College fanatics living it up on San Jose billboard  -  Reuters
   Thieves use mechanical diggers to tear open Italian security van  -  Reuters
   Korean Air to raise refund fees after K-pop fans get the picture, get off  -  Reuters
   Bees, brothels and monkey selfies: oh my; 2018 abuzz with odd U.S. stories  -  Reuters
   Worth the sting: Cuba's scorpion pain remedy  -  Reuters
   Pot washer wins $21m for working on Sundays  -  SkyNews
   Jaws-dropping! World's 'biggest great white shark' snapped  -  SkyNews
   Striped body painting may protect from horsefly bites  -  SkyNews
   Toto's Africa to play on loop 'for eternity' in desert  -  SkyNews
   Trudeau's 'lost twin' finds fame in Afghan talent show  -  SkyNews
   Egg poaches Instagram record from Kylie Jenner  -  SkyNews
   Rhea named after Chris Rea on the run after escaping farm  -  SkyNews
   Has Wales got the world's steepest street?  -  SkyNews
   Look: Kansas man collects his second January lottery prize  -  UPI
   Look: Canadian city wants moose record back from Norway  -  UPI
   Vandals fail at destroying giant snowman in Kentucky  -  CBS
   "Dine-and-Dash Dater" surrenders to serve jail sentence in California  -  CBS
   An egg just became the most-liked Instagram post  -  CBS
   "Baby Shark" swims onto Billboard Hot 100  -  CBS
   Lions on patrol in South Africa turning heads  -  CBS
   Rare penny found in cafeteria change to sell at auction  -  CBS
   Schumer and Pelosi's response becomes instant meme sensation  -  CBS
   Unlikely visitor in hospital building in Anchorage -- a moose  -  CBS
   Burger King accused of reneging on lifetime meals to man stuck in bathroom  -  CBS
   Lucky diner finds valuable pearl in restaurant oyster  -  CBS
   Drivers stop to chase cash on highway  -  CBS
   German chocolate factory spill makes for sweet street  -  NBC
   Man rescued after two days at bottom of mine shaft was searching for gold  -  NBC
   Can the 'Mad Russian' cure your addiction?  -  NBC
   Man gets 40 years for plotting to bomb Target stores to disrupt stock price  -  NBC
   Phoenix father beats a man to death for accosting daughter in bathroom  -  NBC
   Australians spam politicians for free portrait of queen after legislative quirk ...  -  NBC
   Mysterious floating package sparks bomb scare, turns out to be NASA's  -  NBC
   Funeral meal leaves at least 9 dead, dozens sick in Peru  -  NBC
   Accused double murderer hid in freezer before restaurant attack, death  -  NBC
   Goats on the lam: Herd storms through Idaho neighborhood  -  NBC